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I had my cards read once when I was about 15 and I was shocked at how accurate it was! Ever since then I’ve wanted to have it done again but I don’t know anyone who can do it. If I learn can I do my own? Is it hard to learn? Where do I get the cards?

Answer by Mystic Marvin
Get a book 🙂

Answer by Ai Qing
Occult stores usually carry Tarot cards. Along with that, they probably carry books on interpreting them. But I suggest you check out Tarot-reading books at the library for free.

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Answer by Nightshade Parties on!
There are several ways to learn how to read tarot cards.
First is to read each definition of each card and memorize them then let your intuition tell you what they mean in certian positions (not my fave way but some like it.)
Another is to simply meditate on one card a week until you go through the set and use your intuition to tell you what each card means and write it down and use those as generic meanings. (getting closer to how I did it.)
Or you can meditate on each card for a week, let it give you an idea of what it means, then use your intuition to guide you through each reading. Remembering that each reading is different depending on the question you are trying to answer and who you are trying to answer it for. (Definately my favorite way!)
I can do a reading (a simple reading, giving you my inturpretation and the books, using 3 cards, if you want more indepth I would have to meet you face to face, just e-mail me.)
It isn’t hard to learn as long as you are commited to learning.
You can get a set at your local major chain book store or local occult store, or online.

Answer by HCElder
Buy a deck and start reading them.

Honestly, that’s really how you learn. Here’s a link for a site where you can look at decks, read reviews and articles, they also have a forum –

You may be helped by a book on the subject. I really recommend just getting familiar with the cards first and then reading a book. Those that dive into reading a book tend to try and memorize the classic card meanings and that really isn’t the best way to go at it. But a couple of good books are The Complete Guide to the Tarot by Eden Gray and Tarot Basics by Evelin Burger.
You can buy decks at any New Age/Pagan/Occult type store. Sometimes regular bookstores like Barnes & Nobles or Borders carry them. Lacking that you can order them on

Answer by Azman M
360 days a year ? 30 days a month ? 12 months a year ? 7 days a week ??? , how can you make it’s all-rights , haaa ?

Answer by n8o
I’ve had mine done, it was a bit of a laugh.

I got the death card heaps, it was a bit like James Bond – only apparently death is good in tarot cards.

It’s all a bit of nonsense, a bit of a laugh over a few drinks.
I suggest you don’t take it so seriously.

Answer by jac the hat
No its not hard to learn as you do it a bit at a time.

The mythic tarot is cheapish and a good set for beginners as each suit comprises a story so if you learn the story which is easy and understand the sense of journey and the meanings of the numbers it will help you understand the overall structure.
But any pack you love and are drawn ot will be fine. As a beginner make sure that it has visuals not the marseilles pack.
You can get a selection in big bookstores or alternative shops.
I found setting my task of learning a card a day helped as in the beginning I really wanted to know enough to do a spread. The celtic cross is a simple spread . Instructions are in the pack and enough to start with – some come with their own book.

Don’ t do hundreds of readings for oyurself or you’ll blow a fuse find a willing friend/s you can practise on.

I also find it helps to pick a card for the day – learn it and write about it – freestyle really study the image to see what – you see.Connect the sense of it to your own experience .
The more connections you make will help the learning process – see how picking that card for the day influenced your day If it was the sun for instance what was borugh t out of the shadows for you/ You need to start thinking in metaphors. is a free tarot service look at theri cards and meaning s and see if you agree or could add more.

Every tarot reader is different you have to find your own style. I don’t read futures only processes.I am never definite.My readings a run more like counselling sessions.

Answer by Grace
Do not play with cards that will not edify you . Pray to God to deliver you from tempting you to do what you are requesting.
God bless you. Seek the truth instead.

Answer by Genura_Uriel
The popular tarot cards, according to some sources, stem from the early Kabbalists, who, when their esoteric teachings were banned in certain cultures…they were forced to create “condensed” versions on any piece of material they could find–small stone tablets, clay pottery, even scrolls. Eventually, and I am not sure on historical aspects, the concept of playing cards came into being, and Kabbalistic masters saw a new way to convey the inner wisdom without getting caught by authorities.

