Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how can I get tarot vards without my parents knowing?

I know I should tell them and do what they say and blah blah blah but my dad is always like noooo I want to read tarot cards. It’s unique and oh my goddess I feel as though it’s just… Right. I touched a tarot deck only once before and I felt energized and happy ( stupid as it may sound) any ideas

Answer by Ancient Aeon
Don’t use it, some people have bad experiences from them.

Answer by Carl
What’s a vard, is it a piece of an aardvark, straight from the blender?

Answer by Wicked Warrior
Wait until you’re old enough to truly utilize them properly and not keep them as a dirty little secret. And as a general rule, keep your hands off others decks. If you received any energy from them, you are handling them wrong.

Answer by spring has sprung yay!

i suggest you learn about them first because they are a toy or something to be taken lightly,when you mess with things like this you are invoking spirits (good and bad) and you have to know how to keep the bad ones away/or get rid of them……..

learn all of that first, and then get the cards, i think you can get them at major bookstores,again learn first cause if you bring them into your house and spirits comes in, you are putting your parents at risk and that’s not fair

Answer by Pandora
Stay away from that sh*t. You have no idea what you are getting yourself into.

Answer by I♥GOD
Tarot cards are not good.
I’m not even kidding about this.

Answer by Ryunyo
Here is the answer.

Get a pack of 3×5 cards and a few marking pens, then copy them off the Internet.

Now, that said, I once got a set, read up on them, and asked one question: “Should I be messing with these things?”. The answer was very negative, so I figure if they knew what they were talking about, it would be bad to continue, and if they didn’t, it would be stupid to.

True story!

Answer by werequeen
Honestly hon you need to do research first, If you want to learn how to divine with tarot cards that’s great and all, but you should respect your parents wishes until you get out of the house. Once you are 18 and are free to make your own decisions then you should purchase your own set and practice with them. Until then I would study on different kinds of divination. Such as scrying, pendulums (which you can make with just about anything), wax and many many more. Even Tea Leaves is a great way to divine questions and help you through current problems. But I will stress that divination is not a toy and not something you do for fun. it is a serious practice and something that should be respected.

If you would like to learn more about these practices I would be glad to answer any questions you have. You can message me here. e-mail me directly at or im me on Aim: werequeen6 or yahoo: edward_lover1200

I am also open for questions.

I hope you find what you are looking for hon.
Blessed be

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I get a free reading from a clairvoyant?

I want to know if I have a wife in my future.

Answer by auntb93
Not from me. I do not claim to be clairvoyant (which I will not trouble to define), but I have been reading Tarot cards for some 35 years. Not for free very often, though.

Answer by I don’t know
You will marry a good Mormon woman. Her specialty is cookies. She will grow on ya(in several different directions). Many babies will happen. There is much noise in your future.

Your personal choices could ruin you. Choose the right.

Get a Colonostopy at 40!

you just got a free reading………….

Answer by rhsaunders
I don’t know, but it will be worth exactly what you pay for it.

Answer by support PETA
yeah… sumthing like that….or…maybe..yeah..that’s it…well free for a while………….^_^

Answer by Holly B
Clairvoyants are merely people who pay attention to a person’s reactions to questions and their body language Some even excel at what they do.
As to a wife ,you can be proactive and attend singles dances in your age group. It’s alot more fun and a lot less money then a clairvoyant.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is a Tarot Card Reader’s “reading style”?

I have been reading tarot cards for awhile now & I was asked how friends would describe my reading style. Can someone please elaborate? FYI if it helps, I do the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

Answer by benthic_man
Something between pathetic attempt to have faith in the supernatural coupled with an inflated sense of self-importance, accompanied by a soupcon of inferiority complex.

Answer by Phoenix Rising
It’s all just a cold read on an Rorschach. Tarot cards don’t predict anything.

Answer by Miss 6
Everyone has their own style. Personally I can’t stand readers who use the Celtic Cross spread for EVERYTHING. I think that its OK to just pull some cards and not have each position mean something. If you’re comfortable using the CC spread than that is fine. Tarot has foundations and rules but after that you can make it your own.
I have found people who only use the CC spread usually has only been reading cards for a short while and think that’s the only way to do a reading. Again nothing wrong with it, just that there is so much you can do with cards if you break out of the cc spread!

Answer by vongermany
The reading style will depend on the individual Reader. There is no other real answer.
There are some old traditional styles people still use. Celtic Cross is one of them, but not the only one. While other Readers can create their own style.
Do what is comfortable for you.

Answer by MelanieJade
I am a professional psychic tarot reader. When I think of describing a reader’s style, I think of the way the reader gets their information. I categorize readers into two main styles. One style is that the reader memorizes meanings for each card and interprets the cards in a reading based on the set definitions they know. This style of reading does not require psychic ability. Another style is to read the cards psychically. This means that each reading is different and every time a card shows up it can have a different reason for being there. This style of reader can also pick up on the energy of the situations and people shown in the cards. I fit into the latter category and read cards using my psychic ability and by channeling Spirit Guides. I would also describe my style as very positive, because I believe everything in our life happens for a positive reason. I can learn from my Spirit Guides the higher reason for everything happening in a person’s life and help them see how it is helping them on their path.

However, the person who asked you the question may have a different definition for “reading style”. I would suggest asking them what they mean by that, and maybe that will help you answer their question.

If you are interested in learning about psychic tarot reading, I have a free online course on my website, Click on the online courses tab in the right sidebar. (site down for maintenance on 11/9/2010)

I hope this helps!

Melanie Jade

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Guide to Reading Tarot Cards : How to Do a Tarot Card Reading

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