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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How come people are so pessimistic about psychics?

I mean before you can say psychics are scam artist have you ever gone to one yourself? I mean I know there are alot of fake psychics but I have done research and went to the psychics that had good reviews. I was amazed at my experience because they knew so much about me. I am really excited for what is coming for me.

Answer by Tommy G
They LOVE people like you

Answer by ANDRE L
Psychics are often well trained frauds, so they are able to use common fraud techniques to make it *appear* that they are doing what they really are not.

The bottom line is, if they could really do what they claim, they could easily make a ton of money on the market.

Answer by simon dannie
Never mind. Forget about it.

Answer by Methane Mama
The whole idea of wanting to know stuff you normally would not know is a form of cheating, in my opinion. Even if the ability existed, I think it would be cheating to use it.

And, if it were natural for anyone to have such abilities, we would all likely have them – or, at least, most of us. That we don’t is proof enough that they don’t, either. Physiologically, we’re just not that different. And, there would have to be a physiological difference between psychics and non-psychics.

But, by all means, don’t let my opinion stop you from giving a psychic your money. You don’t need my approval for that.

Answer by A Crogueleader12345
“Psychics” specialize in blanket predictions that encompass just about everything…they’re so vague and open to interpretation that they make everyone they’re feel as if it’s correct. Strictly according to chaos theory, there is no possible way of predicting the future with any specific accuracy, there are just too many things that can affect it.

Answer by Jackie
There are a lot of phonies and just a handful that get vague things right.

Answer by Theophilus
If you think about it, psychics talk in a general form. They don’t really specify names or anything, they could say something like, “I see someone in your life who is very helpful.” And by doing this you automatically think of everyone who is helpful, and then they’ll say,”You are very close to this person.” And then you narrow it down, and then it just becomes a guessing game for them and you fall in awe of their abilities to narrow things down. Have you not played 20 questions? lol

Answer by Dem2008
The idea of being a psychic makes no sense in real life. Psychics are not safer from death and accidents and do not win the lottery or get rich off of stocks or ever take ever take advantage of their alleged powers except to get suckers like you to give them money. But of course, psychics says, that’s not how psychic energy works. You can’t just win the lottery. And that’s because this whole psychic crap apparently only works in ways indistinguishable from cold reading, something entirely natural. No one has ever been properly certified….so you’re basically giving money to people who claim to have magic powers, yet have never objectively shown them.

Think about the implications of living as a REAL psychic. You would win life instantly.

Answer by —-
“I mean before you can say psychics are scam artist have you ever gone to one yourself? ”

I never had cancer but I know that it can kill you.

There are no proven cases of humans having supernatural abilities so I dont see any reason to give my money away to scam artists.

Answer by buddhamaster
Because thet are picking your pocket while they pull your legs. Exactly like what your priest or pastor is doing to you.

Answer by DarwingotnastyontheBeagle
I’m not. I paid for a session twice. It was nice hearing how only good things will happen to you. They do make you feel good for the day. Anybody can do that for a buck,’but they are sincere because they really believe what they say.

It was fun and I treated it as such.
Plus it was nice to have a chat with someone where the entire talk is about you and only about what you want to talk about. No chance of changing the topic, you paid for the chat to be all about you.

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