Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how can you find a music video that you can’t remember the song title?

there’s a music video that i can remember the song title or artist.

Answer by Dopey Dinosaur
Ask another question, describing what you recall, and odds are someone will know.

Answer by *The evil one*
Describe in on here, if you can remember any lyircs, genre etc, as best as possible, and someone may be able to find it for you 🙂

Answer by nodumgys
the psychic friends hotline

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are Psychics con artists ?? I can proove it?

in this video a prankster posing as a gay man goes to a psychic and asks him to read about a person that never existed

your feedback is welcome

Answer by cHiCa™
some are some aren’t.

I just watched this right now and this guy is a fake. He said general stuff that could fit anyone like, oh he likes you a lot, he was your soulmate. You know if you really wanna test them psychics I suggest you don’t say a word. When I go to them I don’t give them any clues about my life. When they ask me what I want to know I tell them to tell me whatever I need to know because after all they are psychics right?!

A real psychic will tell you personal stuff about your life, stuff you would be embarrassed about.

Answer by Psychic LPN Ed
Obviously the psychic is a fake, provided by the producers of the show to make real psychics look like a–es.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you improve psychic capabilities?

Hello, if you have the “empathic gift,” or something to the like, how would you go about developing your skills to help improve your life and the lives of others around you? If you only notice it a little bit, is it possible to improve it at all? I had a psychic vision awhile back, where a friend’s boyfriend wanted to fight me. It came true, and I knew what to do because I prepared myself for it. Why did this happen? Can I make it happen at will? Keep in mind, I do not wish to communicate with the dead. Firstly, I wish for them to rest in peace. Second, I am a Christian, and do not wish to open myself up to demons. Is there a way to develop psychic abilities without this risk? I also do not wish to “read people’s thoughts.” That is a major invasion of privacy. Thank you.

Answer by Loose Change™¢
Through deep meditation. I respect you are a Christian, but if you’re serious about tapping into the collective subconscious, pre-medieval theological dicta would, in my opinion, be a hindrance to the improvement of your psychic capabilities.

Answer by mdgemini1975
I have had intuitive experences all my life. I know you want to make your gifts stonger and with that you may find you have gifts you dont want, but remember God would never give you anything you cant handle. Meditation is important to look within your self to pull you gifts out. As a christian this can also be prayer ask God to show you the way to your abilities and how he wants you to use them. It is also important to start noticing things around you for example if you are in an elevator look at all the details of the bottons. I know this sonds crazy but it will slowley teach your mind to see everything around you even the unseen.

Answer by Girl
I just want to say this. Even though God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle, sometimes things ARE given to us that we can’t handle. So. if we are given something that we can’t handle..I don’t think we should say”God gave this to me so I should be able to handle it.” I don’t think that’s the way it works (emphasize the “I”) If it’s something you can’t handle, then maybe you should know it’s NOT from God. I kept thinking I could handle certain things because I thought God had given them to me and he would help me. I was wrong. I think somebody else (who wanted to hurt me) gave them to me. So “BEWARE!” (“Be sober and alert because your enemy , the devil roams the earth seeking those to destroy”) For Bible experts..I know that’s not the EXACT quote. Please post the exact one.

Answer by Q
Don’t be afraid. Start meditating on the positive and it will be ok.

Answer by Jenn
First of all you do not improve your psychic abilities, you work towards removing all negative and lower emotions in your self. This alone raises the level of higher emotions, and the higher emotions is where your specialties live.

For instance,
you do not become a good person by trying to be good and still keeping your bad qualities.
You can become a good person, just by removing all of your bad qualities. It works like that. It isn’t like you study and get better.

Answer by raven
sounds like you already have some clear guidelines you are following. It is a good question.I believe that gifts are, as you state ,to share with one’s community and we are ultimately all in this together .These gifts tend to develop in tandem with other gifts as other answers have mentioned. In my understanding of becoming more open to empathetic processes ,all ways of bringing in the idea of light, illuminating+strengthening one’s mind- body ,looking for a path that suits you,there are many,help. Empathy is not about reading peoples minds ,rather about allowing them to inform you, a sort of telephone situation, so you can feed back to them in the most positive form you are able .i.e your encounter with the fight .I take it you were able to diffuse this with your foreknowledge…this is a perfect example of accepting data,processing and allowing your desire for positive outcome to be of benefit. I believe that using this gift requires of us to let go of fear and choose love. That is the greatest protection as “demons”find the universal life force that is love, not good food ,they much prefer fear. Choose love and all will surely un-fold as it should .

Answer by Peter D
With all due respect, your perceived gifts are exactly as powerful as your ability to convince yourself you have them.

Your scenario that came to pass has several possible natural explanations. For one, it’s possible (if not likely) that you imagined conflict with this person because there was tension between the two of you already. It’s also possible that one of the many scenarios you have daydreamed actually came to pass.

Answer by zachary9351
The only improvement you could make.Open your mind and realize.There’s no such thing!

Answer by psiexploration
I wish I could become an NBA star without practicing basketball because if I actually practice there is a risk of sprained ankles, injured wrist, elbows not to mention possible injuries from playing an actual game. There is even risk to my thumbs and wrist if I just choose to pretend to be basket ball star playing a video game.
No. there is no way to improve or learn anything without some risk. Of course risk has different levels from looking foolish to jumping out of an airplane without a parachute.

