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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Free psychic reading??

Can anyone do real psychic reading for me.

Answer by ☆Pew Pew Lasers!☆

Answer by In The Cards
Sure. Contact me via this form…
And I’ll tell you what I know.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Free psychic reading?

Anyone know of a website that does it for free?

Answer by Yoshimatey

But why do you want a psychic reading anyway?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : free psychic reading, please help!?

if anyone can give me a free psychic reading please email me, Im ineed of some kind of closure,,


Answer by Dogma
You are dying, and it will come soon.

Answer by short and to the point
our services are never free. you should know that.

Answer by jl
sure send me $ 20…

my reading is that I believe you will be losing your money to con artists on a regular basis.

Answer by Dude~Run!!
Do you have a valid credit card? If not no phsychic reading.

Answer by Fed up with the crap here
If there were any psychics in the world, you would have received your free reading before you even posted the question.

Get real.

Answer by Solitude シ
Im handy with Tarot cards 🙂 Send me a question, tell me a bit about yourself by email and i can try .. I need someone to practise on anyway 🙂

Blessed be.


Answer by jetthrustpy
It gets worse.

You know what I’m talking about.

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Training Video How to Get Free Psychic Reading Online Chat No Credit Card

Written by Anabella

Hi! I’m Anabella. I’m the owner and operator of I have been a professional online psychic for over 5 years now. I created this site as a source of information for people looking to learn about the business of webcam psychics.

I began realizing at age, 7, that I had the gift to see past & future events. This became a controversial family matter since my dad didn’t understand it. He had me visit a priest thinking I was possessed. I’ve been actively using my gifts for the past 20 years. “Tools” that I may use during a reading are tarot or pendulum to assist with helping to find answers.