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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have there being a Psychic medium who helped with law enforcement found the murder and was brought to justice?

Have there ever been a medium who works with law enforcement? Will that help them solve alot of unanswered questions and bring the murders to justice, and have that happened before?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why is it bad for a psychic medium to smoke?

I know smoking is bad for everyone, But I have a medium friend, who says she experiences bad things when she smokes. More than what usual people experience. But she wont tell me why its so different for her than the average person. Does anyone know why? serious answers only PLEASE.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where do I apply for a job as a psychic medium?

I think I may have psychic powers and I could really use the money. I want to buy my own house.

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Why did you write out this question instead of just using your psychic powers to get the answer yourself?

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you dont, you create it. its one of the oldest profession scams going since the beginning of time just like prostitution just that they offer an experience thats more enjoyable than yours. great point by the one above me. well hes not a fortune teller, just someone who talks to the dead.

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If you really had this power you dont need our help.

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Research the internet for popular sights such as Keen, Kasamba or California Psychics to name a few. They all have links regarding gaining employment with them. Just remember to work with Integrity, because Karma can be a real B**tch. Good Luck.

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Psychic Jobs:

Advice for good psychics, tarot readers and astrologers to become professionals.

Resources for home based psychic jobs

How to become a psychic on the Very ESP Team

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Psychic – Medium Thomas John: Check out his 99 Predictions for 2012

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Hi! I’m Anabella. I’m the owner and operator of I have been a professional online psychic for over 5 years now. I created this site as a source of information for people looking to learn about the business of webcam psychics.

I began realizing at age, 7, that I had the gift to see past & future events. This became a controversial family matter since my dad didn’t understand it. He had me visit a priest thinking I was possessed. I’ve been actively using my gifts for the past 20 years. “Tools” that I may use during a reading are tarot or pendulum to assist with helping to find answers.