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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Girls: How would YOU want to be asked out?

I asked my girlfriend in person, and she seemed un-impressed(but she was still smiling) because her last boyfriend(one of my close friends) asked her out with a paper fortune teller thing.

Answer by Kay
just dont do it over txt and u will be fine

Answer by It’s only you now
Well if i really like someone i wouldnt care how they ask me out! I had this one guy asked me out out of a sudden. We were just walking in a mall just the two of us. We were randomly talking and laughing and he just ask if i would wanna go out with him for a movie? And i pretty much blushed and said yes! 😀

Answer by Karly
I like to be asked out in person, if you say something that’s really sweet then ask her she will like it ( I think ) I hope this helped 🙂

Answer by Emmi
Awww cute! I would love to b asked out by a fortune teller mijig, but I wouldn’t mind being asked out in person.

Answer by backtodecember13
in person and don’t be nervous or say “ummm” or “i was wondering” or take really long pauses because it makes us feel uncomfortable

Answer by Anonymous
I would just like to be asked out by a cute guy. Period. Never have been. I would prefer in person, but with a flower would be sweet though, or a note could be romantic, like one that says, “Do you want to go out with me? Circle Yes or No.” I’m a little old-fashioned. Haha

Answer by Caitlyn
All that cutesy stuff isn’t really necessary in my opinion. A bit of an overkill. But if you’re worried about the comparison ask her on a fancy surprise date in a creative way like that. Most girls love romantic surprise dates and that’ll blow the last guy out of the water
But remember she’s with you now not him, for a reason. don’t compare it too much.
Good luck!

Answer by Smile!
I’d like if the guy just asked me out. I don’t want anything extravagant.

Answer by rachel
Ok I am a girl and first off tell ur friend it’s lame to ask a girl out with a stupid “paper fortune teller thing” and next I would want be asked out by that person in person cause that would show they want to go out with me not by having a friend ask or on a lame piece of paper IN PERSON

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Girls, good idea for asking girl to homecoming?

Ok so I really like my friend and I want to ask her to homecoming. I decided to get a little a creative. Is this a good idea?
I would make a paper fortune teller thing and either way she picks it will always say “Go to homecoming with me?” Or “homecoming?” Something like that. Is this a good idea? I understand it depends on the girl but I want to know YOUR opinion. Is this good?

Answer by Dani Drew Ingle
i think it would be cute to do a fourturne teller thing.
another good idea is make her a poster that says “homecoming???’.
you could alse make a cookie cake that says “homecoming???”

Answer by SomethingLost
If she has a car, leave her little notes all over it, asking her to homecoming. Or have the office send her a bouquet of flowers or something like that to her, with a little note.

Answer by BuddyTheElf
I think personally that you should do something a little bigger. But that’s just me! Girls love getting flowers, or at least I do. When I was asked recently the guy made two big posters, one that said my name, then below it the other poster said “homecoming?”, I turned around and the guy was standing there with flowers. And he asked me. I thought it was the cutest thing ever.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What origami is good to teach 4th graders?

I have been asked to teach a 4th grade class origami ( class of 18). I know a look of models and have about 30 minutes. I just don’t know what to teach them because i don’t know if it would be too hard.

Answer by nk_fan
I have taught origami to my 3rd grade students and they can handle it fine as long as the folds are not too complicated. I will suggest the basic blow up ball, sail boat, fortune teller, etc. Avoid the complicated paper crane with 18 students. Also, train 1 or 2 students prior to your lesson so they can walk around and help other classmates if they need it.

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Roblox episode 27 – The Fortune Teller! (i have question than the orb ask!)

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