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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I contact with the spirits?

I want to contact with spirist. Can you help me and give directions?
Also I need some advices about my videos on youtube(zeyzeyblue)
WHere can I get an ouija board?

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Answer by dustin
With an ouija board but make sure you know to flip the board an coin if its an evil spirit!

Answer by Blood of Jesus Saves
to contact demons is easy. there is a sea of them around us. but bible advises against this because it’s hard to get rid of demons later. and, if you can’t get rid of them, the bible says that you’re going to hell. don’t blame me, blame the bible, no? of course, don’t blame yourself because you’re innocent, right? (sarcasm) lol.

Answer by Dr.Nice Guy
I recommend a ouija for all your spirit contacting needs. You can get one at Toys R Us, use one online or make one your self by copying one of the images on the third link.

Answer by Jayme
Everybody with a brain knows ouija boards r too dangerous and if they had a conscience, they would never recommend them! The only safe way to do it is thru a psychic, but some try to scam u so u have to b careful about that. Also I’d like to share that I have a few friends that wanted me to go to their house and use their ouija board w/them one night (in their basement) I refused and tried to talk them out of it (to no avail)! Guess what? That supposedly innocent lil girl they were talking to ended up being a demon and it took them months to get rid of it! Please don’t make the same mistake unless u wanna have a demonic tenant in ur home!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What happens when your in a car accident with out a license?

So a couple of weeks ago I got into a very small car accident. (bumper to bumper) I was driving without a license or a permit my older brother was in the passenger seat and another car hit me while I was reversing. It was their fault I have a video and a witness but yet they are suing me. What will happen to me since I didnt have a license or a permit but it was the other persons fault?
I was reversing And about to drive away when the other driver reversed and hit me they did not look behind when they reversed

Answer by Vince M
In almost EVERY situation, in EVERY state, it is the driver reversing that has primary responsibility for avoiding collision. It does not matter what the witnesses say. In most cases, witnesses don’t know the law well enough to determine fault. The best a court will allow is for them to simply describe what happens.

So, it was most likely YOUR fault.

Compound that with the fact that you were driving without a license, here are the likely outcomes. First, a fairly hefty set of fines. (no license, collision was your fault, etc.). The lawsuit will cost you plenty, for damages, possible injuries, etc.) not to mention attorney fees and court costs. And there is a VERY good chance that tou won’t GET a license until you are 21.

Answer by Quentin
Well, if the other person wins the law suit, you will get fined and/or jailed for driving without proper licensing (because you had neither a license or permit), and depending on whether or not you had insurance (most states require you to have a license to insure your vehicle), you can get some hefty prices floating over your head.

If you DIDN’T have insurance, then I would like to tell you that you are seriously f***ed, and you will probably end up with getting driving privileges suspended for an X amount of time, and getting caught driving without a license (again) during this “probational” period will result in even bigger fines, and the possibilities of getting your (legal) driving privileges PERMANENTLY revoked.

Chances are, whether or not the person wins the law suit, you will end up with a ticketed fine and/or jail time because you were driving without any licensing.

Answer by The Phantom Schticky
If you were in reverse, it wasn’t not-your-fault. If both vehicles were reversing it would probably be fifty-fifty, meaning it’s everybody’s fault. That’s just how the rules are, and there’s no changing them.

Since you have no licence of any kind, forget being covered by any insurance policy. Auto insurers only cover licenced drivers, no exceptions no excuses, so no policy anywhere is gong to cover anything on your end. Not your liability (if applicable) and not your vehicle damage.

You’re on your own to defend this lawsuit, and you’ll need to hire a lawyer. If you go into this alone, the other guy’s lawyer will eat you alive and the judge will let them. Civil court cases are a matter of technical law, not truth and justice. Get someone who knows the law in detail to help you, or just pay the other guy’s damage out of your pocket.

And stop driving illegally, if you haven’t figured that out already.

Answer by lucy
How old are you? If under 18, would still be a minor. I am guessing no police were called after the accident, since most likely, the police would have issued YOU a ticket for non licensed/permit and my guess for your brother for no insurance?

Video and witness? If witness in the car with you and your brother, that is not a witness. A witness is someone NOT in your car or the other car who is involved in this accident. A video of what? The damages to both of your cars and where they were parked after the accident?

I am guessing this accident happened in a parking lot, since you state that both or you are reversing? If so, then most likely means that BOTH (50/50) of you are equally at fault.

If you are a minor and if your brother owns the car, then the other person would have to sue your brother and your parents as guardian to you, since you are a minor.

Sounds like no one has insurance? So you will have to see when you and possibly your brother shows up in court, what the judge decides.

good luck

Answer by Entidtil
So Anything might happen and I doubt that any of it will be good. If you really, really want to know, ask a psychic “what will happen” Of course you knew that you could get into trouble driving without a license, didn’t you? So

You are or you’re….. not your


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