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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone ever been to a fortune teller just for fun and had the fortune come true?

Has anyone ever been to a fortune teller and had the fortune come true ever? I ask because sometimes I think it would be interesting just to have a fortune told but I don’t really believe in that stuff. So just curious if anyone else has ever done it and perhaps had anything I am talking anything at all that the fortune teller said come true.

Answer by AR Eissa
Has anything you found in a fortune cookie come true? same concept…

Although the fortune cookie isn’t printed for you, the fact that what they say is so broad makes the odds of them actually occurring big.

Answer by TB12
I’ve been to fortune tellers, palm readers, tarot readers,,,none have even come close.

Answer by Olive Sorceress
Fortune tellers make vague predictions based on what you’ve already told them. So there is a chance that something will come true. If you tell them you are in school, they will tell you they see you graduating and getting a job. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that they really didn’t see but you caused.

Answer by Matthew Hopkins
A fortune-teller once predicted that I would be dead in 100 years time.

Looks like she might be right.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some creative ways to ask a girl to homecoming?

Our dance is in 3 weeks, so I should get around to asking fairly soon, but I am completely dry of ideas right now. What are some unique ways to ask someone?

Answer by sid

Answer by LadyP28
write a poem to her and be really sweet or if you’re artistic you should make her a card to show you really put time and effort in it.

Answer by Esmy C
send her flowers with a note

Answer by Thrash
carve the question into a watermelon and randomly run up to her and give it to her

make one of those paper fortune-tellers and write the question under the flaps, and ask her if she wants her fortune told

stick a post-it on her back that says “will you come to homecoming with (insert name)? and kick me also”

Answer by Kathy D.
Take her out for Chinese or just order take out. Give her a personalized fortune cookie with the text “Homecoming?” in it. They’re only $ 4.95 + S&H you will get them within a week guaranteed

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