I don’t know how long it took to create the 78 card decks, or how they came to the number 78, and the creation of all the “suits” and such, but eventually, each card came to represent a specific lesson in Kabbalah. Eventually, people, such as gypsies, saw other opportunities in the tarot, and used it to tell fortunes.

However, that is just one of many theories concerning the origins of tarot, but you cannot deny the kabbalistic imagery which exists.

I myself do not practice tarot anymore, but a really interesting deck is the Thoth deck, created by Aleister Crowley.

Also, I have learned, that through learning about certain esoteric teachings before ever touching a deck, I in fact made some of my own interpretations of the deck itself…usually basing my observations on the art work, and how certain things were depicted therein. Most tarot decks these days come with a handbook in the deck, but some of the esoteric schools who publish their tarot, will often publish a more extensive book as a companion guide.

I suggest that if you are going to look for a tarot deck, choose very carefully, and be sure to bless the tarot deck after getting it–I would suggest a good old fashioned “smudging”–in which you burn a wand of dried white sage, and let the smoke engulf the deck, banishing any residual energies from either previous owners, or those who have touched it in the store before—believe me, those things go through a LOT of hands. You might also want to keep it covered in a special cloth when not in use, as well as place a blessed rose quartz or clear quartz (if clear quartz–be sure it is blessed by moon, and not sun energy, as the moon represents the second sight, visions, etc.) on top of the cloth-covered deck.

Answer by bradley c
Ok its easy you if you have the abilty to read them, the first thing you need to do is go to your local book strore like books-a-million or something like that they should carry them and when you get them email me back and i will coach you threw it step by step.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Freaked out after an online tarrot reading?

I went onto some site for a tarrot reading and kept clicking the cards then the cards you clicked would say your past, present and future. I keep thinking it could be just a random one is selected. But then I don’t want to believe but the present said I would be involved in a legal obligation and I’m signing up for a student loan.
It was free the tarrot reading on the site.

Answer by maria
LOL. don’t worry, they’re not real.

Answer by Rodgers
The Tarot thing is a scam and not real. It is very random, and humans being who they are will eventually find something that applies to them. It’s usually something very general that could apply to millions of people, such as “You’ll be involved in a legal obligation”. This could mean a car loan, a home loan, getting a new credit card, a student loan, getting married, adopting, ……. whatever. You recognized a correlation because of your student loan, so they “gotcha!” Now you believe in the whole load of crap, right? Hundreds of thousands of people went on that same web site today and were also fooled. It wasn’t free, was it? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Answer by Terry
Tarot is used by those with a talent and the cards help just as a Crystal ball helps others. If they are true they ask for nothing but a thanks.If you would tell me all the online told you I could tell you something of the group daily like “You stepped on a crack.”. It is an old trick for non talents seeking money.

Answer by Obi Wan Knievel
Of course it was free. Nobody would ever pay for an online tarot reading.

And oh wow… it said legal obligation and you’re getting a student loan. What about your driver’s licence? That’s a legal obligation too, lots of them in fact. Have you applied to one school already, or maybe more than one? There’s another legal situation.

See how this stuff works? The tarot cards / Ouija board / crystal ball never say anything useful, it’s always something really vague and you have to do all the work to connect it to something. A couple of my clients were professional fortune tellers, and one of them gave me a free ‘reading’ complete with (what sounded like) details she couldn’t possibly have known. Then she explained exactly how she did it, and the reality was more fascinating than any actual psychic talent. She did it using cold reading (basically the art of getting information without the person knowing they’re giving it up), cleverly-worded statements that sounded really specific but were actually very vague, and a natural talent for on-the-spot acting. She wasn’t a fraud though, because she had all her customers sign a “for entertainment only” disclaimer before she would close the deal. If people wanted to believe her that was their business, because sh already told them she was just a paid entertainer in writing.

Answer by Queen Of Adobe Flash
What is the site called sir?

