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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Honestly, why dont we have proof of ANYTHING religious or spiritual?

God, Jesus, Exorcisms, Ghosts, Astral Projection, Psychics, Mediums, VooDoo etc…..

You know the reason

Answer by infested by mindworms

Answer by tiedye_dude
Because none of it exists.

Answer by Fosho..™
Maybe because you’re looking for humanistic proof of a now…..wait for it………… SUPERNATURAL being. It wouldn’t make sense that you would get any.

Answer by The Reverend Soleil
Because scientific ignorance has become so widespread that most Americans no longer understand what constitutes “proof”…

Answer by missouri student nurse
Zero proof.

Answer by Jon in Canada
I do know the reason which is why I long ago gave up asking for proof that was never coming. Blind faith is ignorance.

Answer by oldguy63
There is a great deal of evidence of Jesus. He is about the most documented figure in history.

Answer by Øñçē Ĩñ Å ßłųē Møøñ
So, just out of curiosity, in the event that a ghost popped up and said “boo” what would you do?

There are many things science cannot explain. But because they can’t explain it, doesn’t mean it’s fake.

Answer by *The Angels *Shall Come Forth*
we do.

Answer by manda the pantheist
It tends to go beyond what is considered scientific proof.

Answer by Atchria
Humans choose to see things. Some humans choose not to see, believe or even consider. It is a closed mind to all things that needs proof. They are lost and have nooo idea as to what’s truly around them or within themselves. Thing is, WHY do people need proof? Do children need proof that Santa Klaus is real? The Easter Bunny? The Boogyman? Though many people think children are immature and “don’t know real life”, I personally think they have something a little more to show the adults . . . not to question, but believe.

Answer by Eggchick
Religion and spiritual issues are faith-based – people believe even though they don’t have proof. If we had proof it would certainly make it easier to believe, but it would cheapen faith, making it pretty much useless. That’s kind of the point.

Answer by Shane K
You mean to say of course that YOU don’t have proof of any of those things. And while you may not be willing to accept the subjective experience of others as proof, that does not make those experiences any less valid. I have had experiences in my life which lead me to believe that there are supernatural forces in the world, as have others. This may not amount to evidence for you but for us it does. Even if you don’t understand that, at least respect it.

And as with any other kind of knowledge; you don’t have this proof because you haven’t looked for it.

“The gorillas have deceived you.”
Shane K.

Answer by Zsolt H
Yes I know the reason.
And the reason is, that we are not using the right method to find proof of spirituality.
Of course I am not talking about proving what religions believe in, but I am talking about spirituality, which can help us understand our place in the world, and what our purpose is here.
Spirituality can teach us how to connect humanity into a single organism, and then within that connection how we can elevate ourselves onto a different plane of existence. And we can achieve this while still living in this world within the same body.
I was in your shoes once, doubting everything, and rejecting any beliefs or ideas not palpable, or sensible with my 5 physical senses.
But at the same time I was still searching, because the answers I got from material sciences, explanations did not satisfy me either.
I was quite desperate until I found a kabbalah course which finally lead me to a method, which can fulfill the emptiness I felt before.
If you would like to find the proofs you are searching for I would recommend the following video as a starting point:

All the best.

Answer by Wes P
There is physical proof of a God that exists or existed. That proof is us. Now look at it this way: We are here, alive and breathing. Some type of life source had to of created our life force. Whether God is a energy in space or some other being, he does exist. People like like to say it was the big bang that created everything. But how about this: What if the BIG bang was God? Light matter and dark matter colliding, can cause the creation of everything. But it goes beyond our comprehension. Life can not come from something that doesn’t consist of life. If there was no life, then there would be no life. Our body is made up of energy and that is what God is made up of. That is how we are in his image. That could be how he is with everyone at all time. Once we die, our soul (energy) can not die. It must either go into another life (Reincarnation) or back to the main source. Energy must remain moving because dead objects do not contain energy.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you believe in love and what does it mean to you in a spiritual sense?

Answer by microw
– Before I loved Jesus, He loved me first …

Answer by yohanestoro
God loves me.

Jesus said,”The greatest way to show love for friends is to die for them”.

I’m happy not because any wealth but because God really loves me. He’s the living God. He is with me everyday in my life.

Answer by Allie Q
i believe in the sense that I feel a strong instinct to nurture and protect my husband and children, and would be devastated should anything happen to them. But it isn’t spiritual.

