Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever talked to an animal “psychic” or communicator?

I was just wondering what other people’s experiences were with animal communicators.

Answer by Suzie Q
I think pet psychics are psycho….if you really listen to what they say, it is common since. They play off of human emotion and most answers could go 50 different ways to meet what the owner wants to hear. If a reading is free, enjoy the theatrics, if it costs, don’t waste your money.

Answer by redbirdred

Answer by koss
I agree with Susie Q that the psychic tells you what you want to hear and are seeking ways for you to send more $ .And if what they do tell doesn’t;’t work they’re hoping that you’ll come back for more info. Most people if they spend a lot of time with their pet can learn their emotions, and can communicate by actions to one another even to understanding vocals sounds

Answer by sofia_glider_crazy
I have, its weird I only half beleive

see I havea dog with a pee probolem and the lady (our neibors freind) told me my dog really wants a baby, and that she doesn’t like when we talk about her ‘Problem’
So Im not sure…

PS check out vote on poll!

Answer by pagancowgirl
i once had a pet psychic talk to one of our hores that we were having difficulty riding. she was in no way a horses person so her own guess at what was wrong was about as good as some random person on the street. however, when she talked to him she found that his back was bothering him and that it wasn’t just a discipline problem. the problem was resolved almost immediately (after we had tried for 2 years) and now he is perfectly fine.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : anyone ever seen/talked to a psychic?

have you ever seen or talked to a psychic? and were they correct about their predictions or feelings about things?

Answer by DarkCoffeeJazz
Seeing as no one is truly psychic, no.

Answer by Make me Laugh


Answer by Dean M
Yes, a long time ago, my girlfriend made me go, you know, for some fun. All that crazy psychic lady did was end up pissing my girl off, she was giving some stupid relationship advice about how I would end up leaving her and coming back, or some bs like that. They are all phonies.

Answer by Lady Lazarus
I once went to a party where they hired a palm reader. I let her read my palm and her insights were somewhat interesting, so I said “hey that was pretty good.” Her insights then turned dark. She then told me I had evil spirits following me and that for the low price of $ 50, she’d be happy to rid me of them. She also told me people were very jealous of me and for another $ 50 she could keep them from bothering me.

I don’t know, maybe she went home and did her spells for free out of generosity, because my life is just fine.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Need a psychic medium!?

I want to talk to a psychic medium, I have a lot of questions about my fathers death and I felt I should leave it alone after giving up on not finding any answers to what really happened to him, but now it’s being two years and I still can’t get over the fact that I never really knew what happened to him and I really feel the need to find someone to help me communicate with him. If anyone can help me with this please e-mail me! thanks

Answer by Atheism Fails Again
No, you need more than that.. You need to get yourself together.

Answer by Ray J
I’m a psychic extra large maybe I can help.

Answer by Tia Tia
You are asking a question about devilish things on a religion and spiritual part of the forum. Anything you seek through this type of person comes straight through the devil…don’t you know that? It isn’t impossible to speak to the dead but just know that if you do….that person is burning in hell. Don’t let them fool you and tell you any different. Read the bible and see what it says about this stuff. It isn’t something to be playing around with.

By the way, don’t worry what happened to him. You need to worry about where you are going when you die. If you don’t’ worry about it today, you will wish you had when you close your eyes for the final time. Not trying to be mean…just telling you the truth.

Answer by james o
People have sometimes been able to get through, and often are unsuccessful. The reliability of the connection is so extremely suspect that you really cannot trust the validity of anything that a so-called medium (how does one know they are legitimate?) tells you.

This is very much consistent with what has been found about almost all forms of paranormal activity: Yes, there definitely seems to be something to it, but in every instance that anyone could verify, the results, while often startlingly real, also are extremely unreliable.

Since you’ll never know whether the “answers” you got actually were answers at all, it seems a rather pointless exercise.

Answer by Neil Cotê
I would be careful getting a psychic medium. While I am a bit skeptical of anyone being able to talk to the dead, I don’t deny that it may be possible. Unlike so many people on both sides of religion, I don’t pretend to know the answer to things that are beyond the observable. So, there may be the real deal out there, but many, many con artists make a living off of preying on the grieving by pretending to be psychic.

Also, say you find a real psychic, your father has been dead 2 years. He probably is at peace wherever he is. Do you really want to force him out of that and disturb his afterlife? It is up to you and, again, I don’t pretend to know if your dad will care but I would let the dead stay dead and rest in peace.

EDIT: Also, please ignore both the religious nutjobs telling you you are going to Hell and the atheist losers who tell you that you are an idiot for grieving over your father’s death and wanting closure.

Answer by megapoop12
hey when a loved one dies they are dead and are conscious of nothing Ecclesiastes 9:5
coping with a dead oved one can be difficult but trying to talk with them isnt good and will accomplish nothing. Leviticus 19:31
demons can imitate the voice of a dead loved one and trick you.
pray to god and ask him to help you cope and he will help you if you are genuine.

if wou would want to learn more go to

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