Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has Anyone Had Experience Meeting With Angelina Diana Psychic Medium? Or Other Mediums?

I have scheduled a time to meet with Angelina Diana, I’m looking for reviews on people who have experienced her work as I’m looking to cross over to a loved one who has passed? Somewhat skeptical, but also open minded and willing to accept whatever the outcome is. Has anyone ever spoken with her for a medium reading? Or has anyone had any positive or negative experiences with other psychic mediums? Thank you!

Answer by ¤*DANI*¤
I don’t have personal experience but ik someone who does, if their real they won’t need your last name or ID or the name of the person you are contacting, just your first name the spirit will come on their own. At least that’s what it was like and happened for my mom’s bffl who went to contact her dead son, IN ANOTHER STATE! LOL yeah…

Answer by Laurie
I have had experiences with psychics. I believe they are real, some may be better than others. Just relax, go with it, and have fun! Just because one person didn’t have a good experience doesn’t mean that it will be the same for you.

Many years ago I spoke with a psychic over the phone. When we connected I could feel my energy connect with hers. It felt as though we were connected by an energetic umbilical cord. I thought, “This is strange!” I didn’t say anything but she commented, “Wow, you have a lot of energy!” Her reading was accurate.

I met with a friend and she did a tarot reading on me. She was accurate and her predictions came true. I asked her years later why she doesn’t do it anymore and she said, “Everything I said to people was coming true and it freaked me out!”

I met with a psychic who told me I was a healer. I was skeptical but it turns out she was right! I learned shortly afterward how to develop my abilities as a Reiki Healer/Medium. I haven’t been practicing for a few months so I’m feeling pretty rusty! It comes back once I focus on it and meditate daily.

I have met with a Reiki Master and she has been accurate with her advice and predictions.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What about Kaafir Psychics that predict the future?

Are we suppose to believe their prophecies even tho some predictions come true?

Answer by Khalilou
Stay away from psychics, they are up to no good.
They communicate with the world of jinns, that is how they get their psychic skills.
Allah forbids us from such an act.

Answer by Shaytaan Hater
Its Haram to go and ask Fortune-teller

– Prophet (S) said: “Whoever goes to a fortune-teller and asks him about something, his prayer will not be accepted for forty nights.”
(Muslim 2230)
It is Haram to Believe in a Fortune-teller

– Prophet (S) said, “Whoever goes to a fortune teller and believes what he says, has disbelieved in that which Allaah revealed to Muhammad (S).”
(Abu Dawood 3904)
Fortune-tellers sometimes also tell show the true future, but here is the reason for it…

– Narrated Aaisha (r.a); Some people asked the Prophet (S) about soothsayers. Prophet (S) said to them: “They are nothing.”
They said: ‘O Messenger of Allaah, sometimes they tell us something that turns out to be true.’
Prophet (S) replied, “That is a word from the jinn that the jinni snatches, and he cackles it into the ear of his familiar as a hen cackles, but they mix more than a hundred lies with it.”
(Muslim 2228)
[Meaning: In heavens, when Allah speaks of a certain thing he is going to do, the angels talk about it, untill the angels of the last (Lowest) heaven talk about it, and the Jinn hear it and so they come to the fortune-tellers and tell them about this future event which will happen, ADDING TO THIS ONE TRUTH A HUNDRED LIES]

Answer by Tomknight
aren’t muslims who have never read the quran or hadiths more stupid than non-brainwashed people?

Answer by Sky Is The Limit.
Knowledge in Future is only with Allah SWA.

Answer by Enlightened Faith

What about them?
Stay away from predictors, because its haram seeing them.
I heard that if a muslim goes to see them their prayer won’t be accepted for 40 days.
May the prophecies be true or not, its strictly forbidden in Islam.

Answer by Muste Khan
Satan is always there to misguide people. Stay away.

Answer by Jimmie
There are many people that call them self’s psychic! Some of them are prophets of God! Of course some are phony, but you have phony people(Liars, false witnesses, televangelist, rogue cops) every where you go! And that includes some Muslims also!
I don’t care what Muslims think, the fact is that there still are prophets on this earth today! I am one of them, and the angel Gabriel has spoken to me sense i was in the crib! One of the things Gabriel told me is that “ALL of the Churches are guilty of abominations’!
Obviously not all the thinks that all the different Muslim groups believe are true!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there any legal precedent for using a psychic to obtain a search warrant for private property?

I am working on a hypothetical where a search warrant was obtained to search a house, private property, of drugs, by using the prediction of a psychic that has a 99% success rate. After the warrant was obtained, the drugs were seized. The question is whether the owners 4th amendment rights were violated and is the evidence was illegally seized. I was wondering if there were any court cases at the local or federal level that are loosely along these lines.

Answer by estrella
In many countries, the police do not officially believe that psychics and other paranormal phenomena exist. There is very little in the way of studies into psychics that have turned up a positive result. Psychic premonitions, whether or not they are real, are products of cognition and interpretation, and are removed from the physical scenario. They are easily skewed to any point of view, and if you look at many new-age \paranormal how-to books you can quite clearly see how vague many of the ‘keys’ to predictions are. These factors would probably make sure most of the time that a psychics evidence is disregarded. In the scenario described, it is most likely that the person’s rights would have been violated, and the evidence illegally seized. As for cases, I am neither a lawyer, law student or American, and I have no understanding of the American Constitution. I don’t know of any specific cases, but I think there are some cases in British law that have used psychic precognitions in some degree for evidence, but I only have a very vague memory of the book that I read about them in. I would not think that there are many cases, if any, that were argued in an American court.

Answer by Dwain
No. Psychic intuition is not considered probable cause in obtaining a search warrant. ESP is considered a pseudo-science. This is the same sort of reasoning used in prohibiting lie detector results from being used as admissable evidence in a criminal trial.

Answer by mikeysco
I really like estrella’s answer.

But…you said you’re working on a hypothetical:

In your hypothetical situation, where a psychic has a 99% success rate, I’d say you’ve got your search warrant and you’ve got your drugs and you’ve got your conviction.

99% is mighty high. The standard for an affidavit for search warrant is (if you want to put it in numbers), 51%…in other words, what you want to seize is more than likely where you say it is (more than likely = 51%…though I would never want to go to a judge with only 51%).

So in your hypothetical situation, where your psychic is proven to be 99% correct, I think a judge would jump at the chance to sign that warrant…it’s better odds than a LOT of warrants that are issued.

But estrella’s right; it’s junk science. And so I just can’t imagine you can get a psychic to *be* 99% correct, but you did say hypothetical.

Case law? I doubt it. For all the reasons estrella cites.

Writing a book? Sounds interesting…maybe even make a good movie.

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