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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can psychic readings work over the phone?

I’m getting a psychic reading over the phone tomorrow. I know shes legit because shes a good friend of my mothers good friend. How can psychics tap into your energy and all that over the phone?

Answer by aspicco
why not? if they are good they are tapping into you. you are a unique, distinct vibration.

in quantum physics, particles can communicate across astounding distances instantaneously. why would a psychic be any different?

Answer by ?
They take your money and tell you a lot of garbage.

Answer by Aschatria Xyana
From 5 one was capable doing this and she only can see something I was willing to share, for the things I didn’t want to be “on open” she told me she can’t see it because I am/have a mantle.

Answer by susan
A good psychic can tap into anyone’s energy at any time in any place. They do not need to be with you. Some need a picture, or to hear you voice, but others need no physical cues at all.

The how is a bit tricky to explain, because this kind of work is not like physical world work. That is why so many do not understand it; they try to understand within the academic/scientific paradigm. And, yes indeed, quantum physics does confirm that it works, but not the how!

Watch What the Bleep do We Know or Down the Rabbit Hole to get a better understanding from a scientific point of view.

Answer by alimac
I think some people just have the gift to tune into your energy vibration. There are lots of different types of psychic abilities so I don’t know what type your psychic uses. She may be able to see pictures in her head or just get a feeling from your own energy. Hopefully you get a good reading… good luck! There is lots of great info on phone psychics and psychic abilities in general on this website that might help you more. Cheers.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How is it possible that a psychic is able to see my old dog?

Every now and then I get a psychic reading done and each time they bring up an old dog of mine. The dog is still alive but he lives with my ex from 5 yrs ago.I had a reading done today and this lady described my dog, it’s size, temperment, color, and that he is with a man who has a close bond with him. What’s the explaination for this? I’ve never once mentioned this dog to her. How can she see and other psychics been able to see the same image of my dog?

Answer by FlatEarf
There are many answers to this, but for starters read about something called, “Coldreading”

Answer by sparklychef
The dog is tied to you and your memories. When we feel your energy, we could pick up on that because it may be something in your future, or something important in your life. Sometimes things are just random, and not for any special reason other than being connected to you.

Answer by Starlingmama
There is an invisible energy grid, like an invisible internet all around which extends into the universe. Some people are more easily able to tap into it by using their psychic senses, which are also based on energy. With clairsentience, the psychic can tune into your energy and see images via the 3rd eye chakra which is called clairvoyance. There is also the power of clairaudience which is hearing supernaturally.

Your own energy can give the psychic clues because things, animals or people that you love or feel strongly about, become part of your energy. We are all connected to the invisible internet and so we can exchange feelings with one another whether we realize it or not.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How would I start to open a psychic premium line for SMS message readings?

Hi all, I would like to open a premium line for SMS psychic reading. Can anyone tell me where I start? Or how to obtain a premium number (UK only please).

Please serious answers no jokers thanks.

Thanks guys!

Answer by Bobbie t Onion
First have you thought how you will tell people that you are trying to scam them? Or are you just going to tell them whatever comes to your mind?

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