Empathy (which there is no true form of) and anything else can be improved by practice. However, I don’t know that empathy requires any psychic ability (though perhaps it could be assisted by it). If you pay attention to people’s movements, words, speed and pitch of speech, facial expressions, etc. you could tell (to some degree their emotional state. You could ask people after you determined this to see if you were right as your test.
This skill along with being kind, caring, and considerate will improve your life in the sense of being a better person not in the sense that you win the lottery and improve the lives of others around you (again no psychic ability is required).
I suspect that in your version of the Christian faith (there are many) that there is some ritual to protect yourself from demons and evil influence, However, you might want to research your faith and see if the pursuit of psychic abilities is allowed, tolerated, or strictly forbidden in your faith.
That said I have never heard of any reports from any of the participants of the Ganzfeld experiments (link below) about demons and evil influences. This is a way not to sharpen your ability so much as to provide an environment (limited physical stimuli) for you to be able to better notice ESP impressions.
On the other side David Morehouse who participated in the US government Remote Viewing program did report encountering dark entities and he details this and other experiences in his book (cited below).
There are also online games that you can try out to test your psi abilities (link below).

Keep in mind that you at least risk having to examine your world views and beliefs about where psychic phenomena may fit into your life.

Answer by Mr. P
Do what you do with good intent. Do not be put off by sceptics with no knowledge. Practice, meditate. Try clearing your mind of the usless junk that keeps floating in there.
If you can sit quietly, close your eyes and visualise an old school chalkboard in front of you. Anyhing that appears on this just sweep to one side untill it remains blank.
This is your workspace. Just let the pictures come.
Other techniques work as well, but this works for me.

Answer by hislady
I have to say that if you aren’t willing to take everything that may come with having “psychic capabilities” you might want to steer clear of it. You can’t just say, “I want some of this, but I don’t want any of that.” You take whatever gifts God gives and you learn not only to deal with them, but how to use them to help others. I’m a personal believer that you can’t control what you open up when you seek to open your mind and body. You also need to do some reading about what, exactly, you’d be getting yourself into. Being clairvoyant, having visions, opens you up to seeing things you may not want to see. It’s not necessarily just dreams that come true. I don’t know any psychics who aren’t mediums as well. It sort of comes with the territory. When you fill yourself with light, you will become like a beacon to the spirit world. To put you at ease though, hon, your strong faith would keep you safe. “Where He dwells evil cannot.” That’s not an exact quote, a friend of mine gave it to me. Keep a strong faith in God, that He will keep you safe, and you will be. You don’t appear to have that yet or you’d already know it, inside your heart. And I don’t mean to offend with that, I’m just basically trying to tell you…don’t open Pandora’s Box if you’re not ready to deal with what’s inside. It’s not a toy. I opened up without even trying. It’s a natural ability for me. I began meditating in an effort to release all the emotions I sponge off the people around me and began to realize I could sense presences around me. It can be that easy if you’re prone to it. Think about it, do some research on psychic development first. Look into it and see if you’re really and truly up for this.

Answer by Bubbha Jo
You really need to work on that belief in demon bit before enhancing metaphysical skills. It’ll taint your way. Explore and try to understand the concept that evil is in the mind of the beholder too. Read up on the Buddhist philosophy about “evil”. That might help.

Answer by Rockem Sockem Hockey
If you are a Christian, then you need to go back to your Bible and read it more carefully as these things you seek ARE demonic! Seeking psychic ‘gifts’ or the ‘exercise’ of them is an attempt to manipulate the will of God for wrong purposes.

Deut 29:29 “The secret things belong to the Lord, but what is revealed belongs to us”

Abandon this, brother.

Answer by swtchk
from my beliefs, we all have spirit guides that help us through life if we are open enough to hear them. I respect your Christianity, and as a general rule of thumb for all beliefs it is important to protect yourself before opening up to recieve guidance. Personally, I dont believe in Demons but I do think that there are dark entities that are drawn to light, which is what we look like in meditative states. I always start off asking God to surround me in the white light of the Holy Spirit and to not let anything negative come through, I also ask for my spirit guides, angels , spirit animals to surround me as well. These are my beliefs that surround me, ask for whatever you believe in to surround you as well. There are several books by Doreen Virtue that may help guide you, she works mainly with angels It may be more what you are looking to do than psychic because from what Ive read psychics do more with spirits. But just fair warning it is very hard to control what comes to you when you are developing these “psychic” abilities I was attuned for energy work, which entails working with spirits and acting as a medium for the energy to help people heal themselves, and because, as it was explained to me you are like a candle in the dark, and spirits are naturally drawn to you (even dark spirits, but that is why it is so important for you to protect yourself with white light. You really have to invite dark spirits to you, & the intention of doing for the greater good is enough of a non-invitation for them) I have had quite a few weird experiences none that were bad, you start seeing things in your minds eye, it is very hard to explain I havent ever felt threatened though. I have had more intense feelings of darkness around people and places, you know , when you just get a bad feeling about something. I am more inclined to listen to them now. dont be afraid of it, and remember that chances are your psychic vision was really a spirit whispering in your ear. Ghosts are spirits that dont know they are dead, they are lost. Spirits have been home and they come to visit temporarily and when asked for help. As for reading thoughts I think very few can do that, you can read someones energy and intent with practice. Hope this helps you, it is a very confusing subject, and there are so many ways to go about it, the mosr important thing is that your intentions are for the greater good of all. If you need clarity on some of these things feel free to e-mail me.

Answer by Pam R

There are many ways to enhance your natural psychic abilities. Meditation, guided meditation, tool such as tarot etc, meeting with like minded people, books etc. You really have to follow your intuition to do what is best for you, especially at the beginning.

Communicating with the dead is called Mediunship & nothing to fear.

There are no demons – they reside with the mind – so be possitive & go to where you are lead.

You wish to develop empathy – so you may have to have a few extras as well, empathy comes via energy as does telepathy etc, it is how the energy accumulates ~& it given to you that determins how you experience it.

Just let your development be as it wishes if you going to consciously start to develop as you spiritual self has alot of wisdom.


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