Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I make at least 5 dollars a day online?

I’m just looking for some extra change, so how can I make 5+ dollars a day online without having to invest or sell anything?

Please don’t sugesst Treasure Trooper or Surveysavvy as I’ve already tried these and they both failed.

Answer by Ballistic
Try this opportunity:
You should be able to make more than that/day

Answer by Peapod
You can take surveys, though I would be careful for what you sign up for. THere are a lot of scams out there.

Answer by J J
You can make more than that on, if you are an “expert,” or “experienced in certain areas, you can register to give worldwide online assistance: Payment is either by PayPal, or, mail (takes longer to get a check.)

You download the communication suite to your computer which enables you to communicate with your “customers.” Just wait for someone to contact you for advice” you can work anytime, as Kasamba is available around-the-world. If you do not see a category, for which you have experience, contact Kasamba and tell them your area of expertise.

You determine how much you want to charge clients.

Here are current categories.

Emotional Distress
Relationship Issues
Building Self-Esteem
Career Coaching
Dating & Relationships
Interpersonal Communication
Stress & Anger Management
Time Management
Dream Analysis
Eastern Philosophy
Love and Relationships
Palm Reading
Psychic Reading
Tarot Reading
Computer & Video Games
Computer Repair
Help For Beginners
Internet Searches
Office Software
Operating Systems
Other (Computers & Programming)
Security & Encryption
Web Development
Wireless Technology
Children Education
Computer Science
Earth Sciences
Graduate Education
Homework Assistance
Life Sciences
Professional Training
Science & Technology
Social Sciences
Special Education
Standardized Tests
Alternative Medicine
Child & Adolescent Health
Chiropractic Medicine
Diet & Nutrition
Emergency Medicine
Medical Education
Medical Ethics
Medical Publications
Mental & Emotional Health
Non Clinical
Occupational Therapy
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Public & Environmental Health
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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I figure what my psychic ability is?

I don’t mean like an online quiz or anything, I mean something legit.

Answer by Nob Head
You dont have one, they dont exist

Why do people always think they are special, when they are just plain, gulible boring people

Answer by Neil Naik
Note Down any thing that you might see with your eyes closed and see if they come true within the next week. If not then give up.

Answer by kilroymaster
There is no short cut to finding out what type pf psychics powers that you may have for the category for psychic powers list over 200 different forms……….. Now I need you to give me 3 colors and 6 numbers and perhaps I can help you……….. Now don’t think about these colors and numbers just be honest and tell me the first things that pop into your mind……………………………….. Also when you touch something what is the first thing that pops into your mind…………………………………………

Answer by GETOUT
First off don’t go taking the advice from a physic, those wacko’s can make up bull *hit about anything.

They just want to rip you off.

How good are you at BS ing people? Do they believe you?

Answer by jacko brightside
go to the occult section in your local book store and there will be a book on developing psychic skills with a cover a little bigger then the pages and it will be covered in black and white photo’s, you know you have the right one if it mentions competitions for proving paranormal abilities, assuming your local book store is a barnes and nobles, and was hopefilly once a borders

Answer by Elizabeth
study and research

you may have to actually get up
go to the libraray and read some books.

Answer by susan
No one has just one ability. You can take a survey on which asks a series of questions (not about any personality characteristics) about various kinds of abilities. Anything you answer yes or sometimes to is an ability.

Being intuitive is not like Hollywood presents it, by the way. It is quiet and subtle, which is why most people do not notice it when it is experienced.

Answer by Ironstrike (Autobot)
First off, since you don’t know what it is, I would guess that it hasn’t shown up yet. I’m sorry to say, but you’re either just going to have to wait to know, or try to find someone to teach you their psychic ability and see if you can master it or if you struggle with it. If you struggle too much, then it may not be the one you’re looking for. Or heaven forbid you could just be normal.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I’d like practical buisiness adivce as to how to start a career as a psychic?

I imagine I’ll work part-time, at least at first. I’m not asking how to develop psychic powers, and I’m not looking for any training courses. Rather, I’m looking for practical, business advice. How to get clients, make money, get a workspace, etc.? Any suggestions or thoughts from people who already work in the field would be especially appreciated.

Answer by AnswerMan

I started my Psychic service online to see if there was any call for it and if it was viable for me. I get a person every now and then.

I have done such things as signed up for Psychic webrings, sold my services through eBay, and even used the Google AdWords to try to drum up some business.

The problem right now is there are TONS of Psychics out there all vying for a piece of the pie.

Your best bet is probably to buy a small piece of real estate somewhere that is zoned for Business use, or dual Residential/Business use. When I say small, I mean something like a shack – a 10 x 20 room is large enough. Have it stand alone from everything else nearby, have maybe 2 or 3 parking spots and be nearby some busy roadways. Put a good sized sign out front that is decorated with your fortune telling motif items, colors or whatever.

Have the place plain on the outside, keep the lawn trim and neat, do not allow garbage to collect anywhere. Inside, keep a light incense lit all the time, keep the air circulating, keep the air cool but not cold in the summer, and warm but not hot in the winter. Have your motif themed items all about inside. Put up one or two prominitely displayed Certificates to certify you are a Psychic. Keep a small cork board for pictures of you with people and some “thank you” letters.

Be open during housewives hours, and during the peak travel hours (rushtime) and until the early evening. OR be open only at night and into the wee hours. Depends on the type of traffic you want or get in that area.

Now, if buying a place is far too expensive for you, then there are 3 other alternatives:
(1) Rent a professional workspace. You can do this for about $ 300 a month or so. In this case, make everything you do have a totally upscale business professional look about it. You will get an office, a phone, a desk and a couple of chairs. You will probably also get the use of a conference room as well. Have people meet you in the office and do the readings right there under the total professional atmosphere. Wear a business suit and tie and look neatly groomed.
(2) Rent a booth at a flea market or similar – this can be inexpensive to very expensive, but you dont have to have a permanent place. Be casual in your dress for this, and try to have some space private. Sell New Age types of things to draw people in, and offer a card for doing the readings on the side.
(3) Rent a warehouse in a warehouse district. This may be hard to get people to see you, so you have to do some outside advertising, such as posting flyers, local mailings and putting yourself in the yellow pages. The rent will be cheap though, and you will have a LOT of room to play with. You could get together several other Psychics from the area and have a join Psychic Reading Center where people can get readings from numerous people at once. This will help split the costs for the place as well, and you could probably have a reception area up front, a waiting room, and someone to usher people in to see either a random Psychic or a specific Psychic.

I hope this all helps! Good luck with you endeavour!

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on online psychic

Accurate mediums and psychics online

Written by ArthurJames

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