Answer by Roxana
The real love is God’s Agape Love. Is the most beautiful feeling ever.

Answer by Zsolt H
Yes I believe in love.
Unfortunately in this world we do not know what true love is.
Although many will not agree with it, even if we think we love someone we do so, because we benefit from the relationship in some respect.
It is not our fault that is how we are built.
Love in spirituality means loving and giving without any self benefit, which we cannot even imagine at present.
But we have the chance to achieve it, all we need is the right method to change our attitude to each other.
Here is a video about our true nature:

And here is a link, that could guide you to such a method of change:
I hope you will find them helpful.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do people on the internet say they are vampires and werewolves?

Okay, so I was on the internet today and I found YouTube videos of spells to become werewolves and vampires. As if that wasn’t strange enough, when you actually read the comments on these videos, it’s full of people saying that they are real werewolves/vampires. They are talking about joining ”clans” and ”packs”.

This is so weird. Is this because of what the media is doing? By publicizing vampires and werewolves so much, it makes people want to become them? The majority of the people commenting are preteens. It’s SUPER messed up. And I was just wondering why people are ACTUALLY believing they are vampires/werewolves? I’m not a religious person, but these people are saying it’s Witchcraft? What is this all about?

Here is a vampire video:

And here is a werewolf one:

Answer by Mystique
They probably want attention,fame or whatsoever
When i was child i use to believe i am a witch but then i realized its ridiculous…

Answer by Joe
It’s not real. Vamps and werewolf’s don’t exist. The video was made for fun and to see how many people would try it. The peoples comments are wrong. Its just people being either dumb, having fun, or have some kind of mental problem.

Answer by fairy*in*a*castle
..It’s pretty pathetic isn’t it? …I see a sad future.

Answer by Mackenzie
These fantasy creatures once embodied the wild/supernatural fears people had.

But after being glamourized in fiction, younger generations now see them as ideals.

Usually these are people who aren’t satisfied with their lives– they live this culture because they wish they were more attractive, more interesting, had more mysterious and exciting lives. They feel inferior, they want to be more powerful and more in control. They might even have issues facing their own mortality.

The internet has given them the opportunity to seek out each other for reinforcement and validation.

And for the record, there are 2 kinds of Witchcraft. The fantasy kind of fiction & folklore– that doesn’t exist.

Then there is the spiritual art, which is rooted in nature and psychology. It’s about self-empowerment through spiritual and natural means, not breaking the laws of physics or making things go “poof”.

This idea of being a werewolf or vampire is not real Witchcraft, but the fantasy kind.

Answer by Nikolae
Why are they? Because they are seeking community, which they find in others like themselves, and because they are seeking attention, which they receive from the community they find.

As far as the witchcraft thing goes, legitimate witchcraft is real (the art of practicing magick and doing spells and the basic belief system of paganism) and is displayed through the religion and practices of Wicca or Neo-Paganism.

The Harry Potter/Fairly Odd Parents/Full Metal Alchemist brand of witchcraft is fictitious.

Answer by Aspen
If they truly think that they are a vampire or werewolf they are just plane crazy
If they are just saying that they are a vampire or werewolf they are ether desperate for attention or trying to mess with people.

Answer by The Rookie
We are living in a world full of contradictions.
Incredulous tales of vampires, werewolves, incubus,succubus, creepypasta, slenderman,bogeyman and many others abound.
As a result of the keen competition among the many, many myth-writers, fighting to win over the minds of the younger generation.
Writing such incredulous tales ….. is a thriving economy, and unstoppable in its intrusion of the younger minds.
Thus, the propogation of a belief in the minds of the youngs was inevitable ….. the belief in a false
‘ ego ‘ or ‘ self ‘.
These young ones harbour in themselves negative qualities like anger,jealousy, foolishness and infatuations.
People in the internet say that they are vampires and werewolves are simply people with an over-emphasis of self-love, delusions of grandeur and pathological envy.
A virtual display of narcissim.

Are we not a kind of society with a split or schizophrenic mentality ? – like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
We know what is unwholesome, yet we condone and even encourage its proliferation.
Apparently the young ones are all caught in it, and are hurled along with the tide. Programmed and conditioned by the moguls of the advertising media, the young ones respond to their commands and messages.

When two roads diverge in our journey of life, which one will you take ???
The one less travelled by – the path of mindfulness and wisdom, of love and compassion ?
Please think about it ….. it may well make all the difference !

