Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How come there are so many sensitive and controlling types on YA?

So I get this violation email… and check what the issue is… and its nothing… it was an answer to a question and I was telling a story about myself… absolutely no bashing of anyone or anything…. but it was about a psychic….. so I am thinking some dumb a$ $ holy roller didnt like that I was talking about a psychic…. that is just stupid… I mean I have a right to answer a question that asks if I believe what psychics say…. what do you think?

Answer by Ѧashiq_Ѧl_Ѧgnostiq ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶
This is the internet. Not exactly “Socialites Galore”.

Answer by qxzqxzqxz
You’d have to expect that, particularly in R&S….

Answer by Christian girl
you sound pretty sensitive too. my answer…..well, your name says it all. Sorry, but to let you know, It happens to everyone.

Answer by CorruptedSpirit,VT, AM Associate
welcome to R&S, you just lost your cyber-cherry….

Answer by Blue P
sorry to hear that..
but… it’s definitely not ur fault.. u r not assulting others belief or religion or principles..
well.. since YA has loads of craps and smart a$ $ … wat can we say..??

Answer by Winston
Thats why I love christians. They won’t rest until everyone adheres to their beliefs, whether it be their hatred of gays and women or people on Y/A.

Answer by the chosen one
Because God is a sensitive and controlling type.

Answer by Dropshortandduck
Yes I get those violations all the time. Some of the people who come on here lack any humor whats so ever. If you believe in the psychic good for you and it is your opinion that counts that is for sure mate.

Answer by Vegan_Mom
How come there are so many sensitive and controlling types in real life?

However, I agree with you. As long as you were being respectful and mature towards others and their beliefs, I don’t see what the problem is.

Answer by shage1966
I totally agree with your conclusion that there are more than a fair share of haters out here. Don’t be one yourself and that’s one less.

But, remember this: being yourself (as I also try to be myself) is just for some reason very offensive to certain types; perhaps they are bigots or religion-haters…or religious-people haters… or the other way around: religious people trying to outwit and persuade the non-believers. It’s an age old thing after all…but here on Yahoo it seems those with an ax to grind let their emotions flail uncontrolled…hoping for a response.

IMHO it’s an unhealthy place; very depressing. If I weren’t the self-confident strong type with wits to match anyone out here, I’d find something else to do.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you determine psychic ability?

My friend and I think we’re psychic, but we don’t know whether it’s telepathy or something else. We’ve had countless run-ins with all sorts of oras and spirits. We have odd dreams and legitimate deja vu (sorry that I spelled it wrong), and we want to know how we are psychic because we’ve been told before on numerous random occasions.

Answer by kitkat
Do you see anything with me?
I have also had some run ins with things. However, I could never tell someones future.
I saw a spirit once. I also get “feelings”. I may just be very intuitive. I think we all have some but some are not in tune with it.
Some people I meet I can tell everything about them and then others I can’t tell anything.
I don’t know what all this means either.

Answer by Brad Gurney
Aura is how you spell it.
I always have Deja Vu.
There things that I believe are unexplainable.
Afterlife, Reincarnation, and Psychic powers.
I have always thought I was psychic too.
I experience Deja Vu so much that I have lost faith in the belief that it is pure coincidence.
And when I am in a situation with other people I can always tell what they are thinking and half the time I will say what they are thinking just to mess with them. It happens so often.
There has to be something more to it than just luck.. But still, there has never been proof of psychic abilities. So proving if you are one is not possible. You just have to believe in yourself and others will believe you too. But there will always be skeptics. You can’t make everyone believe you.

I’m glad you have a friend that you feel so bonded with….I am a skeptic of psychic and religious stuff(see my profile).
IMO…when people say that they are psychic, it is often a person who feels awkward or left out and needs to say theyre special somehow

if psychics are real, why dont they ever work the lotto??

Answer by TranquilSpirit Anna
A great way to determine and expand your psychic ability and your connection to the universe is to meditate. A terrific meditation is Shamanic journey where you can meet your spirit guides who can answer questions and show you the way or where you are on your path.

Good luck and Much love
Anna Raimondi
author: Talking to the Dead in Surburbia – An Ordinary Woman with an Extraordinary Gift

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do you believe about people who claim to be psychic?

Can they talk to the dead or tell the future sometimes?

Answer by Cloudcity CC
Since it cannot even be proven to exist; The only conditions under which it is then likely to exist is uncontrolled and unpredictable which would make it useless.

I personally think it is nonsense.

Answer by jade_2011
I don’t believe the ones that say the spirits name starts with a j…lol Wouldn’t a spirit be able to say more than their initial! that is so lame

Answer by re.iken
I honestly think they are nuts, I do not think this is possible, just like telekenisis, palm reading tarot cards etc.

Answer by Bushrod Isbister
I can’t see into their heads. Sometimes they come out with interesting and valid insights. So, I give them the benefit of the doubt.

Answer by Katalex
I remember a few years back a popular phychic was found guilty of lying and cheating people out of their money. My question is, if they can predict the future, why didn’t they see that coming in their future?

Answer by mikeejenkins3
I don`t beleive that anyone is psychic, I think anyone who says they are psychic is completely ridicilous. Because no one can tell your future but God, no human can tell what you are going to be or something that so when people claim they are psychic,I just ingore them because them they are waste of time.

Answer by auntcookie84
I don’t use the word “psychic” as it has so many negative connotations…I prefer “Clairvoyant” or “Medium”…and yes, I can successfully speak with the “dead”. I did not ask to have this, I have accepted the fact that I have this. I do get names and descriptions of those who have passed into spirit. And believe me, I do not get rich off of this!! It is very real…and it is something I’ve had to live with all my life. You can believe me or not…but I have to live with it.

Answer by Patti_Ja
I have had this gift since I was a small child…my friends could tell you some stories about things…but the thing about this is that I cannot control it…for instance I would rather not know that something bad is going to happen…some future event that is larger than most events in my life and it is going to be bad…no other clues as to when, what, where, who, or why…for others I get initials or something flashing or a dream state that is so lucid I have to call the friend and describe what I saw…I have found if I keep my mouth shut about it things are harder to deal with when they do go down
I would rather flash on winning lottery ticket numbers or find my soul mate…but that is not what happens

Answer by Allison Cameron
I sometimes see things before they happen… little stuff not like lotto numbers or anything and I also can’t force myself to do it… i will be doing something and randomly maybe once a week or so an image like a thought will pop into my head and i dissmiss it, like i never really know which random thoughts are going to occur… anyways its not until after the image i saw in my head has actually happened that i realise that it was another of my ‘moments’… most people dont believe me which is cool because i really love my gift… all the girls in our family have it ^^ Its getting easier to realise when somethings a future glance…

Answer by Adam B
John F**kwit Edwards. It’s people like him who prey on the weak, lulling them into the belief that their siblings or partners are reaching out to them, while HE is reacing into their pockets!
Now I’m open to spirtis and the like, and I’m a firm believer of the afterlife (or whatever comes next), but those who claim to be psychics are either too affraid to deal with life that they bury themselves in fantasy, or are plain underhanded, cheating unfortunate people out of money and encouraging unnatural behaviours instead of dealing with their grief and growing from it.

My two cents.

Written by SuperPsychic

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