Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has Anyone Had a Psychic Reading Proven Accurate?

My husband and I are having our cards read for our anniversary, and I was just wondering how many people have done the same thing (psychics, tarot cards, tea leaves etc.) and had their predictions proven accurate?

Answer by irishlady
I’ve had readings many times & yes they were accurate A word of advice though a true Psychic will never ask when’s your birthday OK if they do they’re good Happy Anniversary & hope you enjoy your readings

Answer by Fireball
no theyre just for fun. Its the occult…horoscope matching works but I would never pay someone to tell the future cuz it wont work…..fakes

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How accurate are fortune tellers/psychics?

I went to see one tonight and they told me a lot, even things others couldnt know.
She also told me I will be pregnant by sept and it will be a girl.
What do you think, would u believe it?

Answer by James Michaels
You should not trust these people. They will scam you for your money and pretend that they know things which are just impossible. Watch James Randy take down Sylvia Browne, one of the better known charlatans to get an idea of what crooks these people are. Don’t believe one word.

Answer by 忠実空狐 Cuddle☯Fox
I don’t believe in predicting the future by supernatural means – and I’m actually a mystic.

Divination is a tool to analyze the past and present.

Answer by Courtney
I argee with james they just tell u lies takein your money that u can use to pay bills buy yourself something nice or do something nice for somebody

Answer by Kevin7
There is no science behind it. It is a falsehood, they glean information from customers by analyzing looks,body language ,voice . It is called mentalism

Answer by Paige
Some of it is actualy true, like knowing you pregnant and stuff thats impossible

Answer by Reptar
The only psychics id believe are the ones who do it for free. Why do I believe you ask? My cousin is an empath and reads tarot cards. My tarot cards were pretty awesome.

Answer by Elizabeth Griffith
Shes as accurate as your faith in her.

Answer by wilds_of_virginia
Somoe psychics are the real deal. Others are total frauds.

Keep a skeptical, but open mind. You may have found one of the real ones.

Answer by вєαѕт
Not accurate at all.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychic vs cold reading?

Do u think these self proclaimed psychics are just cold reading on a subconscious level and picking up on small details about people without realizing what they are doing? Are do u believe they have genuinely real gift? I’m asking this because I was watching this mentalist named derren brown, he was so accurate with what he was saying that if I didn’t see the beginning where he said it was mentalism I would have thought he was psychic. Either way I think its a gift from God. But what is your thoughts on this?

Answer by mercvirgo
There are different types of psychics and they do it various ways. The astral, mental, emotional bodies (in your aura) read everyone and the environment all the time and send the information through your mind. Your subconscious lets only what you can handle into your conscious mind.
What a psychic is doing with their energy is the next category. Dreaming, reading a person’s aura, blueprint, going out of body and seeing the event, going into heaven and researching for information, or bouncing off the matrix and other systems to get a statistics report on something etc. Everyone can use the energy and be intuitive. Understanding the energy systems and using what you were born with, and then developing it, gets into the psychic area. It is a label for those who do it better.
Everyone has the potential to develop if you take the time to do it right. Healing is about transforming energy and assisting a person. Love is the strongest energy and you do not have to be psychic to send that. Psychics on tv may be psychic or not, but they are manipulated by script and if they can’t catch something on camera then they will put it into the final shot. Some people cannot be read because they are protected, or it is not for the person to know at that time, as it would interfer with their development. Our souls are here to learn. There are many books written by psychics. They are at different levels of development – what they can pick up and how, and, their souls are at different stages of development – how they interpret what they see. Sometimes a person is just repeating what their lifeguide (or whomever), tells them to say because they cannot see or manipulate the energy and be psychic for themselves.

Answer by Dr.Nice Guy
I imagine some folks cold read without knowing. I doubt as psychics go they’d be very convincing to anyone but themselves or a fool. You should study up on Derron Brown. You might be surprised with how he’d answer your question.

Answer by Dan
the part of your brain that is understood by few that you refer to as the “subconscious” is very powerful, but you can’t be aware of that which is not consciously observed. Sure some people have learned a few tricks to influence other people through that part of the mind but they do not really understand the mechanisms that are at work (for the record this is called mind control, something/one other than yourself influencing your thoughts).

It’s estimated the average human has about 50,000 thoughts a day, Tell me every one of those 50,000 thoughts you had today… difficult? Indeed. Meditation is observation through focus or concentration on the mind, or body. This is how many have learned what makes them tick. If your minds always talking at what point do you just tune it out? at what point does though become unconscious?

Let me finish on this point. If you don’t have 100 percent control of your mind, then something or someone else is influencing it this is a fact, you are not your thoughts but they can have direct impact on your actions and emotional state.

Answer by Furious Unicorn
Yes, there are people who really think they are psychic, as you say some are probably cold reading subconsciously others don’t seem to understand that conicidence and the occaisonal correct guess doesn’t mean you have magic powers.
No I wouldn’t call it a gift, cold reading might come in handy if you were a saleman or psychologist but when you are fooling yourself and the person you are reading it has adverse effects. People don’t just go to a pyschic to hear they have a dead grandparent whose name starts with an M sound they want advice from a person they think has supernatural powers. So they take the advice some untrained, deluded person seriously.
Here is a perfect example;_ylt=AnKoO5_n8jFxVWWLAQvzMZfg5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20120717080708AAfPZg3
a psychic told this girl she has healing powers, now the next thing you know she will be running around pretending to heal people with her positive energies. Another damn scam.
No, I don’t call leading people up the garden path a gift at all.

Answer by Gary
“Psychics” are either self-deluded or frauds. No one has ever been able to prove otherwise. Ever.

Answer by Magic One
You’re talking about what we call the “shut eyes”, those that are actually employing cold reading techniques without consciously doing so. Listen to their interactions and you’ll find that the sitters are usually providing more information than the “psychic”.

Whether it be Tarot cards, runes, astrology, or palm reading, whatever the “method” they use to inspire the story, the techniques are the same as the admitted cold reader, even if not consciously applied.

Please note that I am not saying that these “readers” don’t do any good. It has been said that they are the poor man’s counselor. Sometimes a person just needs someone to really listen to help them through a rough time. Some of them however are unscrupulous and look to take advantage and bleed money from their “clients” by warning them of curses and other nonsense that only the reader can remove, for a fee of course.

Answer by Emily
I too believe that psychic reading is real. And this is gift as you are referring.
Some people have this psychic power and they can look into the issue deeply to tell you various things about your life. At the same time you also need to make sure you consult with someone who is genuine.

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