Answer by Irene
First of all, you’ve got no right to say that Werewolves or Vampires don’t exist..
Second, these teens are probably attention seeking.
Third, you shouldn’t care about that
Forth, Prove me these creatures don’t exist, can you? (ok easier question.. show me pain scientifically? huh?)
Fifth, I’m not obsessed with Vampires or Werewolves
sixth, if you don’t believe in Vampire and Werewolves then why did you watched these videos?

Answer by Lord Bearclaw of Gryphon Woods
For Irene: There are no such things as vampires.

1. Vampires, defined as a humanoid that MUST consume blood or energy to survive do not exist. Cut and paste time, as it is too much work to type this out over and over and I “recycle” my own answers instead of retyping them.

2. The human body is not designed to process blood for nutrition. There is not enough protein, carbohydrates, and fats present in blood to maintain a complex creature such as Homo Sapiens or any theorized offshoot mutations. When a human ingests food it is broken up into a bolus by chewing, then churned up in the stomach with digestive juices to form a mass called chyme. It then passes through the pylorus into the duodenum, part of the small intestine where it mixes with bile salts and secretions from the pancreas and liver which continue breaking it down on a molecular basis. The broken down nutrients pass through the wall of the intestines and into the bloodstream where they are carried to each cell or stored for later use. Indigestible bulk continues through the intestines, turning a dark brown from the bile.

3. A person physically unable to process his own food for nutrition therefore also could not process blood – it’s the same process. Ingested blood does not transmit directly to the veins anyway – it would be chemically broken down by the digestive system.

4. Theoretical ingestion of blood to supply these nutrients would therefore have to occur at least once a day, and would require the ingestion of the entire blood supply which could not happen as the stomach is far too small to hold that much liquid volume. Hold up your clenched fist – under normal conditions your stomach is about that size. Furthermore, such a mass would be difficult to pass thru the intestines as it has no fibrous bulk, would create an intestinal impaction, causing massive vomiting from the large concentration of iron present, and any “real” vampire would have to eventually expel the waste, which would come out as a black, tarry, smelly goo, just as stool does when blood is present from a upper GI bleed.

5. Even if a vampire feeds once a week, and his victim also becomes a vampire, that is exponential growth, with 4 iterations a month. 1st iteration: 1 makes 1, total 2. 2nd iteration: 2 make 2, total 4. 3rd iteration: 4 make 4, total 8. 4th iteration: 8 make 8, total 16. 16 vampires at the end of 1 month, 256 at the end of the 2nd month, 4096 by the end of the 3rd month, 65,536 by the end of the 4th month, 1,048,476 at the end of the 5th, and 33,572,832 vampires at the end of half a year! Do the math – vampires are a mathematical impossibility.

6.The humans who profess to be vampires are victims of an all-encompassing self induced delusion. They are as human as you or I, regardless of their claims. Note that there is absolutely no scientific or medical proof that these people derive any benefit at all from the ingestion of blood, and even worse are the so-called “psychic” vampires, because their delusion is one that they cannot substantiate with any concrete evidence at all.

7. There is no “vampire” gene. People are not “born” as vampires. When a woman goes to the hospital for prenatal care there are many tests done on mother and child, even while still in the womb, to check for many things, including genetic anomalies that result in deformities and birth defects. If such a gene existed, in today’s world with today’s technology it would have been found – we have already completely sequenced the human genome. It would also have to follow Mendel’s law of dominant/recessive gene theory. Again, the odds on that many “vampires” all escaping the notice of the medical/scientific community are so low as to be almost nonexistent. The idea that there is a global “vampire community” engaging in controlled breeding to keep the “bloodline pure” is delusional in the extreme.

Answer by Iftekhar
Twilight fever mixed with some Empty brain idiot………
or i think those people had WEED while watching Vamp movies

Answer by Fattymus
First off, speaking as a Wiccan, those spells don’t work. Period.

Secondly, speaking as a real vampire (look up the definition before you start slamming this answer, please), the people posting this garbage are pathetic attention seekers who are lacking something in their own lives, and think that by becoming the vampires or werewolves of mythology, everything will be fixed. And yes, I do blame the media for continuing to perpetuate false images of what it is like to be a vampire. If you want to know more about what real vampirism is about, email me.

Also, Mystique, please watch what you say about witches, or at least do a modicum of actual research before you call us “ridiculous.”

Answer by Professor Obsidian
Because they are a whole bunch of inbred teenyboppers that like to troll with this idiotic Twilight drivel.

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