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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I produce a vision for my life?

I think there are some web sites which help us to get a right life vision for both daily life and for business also . I want to know the addresses of such sites.

Answer by ecifircas eht
really? you use the internet to find meaning in life! well its new i give you that…. but if you want my opinion take some shrooms and go wander the dessert. like the native americans. i promise you will find somthing. but what will you do when you find out? it can be scary.

Answer by mary ann d
Here is a video blog site with truly life altering visions of human perception and experience on the path of purpose:

Here is a site where you can access media of all types to refine your understanding of what drives you, what you are heading for and how to manage and direct yourself in a efficient way to what you really want:

Here is a daily blog to keep you connected to the highest goal of life that never fades or stops “shining” for a person once it emerges and is realized to sustain our sense of purpose for the duration of our entire life. This is the spiritual goal which turns our connections with the whole of humanity into one of positive giving, balance and harmony between all and in all areas of life including personal, education, business, finance, world and government relations:

Here is a vast library of authentic spiritual writings, including books, articles, lectures and more:

Enjoy, and best wishes to you:-)

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is a good way to start a Ghost Hunting group?

My friends and I are starting a Ghost hunting group and we want to know what type of equipment we need. Please be specific in the items and prices. Thank you.

Answer by Casu.
Get a group of very strong believers:
-flashlights with wrist straps
-recorders with wrist straps
-video recorder with wrist straps
-first aid kit for slip and falls
-a few walkie talkies with strong receptions point
-cellular phones that have good long lasting batteries and good reception points. Make everyone get theirs and charge it before they go hunting
-amethyst stone to fend off the bad spirits from latching onto your auras when you leave.

Lastly, an inhaler if you actually do see one and get startled until you run out of breathe.

Answer by ☣

* Still and video photography – using infrared, digital, night vision, and even disposable film cameras to capture evidence of possible visual manifestations, such as orbs, mist, apparitions, and ectoplasm.

* EMF measurement – using electromagnetic field meters to detect possible unexplained magnetic fields which some attribute to the presence of ghosts and spirits, and at times used to spirit communication.

* Temperature measurement – using infrared, and thermal cameras, imaging video cameras, and/or hand-held infrared surface and ambient temperature sensors to detect changes in the environment, such as “cold spots”, which some believe accompany paranormal activity.

* Digital and analog audio recording – to capture anomalous audio, including voices and sounds that may be interpreted as electronic voice phenomena, which some theorize are attempts at communication by paranormal entities.

* Geiger counter – to measure fluctuations in radiation which some believe will point to a disturbance in spirit energy.

* Ion Meters – to detect an excess of negative ions which some feel are associated with paranormal activity.

* Infrared and/or ultrasonic motion sensors – to detect possible anomalous movement within a given area, or to assist in creating a controlled environment where any human movement is detected.

* Air quality monitoring equipment – to assess the levels of gases such a carbon monoxide which are thought contribute to reports of paranormal activity. (Also see carbon monoxide poisoning).[15]

* Infrasound monitoring equipment – to assess the level of sound vibrations below 20Hz which is thought to contribute to reports of paranormal activity.[15]

* Dowsing rods – usually constructed of brass and bent into an L-shape, dowsing rods may be used by those who feel they help indicate the presence of ghosts and spirits.

* Psychics – trance mediums or “sensitive” individuals thought to have the ability to identify and make contact with spiritual entities. (This practice is considered controversial among groups that prefer a scientific approach)

* Demonologists, or Clergy Members – individuals who may say prayers, give blessings, or perform rituals for the purpose of cleansing a location of alleged ghosts, demons, poltergeists, or “negative energy”. (Also considered controversial among groups that prefer a scientific approach)

Answer by ☼ Epona ☼
Prices I do not know for sure, but you will want the following:

Photo Camera
Video Camera
Voice Recorder
Hand held Thermometer (Digital)
EMF Recorder
Flashlights (preferably the helmet kind to keep your hands free).

Other things you might want, but aren’t as important
Night Vision Camera
Thermal Camera
Both of these can get very expensive.

I managed to get everything in the top list without spending much money, as I got them second-hand at pawn shops. New equipment can get very pricey, and no respectable ghost hunting team charges for what they do.

You will also need to build a name for yourself. Start by going to places like cemeteries, and homes of friends and family that think they might have activity. You will want to catch a few good EVPs or videos or pictures to show prospective clients that you know what you are doing and that you are professionals. Word of mouth goes a long way.

And, when you finally do get to the point of being invited to stranger’s homes or places of business to investigate, you must show the utmost care, politeness and maturity in these situations, so that you can build a good reputation. A good ghost hunt lasts hours, so you will need to have enough free time to go over the hours of footage taken.

I suggest watching Ghost Hunters on the sci-fi channel and taking stock of what equipment they use, and how they function as a team. But, keep in mind that their equipment is very expensive, as they do profit from what they do because of the TV show.

Good luck, and happy hunting!

Answer by Mello Tastic ♥
Fabreeze to freeze the ghost.

It’s the most important equipment

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I see/ talk to spirits and can they follow me and is it possible to have physical contact with spirits?

About a year ago I saw a spirit lying down on my bed next to me when I woke up and haven’t seen it since but I still sometimes feel like someone is in my room at night or when I’m home during the day. I also heard my name spoken in a creepy voice when everyone was in the basement and I was upstairs watchin tv. I ask my parents and other family and they think I’m crazy. Can anyone help me?

Answer by Shenaynay
Seeing something strange when you first wake up means that you are still dreaming not that there is something really there. You’re not crazy but you are letting your imagination run riot.

Answer by Erin
It actually is possible to see and talk to spirits, and on the RARE occasional have physical contact with them. I know a user that I respect very much, screen name goes by inteleyes, sometimes talks about how a spirit allowed them to touch them, and they’ve seen spirits for a long time now.

Hearing your name being called could be a passed away relative, Spirit Guide, or different spirit in your home. The key is meditation and balance. When you meditate, and start to notice gaps in between your thoughts… that’s when spirits will begin to communicate (if they choose to).

Having balance in your left and right brain helps to unlock psychic and spiritual abilities. Your left brain is for logic: math, science, etc. Your right brain is for creativity, art, music, imagination, etc. If you’re a “left-brained” person, do things to strengthen your right. If you’re a “right-brained” person, do things to strengthen your left.

A psychic medium talks about how to communicate with spirits, it’s on one of her very first videos, but a lot of her other ones are helpful too. http://youtube.com/kimberlybunch

A little research and an open mind always helps, but it’s important not to freak yourself out and start thinking that a little gust of wind was a spirit trying to get through to you. You’ll know when it happens.

Also, just a few things to know:

– Spirits’ main form of communication is telepathically, through the mind. They don’t actually have a voice-box or vocal cords, they are energy… so if you hear a voice in your ear, that’s their energy creating a voice for you to hear. Same with seeing an apparition of a person lying in your bed. That was their energy appearing that way.

– Sometimes when they try to communicate, they don’t know how to transfer or use their energy properly so something freaky might happen, like a book will fly off a shelf, or something will move… they’re rarely angry or trying to scare you. That usually doesn’t happen… they just want to communicate (like we all do) and don’t know how.

Hope this helps. 🙂

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