Answer by Max Cruise
Tarot cards are bogus and the reading of tarot cards a scam.
Randomly dealt cards cannot tell the future.
Go to another free tarot card site for another reading. I’ll bet money the reading will be totally different. If tarot could tell the future the reading would be the same as the first reading. Which it won’t.
By the way, how did you get accepted to college?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I be a tarot card reader?

No, I don’t think I have special psychic powers that I know of, but I always wanted to learn to read and use Tarot cards, how much do they cost, how hard is it, can I be a simple mortal being?

Answer by cotton candy
I actually got mine for free. I belonged to a spiriutal center where we raised money by having a yard sale. We all worked hard & decided that if anyone wanted anything before the huge sale we would just let them take it. I got a deck but never really learned to use them. I did try once before I got that tdeck & didn’t have cards but did it by using paper. The first time it said a female near me was going to die. I didn’t like it so I did it again & it came up with the same message. It was my mother.

I don’t know the easy way. I would go to HOW To just do a seach. put in how to read tarot cards & they should have the easiest way. Just keep trying & you will learn. Then start contacting people on line asking how much they charge & what they give. keep track of this. Set a price & tell everyone youknow to tell everyone. If you have the money for business cards get them & give theim to everyone you know & put on any boards you can. You might want to run a small add in a paper. remember to write that this is agood gift for someone who doesn’t like to clutter their home. remind them of any kind of celebration coming up. Always be positive cause they will tell their freinds they loved your reading & come back for more.

Answer by Miss 6
I read tarot I have been reading them for almost 20 years I started when I was 12. My suggestion for you is to go to the bookstore and look at the decks they have there, if one of them seems to stand out for you then buy that deck. Also maybe pick up a tarot book, most decks come with books. Like a little book in the deck they are just a brief description of what the cards mean. So a larger book about the subject would be best. The price varies be ready to spend between $ 15-$ 20 for a deck and a little more on a book. Its not hard, its just about playing around with the cards and trying them out until you feel confident. Its also helpful to have a friend who doesn’t mind you taking your time and practice on them for readings.
For some people doing tarot drills are helpful, keeping a notebook and writing what you feel about the cards. Especially if you’re trying to memorize the cards. A combination of the book and your personal meanings of the cards will help you be a better reader.
Actually a pretty good book on tarot is the Idiot’s Guide by Arlene (I’m not sure of her last name).
Also check Yahoo! Groups because there are a lot of chat groups for Tarot.

Answer by George
I’ve written articles for beginners in Tarot here that should give you a good start.

I’ve also written an online Tarot deck which you can also use to practice without going to the expense of buying cards.

I’m currently working on extending this so that you can save your tarot spreads with notes to come back to.

Answer by Misscpb

Well you may suprise yourself to find out that indeed you do have intuitive abilities once you start!
There are tarot card readings and also oracle card readings. I personally find it much easier to read oracle cards and do oracle card readings, in general I am not really that drawn to traditional tarot cards, just the oracle cards. The difference between tarot cards and oracle cards is that tarot cards have a set amount of cards, a major arcana and a minor arcana with various suits. Oracle cards usually have any amount of cards in the deck with names/meanings usually 1 word or a sentence on the card with an image.

Below are some links that you may find interesting if you are interested in learning to read cards.

Examples of Oracle Cards:-,r:2,s:17&tx=58&ty=79&biw=796&bih=428

Where You Can Buy Tarot/Oracle Cards Online
(Amazon then just type in tarot cards or oracle cards. You can also type in the authors such as Doreen Virtue, Diana Cooper, Sonia Choquette)

Tarot/Oracle Card Web Site Information

You can also learn to read your cards online for free at various forums and chat rooms, as per below:-

I wish you all the best.

Lots of Love

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Tarot Reading for February 18, 2014

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I don’t do palm readings, for this I would suggest Arthur James. I don’t read horoscopes or do life maps. For this I recommend Mystic Owl 12, & for balance & healing I recommend Leslie 15, she is also an excellent reader. I do read for many of the other experts here on the site and so I have had the great fortune to understand their talent & skill in a very personal way! Comments are always appreciated after a reading to help others know of your experience with me as well as to help me be able to offer you my best attention and expertise.