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@_Niolaa (Niola Tabares) tweeted the following :
I hate it when people ask me a question that requires me to know the future, does it look like I’m a psychic?

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@SyieraHady (Syahhira Hady) tweeted the following :
@leagiri what are you? A psychic? Haha. Just try and ask. Doesn’t hurt to try. Or u just use your sis as an excuse uhh? Haha

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@FourPL4Y (Josh Brandon) tweeted the following :
If you text me and Idk who it is, don’t be mad that I ask you. Especially if I we just met. I mean, I didn’t tell you I was a psychic.

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Psychic Michelle Whitedove Webcast – Don’t Just Ask, but Demand Validation –

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How come psychics never make you rich in gambling or the stock market?

Why is money always off limits when you ask a psychic a question, but other personal information isn’t.

Answer by Kaviani999
Psychics are really just empaths who can read microexpressions, vocal stress, and other body language. The good ones are, at least. They can’t “feel” mindless things like markets or corporate whims.

Of course, for every real psychic, there are 50 fakes.

Answer by ?
because 9/10 of them are total bullshitters. No but honestly, if you were psychic, why would you do psychic readings for money?, if they had a real talent it would be free. Those people should get a REAL job like the rest of the world.

Answer by Cuttlefish. ^^
Because they obviously can’t do it. If they could, they wouldn’t be working as a psychic, they’d be rich billionaires. Seriously, if they can make a person rich, the first candidate would be themselves. And of course, a lot of psychics are just plain fakes.

Answer by Graybeard
There are no psychics. Check out for details of a longstanding offer of one million dollars for demonstration of any psychic ability in a controlled test designed to preclude fraud or coincidence.

Answer by Ovan
the human factor

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