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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone ever had a good experience with a psychic/medium?

I am considering seeing a medium to try and contact loved ones that have “crossed over.” I have never actually heard anybody saying they’ve had a good experience with an actual psychic/medium before. Is there anyone who actually has had a good experience with one?

Answer by josh mctav
They tell you what you want to hear, I know people who had good experience but no it is fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is fake, but it can be good if you don’t know that it is fake

Answer by Aaron
I’ve had one, but it was for free and had nothing to do with people who’ve “crossed over”…. I don’t usually believe in psychics, most of them just tell you what you want to hear so you give them money….. I definitely don’t believe in them contacting loved ones…. like that john edwards guy, he’s a real douche

Answer by J
Yes. Mary Occhino. She has her own psychic talk show on Sirius radio. You can call in and get a quick question answered. She also does email readings, phone readings, video readings, and in-person readings. And yes she can communicate with the deceased. She lives in New York and she is totally legitimate. It’s pricey to get a reading from her (even electronically)and there’s a long waiting list to see her in person, but she will change your life.

Answer by natasha
Yes. I have had plenty of readings with mediums before I found out that I was a medium. I just do it on the side now because I don’t like attracting a lot of spirits around my child. Its actually exciting. Whoever you are trying to contact will be very excited that you want to talk to them. They are always trying to get our attention. If you believe in them you will notice them. If you don’t you will never notice them around you. They even ride in the car with you and check on you when you are sleep. They are always around mediums because they have a light around them. Mediums can talk to them and sense when they are around. I occasionally have unwanted spirits in my home. The ones that don’t honor my wishes to be left alone. A medium can control the spirits too. If you want I can give a number to a great medium. She doesn’t cost that much but you will be defiant to be in contact with your loved one and possibly other family members you never met. Email me. Good Luck.

Answer by William
I work with a psychic/medium whe doing ghost hunts. The only time she charges is when someone specifies when they wish her to be in a specific place at a specific time. Her observation is that since she cannot guarantee results, how can she justify charging. I would stay far away from anyone in the field who guarantees results, and I am leary of those who charge for readings. Historically the people with abilities largely supported themselves via other means and merely accepted whatever was offered when someone wished their services, be it of large or small value. Of course for truly serious matters, historically you made the request for help, including giving what you offered, and the person with the abilities had three days to consider whether or not to help.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you find a good psychic/medium in the UK?

I want to go for a psychic/medium reading but want to go to someone who has a good reputation. I have only just moved to this area so don’t know who I can ask, does anyone know if there is an official register?

Answer by Fireball
you wont….theyre all fakes and in cohoots with the devil….dont waste money…humans dk the future….only God does..

Answer by ?
Surely if they’re any good and you need their services, they should be able to find you?

Just trying to be constructive.

Answer by GodWinsInTheEnd
Christians are warned not to consult a medium.

Answer by Grok Volant
Ask Derren Brown.

Answer by r u randy
LOL… this is an interesting question.

How do you measure “good” in terms of psychics? Is it based on the affordability of their fee? …the degree of accurate guesses they make? …the design of their tent? …the size of their crystal balls?

LOL … “Bad Liberal” has it figured out. If they haven’t already called you with the answers you need, they aren’t worth a chit.

Fireball… You’re in serious need of help.

Answer by simon T
Put a sign up in your bedroom saying:

Good psychic or medium. Willing to pay top rates.

Place it somewhere that it can not be seen from outside.

A good psychic or a good medium will be aware of this sign and will contact you.

Anyone who does not know of the sign is a fake.

Answer by -FYOP- Ruler Of None
Fire ball you never cease to amaze me …

Good luck … make sure you go with someone you are comfortable with …

Answer by John G
Be careful! Ask around and be prepared to discover that there are a lot of ‘cowboys’ out there. Genuine mediums are very few and far between. However they do exist and you will find them by their reputation. Meduimship is a gift so try to avoid the professional ‘show’ characters who will amaze with tricks but only have the learned variety.
Remember to test them with a simple question or two. If they are genuine, they will allow this and you will not be disappointed. Good luck.

Answer by SadharaSatguru

If you wish to visit by reputation, have faith & you will find someone when the time is right.

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can a Wiccan be a psychic/medium for a paranormal investigation team?

I’m a aspiring writing a story about a team of paranormal investigators. One of the characters is a psychic/medium who is a Wiccan. I asked the above question to see if such as thing is possible. THANKS for you help!!

Answer by Uzziel
Well I’m sure that’s possible. All one needs is the ability to talk to the dead, correct? Religion doesn’t necessarily have much to do with that.

Answer by Caliban Larry
Why not? It’s your story. You can do anything you want. Wiccans can be just as big scam artists as non-Wiccans.

Answer by wushuboy001
Of course its possible. Personally I would prefer objective, science minded people on such a team, but many teams employ psychics and incidentally, a lot of psychics practice Wicca.

Answer by fairy_moon02
well hell yeah..i’m wiccan as of 27 yrs and i do paranormal investigations..
good luck with your writings
blessed be

Answer by Augustine Towonsing
Dear friend,
Greetings peace, love and light. Yes in my opinion it is possible. Nevertheless, you have to be really act as Wicca that is knowledgeable surrounding the spiritual side and able to play major roles being the character in the team of paranormal investigator.

Answer by Nightwind
Being a psychic or a medium has nothing to do with one’s religion. Yes, a psychic or a medium can also be a follower of Wicca.

Answer by Gypsy Whitemoon
I think it could work – you could really make the wiccan’s character stand out and emphasise their eccentic behaviour. Make them quite intune with spirits and sort of let the character go off on a tangem on their own spiritual endeavours. You could have a lot of fun making the character of the wiccan person stand out. Yes its possible to make it work. Wiccans that I have met have been very strange and eccentric, wear flowing purple robes and tend to have delusions that they can see spirits. Of course not everyone is like that but the ones I have met have stood out as being odd.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
Hello Nick

A psychic can rest under quite a few religious umbrellas, so a lot are Wiccan.


Answer by EarthShod
Absolutely. Though there are some religious beliefs that exclude paranormal investigation, those do not apply to the Wicca. I am a British Traditional Wiccan who does private paranormal investigation for my business.

Answer by xxl0st_ang3lxx
Well I’m a Wiccan and a medium/psychic so yes. Why wouldn’t it be possible?

Answer by Peter D
Fantasy-based belief systems (i.e. Wicca, psychics, ghost hunters, etc.) can have all sorts of overlap. So, sure.

Answer by courtcourt
It depends on what Great Mother (our Mother…our Goddess!) wants us to have… for me, it’s the ability to see what a person really is.
They may seem nice to you, but I know if they really are an evil bitch.
I know it seems stupid to you or christians… but it’s the truth.

Answer by Reverend S
Yes, not only is it possible but I know three investigative groups in my state who use mediums and they are Wiccans.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on psychic medium

Psychic Medium Video – How To Become A Medium Tutorial.


Born and brought up in India. When I came in to senses . i was able to see strange figures in surroundings. When ever i told this to my mom. She used to laugh at me and always said you are day dreaming.

I was always able to see dead people ever since i was 10 years old. My journey in to the field of Tantra started at the age of 14 years, when a neighbor gave me Durgasaptshati book. which is very powerful stotra path of goddess Durga.

Also i started studying Palmistry. When i was 16 years old i was attacked by a demon while i was sleeping by that time i was following tantra and saved my self by mantra power. Since then I never looked back and I kept trying new Dhyan Yoga, Mantra and Tantra sadhnas procedures.