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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how can i read life of pi for free online?

i have a book report due but no book. does anyone know a website that i can visit that i can read the book for free. and no im not buying the book so don’t put that down please.

Answer by Kaitlin

Answer by Sophia
Look, you cannot read books online for free. The reasoning behind this is because to upload a book online and not have people pay for it is against the law and it is a copyright violation. You say that you don’t want people to tell you to buy the book – well what else do you want them to tell you when it is impossible to read books online?

My suggestion (if you don’t want to buy it) is to go down and get it froom the library, if you don’t want to pay for it. Either that or get a friend to loan it to you

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Books to read/download online for free please.?

Orlando Figes – “A people’s tragedy: The Russian Revolution 1891-1924” (1997)
and -Sheila Fitzpatrick “The Russian Revolution 1917-1932” (1994)

i really need to read these books very soon and would appreciate if there were torrents or free reading sites. Thanks everyone!

Answer by Talon
check out the Gutternburg press on the web. Loads of free book to download in txet format for your e book reqder.

Answer by Dr Who
both of not free books
there are not online anywhere

Answer by Marwan
Millions of documents and books at your fingertips! Read, print, download, and send them to your mobile devices instantly. Or upload your PDF, Word, and PowerPoint docs to share them with the world’s largest community of readers.
Discover and subscribe to others’ shelves
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Search and download millions of books available online for free download. Find new, rare and out-of-print books.
First, you just need to sign up for an account and make some decisions about what you’d like to read and who you’d like to read it with. You can either choose a book from a public domain collection, or choose a group that’s reading something you like. Then you just jump into the reader.
To start using EbookBrowse, just enter any keyword in the search box. The search results will display information about the documents that you are looking for.
You can also find related guides on the right side of the results.

Answer by Ganesh Satpute
search on it will give you easy access to download and view pdf from any site

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where Can I read free online Book?

I want to know where I can read the book Kite Runner Online?

Answer by redunicorn
There is no FREE and LEGAL place to read Kite Runner online. See if your public library bought a legal copy or ebook copy. That would be legal.

Any “free” copy would be stealing from the author. When I find illegal copies, I report them to the author or publisher for legal action. The uploader can earn jail time and fines of $ 150,000.

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