Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone had a psychic reading before and predictions came true?

I am curious because about three weeks ago i went to three different psychics and was told some future predictions but i dont believe they will happen. All three psychics were credible they got excellent reviews on the internet.

Answer by Cletus
No psychic has EVER passed a double blind test of their “abilities”. You have to listen with the ear of a lawyer. “I predicted world events… call now”. I can predict world events. She never says she made *accurate* predictions. If you want to have a good chance of making predictions my humble suggestion is:

Answer by Peter
I dunno how many are frauds and how many real…or indeed, if there is a continuum.

Read Michael Crichton’s autobiography “Travels” and decide if psychic ability is real or not.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : For those who believe in psychics please answer this question?

I had a psychic reading and a lot of the psychic said that was currently happening in my life was true. He spoke of my distant future and I am anticipating because an event will occur in less than 3 years but for those who consulted good psychics have any prophecies occured earlier for you?

Answer by GC
There are only two sources of future information. That from spirits, and that from God. In the case of spirit based information, this is a guess. Its often a good guess, because they can read minds and thus know a lot we don’t. But it cannot be guaranteed. It’s always subject to the free will actions of humans, and thus can not occur, or might occur earlier or later than predicted.

Just sometimes God decides to share knowledge of a future event with us. These always happen, and can be predictions right down to time, place and day. Edgar Cayce managed a few of these, so I suspect the source of his amazing information was sometimes, at least, God.

But pretty much every psychic, including the good ones, get spirit based info. And the bad ones just guess. The really good ones don’t get involved in anything to do with “futures” they just aren’t interested. Nor are intelligent advanced spirits, except when we can influence the path of humanity. But because free will is respected, its VERY rare for them to contemplate influencing the path of history.

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2013 Psychic Predictions with Bob Hickman Psychic Medium

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