Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How accurate are psychic readings?

Answer by alaSTARman
You should really research your questions a bit more.
It depends on the psychic, most of whom are phonys out for a quick buck. My suggestion would be not to mess around with them, and instead make your own interpretations about your own future.

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Accuracy level is according

the its maker

How he make these readings

So its Quality should be checked

with the ability

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Prophetic Dreams/Psychic stuff?

I seem to be having dreams that warn me of the future, but most of the time it’s meaningless to me.

For example: A few months ago I had a very complex almost encrypted like dream that had something to do with someone’s grandmother dying. And the grand-daughter’s name kept being mentioned in the dream(maybe to hint at who’s grandma was going to die? :/) This was the only time I had ever dreamed about her grand-daughter and a few days later I heard the news of her grandmother passing away. I don’t understand why I had a prophetic dream about this though, I couldn’t do anything about her dying.. :/

I also just recently had a dream about one of my dad’s Ex-Girlfriends and I don’t dream about her at all, until that dream. And it turned out on that day she contacted him on facebook and may be starting trouble again..:/ but why would my dreams warn me of something I can’t really do anything about?
And I guess a meaningless dream I had would be one morning I had a dream about my grandma and I woke up to her calling my phone…and trust me I know that’s not coincidence, I rarely dream about the people that I’ve mentioned above…

Also in the Daytime I will sometimes know what’s going to happen a few seconds before it happens. But even more weird is there was 3 times where a random song that I never think about at all will be stuck in my head for no apparent reason and when I get to school they would play it over the intercom..And I would be like “Woah, this is the song that was stuck in my head this morning”

I’m not sure if this would be called a psychic thing or what, but something is definitely up, and I feel the more older I get the more often this happens..So my question is, is there a way to control this psychic sense I have or whatever you call it? And please no, your delusional or it’s all in your head stuff because this is way to frequent and accurate to just be coincidence.

Answer by jaggi
I think you are being prepared for something that is to come in the future. I don’t know if you will be able to do anything about it or not. But maybe you might be able to warn the person of the incidence that might happen, so they might benefit from it, one way or the other.

These things that are already happened are like a test or something, make you aware of these psychic ability. But know this, don’t get too attached to it.

Answer by Sommy
It seems that the things you dream about usually happen in reality. I don’t know if you believe in God, but your dreams were spiritual promptings from God about what would happen in the future. These dreams have nothing to do with psychic powers. You said you were having dreams about things you could not really handle or change, but one thing you can do after having a bad dream is pray. That’s better than being helpless when you know that someone’s grandparent is going to die or that something bad is going to happen to someone.

Answer by Kurt F
Congratulations are in order, for you have discovered the most open secret in life. Dreams are the blueprint of our waking life. So, in a way everyone is psychic, but they do not know it. Only rare observers like yourself will see that dreams come true; all dreams in fact. This is what I usually tell people who are waking up from their waking dream:

What is happening to you at such occasions is called ‘déjà vu’ which is French for ‘seen before’. And you have seen it before in a dream as you correctly observed. Science has many explanations for this phenomenon, but it fails to hit its mark because scientists don’t accept that we can see the FUTURE. So they explain it away by a glitch in the brain and give a longwinded and complicated explanation of how it supposedly works.

There is however a disease which fools the patient into the notion that he has seen this before or that it has happened before when in fact it hadn’t. But when you compare the experiences of these ill people with yours, you can see at once that they did not experience the kind of déjà vu you have had. Yours is healthy and sane and its mundane happenings are actually quite typical of the genuine déjà vu.

As you have observed, it is dream based and that is perhaps where you have an advantage over the scientists: you are not prejudiced, but an innocent and impartial observer. Moreover you have the advantage that you can actually remember the dream that spawned the waking event. This is where many people (and especially scientists) fail, for we can have déjà vus without ever recalling the dream that spawned it.

I must congratulate you on your discovery. This discovery is that you have seen life’s most open secret! The fact that only few people observe this, demonstrates that it is indeed an open secret.

Now that you have been initiated into the dream’s secret you might like to start a dream diary and note those times when the dream foresaw something by highlighting it in red. Eventually you will discover that all dreams come true, not just those with trivial matters and of people dying .

There are two stages in learning about dreams: first you notice the déjà vu which is a dream come true literally. Then you discover that the dream talks in metaphors, allegories, parables, figures of speech. In those cases you will have to look at the feeling the dream leaves you with. You have heard the expression: “Today I am on Cloud Nine!” You know at once what this means. You are feeling HIGH. The dream uses the same metaphor. But instead of using words it will sit you on a little white cloud in the sky! That is the difference between dream-speak and everyday talk. So when you have noted a dream, forget that it was a dream and reread it like a story that you were told by a friend of yours. Do a simple drawing of the essence of the dream and then watch what will happen that might match up with your story and the drawing. But don’t forget that dreams can take days, weeks, months and in fact years before they become waking experiences.

Another thing to watch is what I call the recall rule: When you spontaneously remember a dream, stop and look about. Watch what is happening under your very eyes and then compare it with your dream notes. You will be amazed how often you discover that you had dreamt this sometime before in a metaphorical manner. You will then discover that such manifestations of a dream are a living dream dictionary.

And now about those moments of precognition you experience. They too are dream based. But in these cases you have forgotten the dream or even never recalled it. But when the dream is about to manifest in waking time you get that feeling that something is about to happen. At that moment you are actually recalling the content of the forgotten dream without knowing that the content came from a dream. In my book I call this cryptomnesic recall of a dream.

It seems to me that you are an especially sharp observer and I do recommend that you get serious with dreams. In fact I am prepared to send you my book for free if you wish to study dreams more intensely. All I need is your postal address and bingo! You will have my autographed book.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : have you been to an accurate psychic? how was the experience?

how accurate was the psychic and how you know about person.

Answer by John S
Psychics are all frauds or delusional. I’ve gone to many as part of a psychological experiment I was performing, and by simply changing my dress and demeanor, I was able to predict exactly how they would “read” me.

Answer by mc g
No I have not.

Answer by Kaato
Actually, some psychics are more accurate than others. I wasted $ 120 on one visit with a hypnotist psychic and nothing was correct at all!! Lol, I spent $ 7 on a psychic at the Fair in my state and it was more accurate than the waste of money! It depends on who you’re looking at. The weird ones are usually the ones who are the best, and the socializing ones are the ones that just lie for some cash. So if you ever come across an odd psychic that kind of doesn’t blink or talk too much…it’s probaly worth your cash and time. I hope I helped.

Answer by Enes M
For another $ 5 the psychic can order you a pizza 🙁

Answer by Vasudev P
We have much experience give your details and tray but one thing is that how much your understanding experience

Answer by Jas
Yes I have, most of the best ones are the clairvoyants. The card flippers stink in my opnion. Some of them are frauds and some of them are lagit. If they as too many questions they might be a fraud. Frankly I’ve gotten some really good advice from some of them but you need to remove all doubt and suspinion in order to get the best out of it. A good psycic will make a believe out of you efforlessly. But don’t stop relying on your own instincts and perception.

Answer by sloth
Yes, well my mother has been to several and they say the same thing about me. Like when I’ll get married and stuff. One predicted my mother will have surgery on her stomach more than once about 6 years ago. The last 4 years she’s had about 4 operations.Imcompendent doctors. This person has also predicted other events that happened. Gave me goosebumps but was very enlightening. People don’t believe in psychics because there’s so many frauds out there taking people’s money.Luckily my mom knows someone close to the family. If you’re really curious ask the psychics on here, can’t get ripped off.

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