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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone ever had a prediction about your love life manifest from a psychic?

Has anyone ever had their predictions manifested from a psychic reading? Like if you asked them if your ex would come back and they said yes. I would like to know if it actually has happened.

Please don’t even bother answering saying only God knows the answers, psychics aren’t real blah blah blah etc.. I believe in God but I also believe that there are gifted individuals out there that can read people’s energy.

Answer by Simple Jack
A psychic told me I would meet someone, and that would would do stuff.

And not long after, I did meet someone, and we did do stuff! The prediction totally came true!!!

Answer by Discover
Yes, and she was wrong completely… ruined my life for several years.

and psychic activity is not a gift. the bible condemns it. it is NOT listed among the gifts that the bible says God has given to humanity.

The difference between the biblical approach and occult approach to the future (Psychic Realm) can be seen in the areas of the source of information (God or Satan), phenomena (Scripture, prophecy, divinely ordained implements or occult, pagan methods), and outcome (glory to God through trust in His will or individual confusion and perhaps destruction from trusting in the devil’s way).

Answer by oli
Ever wonder why psychics live in such dilapidated houses? You should.

In high school a psychic said I would marry my then boyfriend. I didn’t, thank God.

Answer by owain
If you believe in psychics why don’t you ask them if it’s true.

Answer by MOMMAH
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Answer by seane
There are some good psychics on this new metaphysical site :
Ebay banned readings in Sept 2012 and some of the readers on there, who had thousands of reviews, are now on this new site. Might be worth looking on there ?

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on psychic reading

Watch Psychic Tana Hoy Give Live Psychic Readings On The Streets Of LA

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