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Has anyone ever had a tarot reading? I am considering sending an email to because they give a free reading to new customers. I’ve heard that tarot readings can help you make relationship desicions and career choices and see your future potentials. My friend told me that Pathfinder is really nice and not a computer reading. Has anyone tried this?
I had the reading. She is super nice and very intuitive. She shows you only your potential and tells you how to reach it. The first reading is free and she also makes donations to charities. Pathfinder has customer all over the world. You have to try this!!!!

Answer by Hanseugen
If you decide to have a tarot reading it is better to have it done by a professional reader in your own locality. The online divination readers are strictly in it for the money and are not necessarily trained ot adept at reading.
Online sites are about as accurate as the daily newspaper horoscopes, which doesn’t say much for them.

Answer by VigilentVirgo ♍/♒/♐
No and i did once have a reading online and honestly they explained the cards than what it is that you are sough tingr.

Just seek help from a professional face to face or a real psychic. ok?

Answer by Magical Purple Sock*
I’ve only done online tarot cards, and they were a hit-or-miss.
If you want to do them, that that is fine. If not, then that is fine as well.

Answer by atomic honkey
i’ve never tried pathfinder but i’ve had my cards read many times. the professional lady told me like it was. like she said, found me a man, dark curly hair, business school, practically married within a year. it all happened. another online tarot site is hermit moon tarot. i’ve met the lady and she is really nice. she’s a really good reader of the cards too! i say get your cards read. it’s fun and fascinating!

Answer by Bizhen
No, I have not, because it is nonsense. Making important decisions based upon any form of card reading or other fortunetelling “woowoo” is not wise at all. Try logic that is much more reliable than card reading nonsense.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do these tarot cards mean when put together?

I drew these cards on an online reading. I don’t know what they mean. Somebody help!
(they are in order)
Card 1 The Tower
Card 2 The Hierophant
Card 3 The Hanged Man
Card 4 The Hermit
Card 5 The World
Card 6 The Empress

ummm idk if this info will help but I’m female and 17.
😀 thanks
if u don’t have anything that will help don’t answer. Thanks.
it was a life reading i think. but i didnt ask a question.

Answer by Max Cruise
Respectfully, they mean nothing since tarot cards are bogus.
You’re Welcome

Answer by edible corpse
Haha! You summoned the empress, you activated my trap card. I summon my blues eyes white dragon to attack your hermit card

Answer by WC
I don’t believe in tarot cards, I believe in God.

Answer by Dart
They mean you don’t get the concept of “Mythology and Folklore”.

Fortune telling isn’t part of this.

Answer by Alaylen
I may be able to help you out. Did this website tell you what kind of spread it was supposed to be? Also what was your question?Post it in the details and I’ll check back in a bit.

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