Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How accurate are love psychic readings?

I was told by some psychics that a relationship wouldn’t’ work out. I’ve been told by some that it would, but I need to give him time to get his things in order. All of them agree that he loves me very much but he is afraid to express it, but I just don’t know. No I wont live my life based off of what they say it’s still my decision, but just curious if these are fairly easy readings and very accurate. BTW- none of the psychics asked me for anymore information than d.o.b. & names.

Answer by kyle arendt
What do you think? 0%.

Answer by Gwyn
Honestly, it’s just a reading, they’re not GOD so how can you be sure their words are absolutely certain? It’s like 50/50. I suggest you use your own intuition to ask your higher self or your guides or angels for things you want to know especially if those people ask for money, I can’t help thinking it’s a sham or something….of if you found authentic psychics they may really be good but were not able to t really help solve your problems, within you, you can find the answers. The best thing you can do for yourself is try harder, communicate more, show him that you care, if in the end, things still didn’t work out, you will have no regrets because you can say to yourself that you did your best.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How Do I Use My Psychic Ability?

About 3 or 4 years ago I went to a medium and she said I was psychic. I have caught amazing EVP Recordings. I’ve gotten touched before. And every so often strange supernatural phenomenons happen such as my piano playing by itself. How can I expand my ability as a psychic please help.

Answer by j
Relate first to good sources:

The Path of the Higher Self
Paths of Light and Darkness
Man’s Psychic Life
Looking into the Invisible
Ethical ESP

Then, based on what you’ve learned in e.g. Looking into the Invisible, begin a responsible and safe program of meditation.

Keep practicing in your basic religious and spiritual tradition.

Answer by Le Voyant
Oh, my. I apologize that you’ve received a lot of ignorant answers here! It’s true that some psychics are dishonest, but that is hardly an accurate representation of everyone who works in the field. I, personally, know of a GREAT psychic who can help guide you spiritually & mentally on the right path.

I could not possibly recommend them more! It’s Faithful Psychic, and, quite honestly, I had the greatest psychic reading that I’ve ever had in my LIFE at that place. Please, do check it out.

Answer by susan
to help people… to increase it, just pay attention and trust it.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I called the Psychic Hot line to determine the future and I swear it was Christine O’Donnell voice I heard?

Do you have any accurate information about this?

Answer by Chuck G
Wouldn’t you have the accurate information? It was your call.

Answer by suthrnlyts™
Really? I thought that most of those loons resided in CA.

Nope, can’t saw I have accurate info.

Answer by Da Debil
it was your money you spent.when you get the bill for it ask who it was you spoke to

Answer by Maine
It’s ok for you to leave your mothers basement now that the elections are over.

Answer by Mr. Sarcasm
Yes, it was really Rosie O’Donnell and she thanks you for being a frequent caller.

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The old occult saying of “Know Thyself” sounds merely like a cliché that seems overused in many circumstances in the occult. What does this term mean? How does knowing yourself and the power of “I” effect you as a person.

I would like to share a short biography of my life as a brief example. I would like to make clear the synopsis of this essay is to essentially show how the Will affects the the magical user through magick, but this is not an summary of playing the victim of ‘poor me.’ There are other people with worse things than what I serve an example of in life, but I only know my experiences from my personal perception.