Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How accurate is Tarot reading?

Tarot reading is accurate?
Can I take taro spread again and again to get good reading?
Is there any online free readings?

Answer by Derick Obama
Im going to save you a SHITLOAD of money. It doesnt work. At all. its bogus. A man, James Randi Well over 20 years ago offered $ 1 000 000, to any person that could prove its real. The offer still remains. Nobody can prove it, but he can disprove everything.

You’re welcome. Unless you’re blind to sceince and logic, in that case, good luck.

Answer by Epiphanies from the Dark Tarot
Are tarot readings accurate? That really is a loaded question. We have free will, with a little bit of fate thrown in. They are meant to provide guidance and empower the person asking the question so they can make the choices for themselves. They reflect the path that you are on while you are on it. So right now for this moment in time, yes, they are accurate, but it depends on how they are interpreted, the reader might be the one that gets them wrong. If you are looking for a site for a free reading has a free tarot app, it’s read it yourself, the positions and meanings are pretty clear. You can read your cards more than once in a day, but don’t be suprised when the same cards or answers come up. This is a real phenomenon that comes up when live tarot groups occur.

Also, James Randi refuses to step into haunted buildings for himself experiencing first hand paranormal experiences. There’s a difference between being cynical or skepical. James Randi is a cynic. A cynic refuses evidence. Also, he’s refused many psychics and hasn’t responded to their requests to attend the James Randi Foundation 1,000,000$ challenge. If a ghost came to him and slapped him in the ass. He’d flip his lid.

Answer by ChainLightninG
Those that make the claims must provide the proof. No one has to disprove.
The James Randi Educational Foundation just so happens to offer the largest amount of money, they are not the only ones that offer money for proof of the paranormal. See the link. However it does not matter. Fortune telling is the world’s second oldest profession.

What makes mass produced playing cards magical? The cardboard or the inks? Tarots are a form of divination. Basically psychic with a prop of randomness. There are 78 different cards, much more than regular cards. If you ever played poker, you know how rare certain combinations are. Having back to back royal flushes is near impossible. Repeating spreads for Tarots are impossible because position also matters too.

Below is a link to some types of divination. All require blind belief. Why would one need proof.

BTW, Randi does not even run the JREF anymore.

Edit: All the testing for the Randi Million is legally binding. All parties must agree on the test protocols and everyone is protected. If not, no testing. That simple. No one is forcing people to prove themselves, it’s all voluntary. If you really can do what you claim, why not make money and prove to the world such people exist? People make millions in sports because of their special talents. I guess physical ability is superior to psychic ability.

Answer by Lolly
It depends on who does the reading. My sister got hers read a few times. And all but one of them turned out to be true. I don’t know if there is any online free readings. If it’s something your interested in you should try it. Or Angel readings is basically the same thing my sister and I have our own. They work a lot of the time. If you want a free one of them look up lolly.readings on facebook and send a message for a general reading (It’s not professional but it’s free) And see what you think of that before spending money on a professional ones. I’m not sure how tarot cards work but the angel cards work by being able to listen to your angels. Even if you don’t believe in angels it might still be fun to get done.

Answer by derrieric
Tarot cards are divination tools. Under this premise, the tarot cards that are revealed to us are a way for the super soul to communicate with our conscience. The more spiritually aware you are, the more the cards make sense.

But that’s only true when you’re under the impression that Tarot readings really are legit. The mind has a way of making it’s own interpretations of interpretations that are given, so in that aspect a Tarot reading would appear to be accurate more than it actually might be.

And the James Randi thing isn’t real, or at least it shouldn’t be taken as such. The paranormal experiments are manipulated in ways to prove why things are not what they seem. Sure, “James Randi has offered $ 1,000,000 to anyone who can scientifically prove the existence of the paranormal but no one has been able to claim it” sounds incredible when that’s all the information you have on it, but when you look further into it, you start to see the kinks in his experiments.

Answer by Wiki
>Tarot reading is accurate?
No, but it helps to reflect.

>Can I take taro spread again and again to get good reading?
It’s a useful thing to learn reading the tarot.
But to know you better ask once.

>Is there any online free readings?
This website born just today:

Answer by Alyssa Marie
I give free tarot readings on tumblr. I’ll include my URL in the sources. I also will do a private one through email if you want that. They’re 100% free because I don’t believe in charging for advice. But, my readings are usually accurate. It’s just how you take the advice and apply it to your life. The cards are simply tools to giving advice. When I do a reading, I try to add my own advice at the end depending on what extra info you give me. But, go ahead and check it out. I have links on the bottom of the page to different types of spreads and under each link is a bunch of spreads. Hope this helps.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I get a professional tarot reading?

I don’t want a computer generated reading, I want t real-personal caring person. I’ve heard that Pathfinder Tarot is a great site and new customers can get a free reading? The web address is WWW.PATHFINDERTAROT.YOLASITE.COM

Anyone tried them? What experiences have you had with tarot readings? Good or bad?

Answer by Lady Saturn
I would not recommend a site that felt the need to advertise on Yahoo Answers. If you were providing free readings to the group, that might be different.

As it is. there are plenty of people on this site who give free tarot readings without having to go to a site to pay for it.

And tarot is easy enough to learn, and much more personalized when you’re asking your own questions.

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Complete Tarot Card Reading Course – part 1

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