Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I go looking for ghosts/spirits?

I’m fourteen. My grandmother/great grandmother on my dad’s side possibly had some sort of slight psychic power, and I’m pretty sure I don’t, although if I do, I have very little of it. I believe in ghosts and spirits and find them fascinating, in a terrifying, unexplained way. I want to go looking for them, with a friend or something. How do I contact them? I’m a wuss D:

Answer by Misfit Maddy
Again, I warn, DO NOT get a weegie board! They are bad, bad, bad!

Answer by Neela
If you are a wuss this is no hobby for you to get into.

Answer by G’day mate
DON’T USE A OUIJA BOARD.. go to a graveyard.

Answer by Paracelsus
In most cases people with the gift of psychic sight are visited by spirits that make their presence known by physical signs such as making sounds, moving objects or providing visual evidence such as appearing as a ghost or apparition. At your age it would be good to find a teacher who could help you develop your psychic gifts so that you are not influenced by evil spirits or demons. Angels and saints can appear to you to give you training and knowledge as well. There are some teachers on the lightbody realm that can visit you to provide training. When you go looking for spirits you may find that they are with you much of the time if only you could see them. Some people use crystal balls or mirror gazing to develop their powers of psychic vision, but these forms of scrying are difficult to learn without proper training although much of that training is learning patience. If you look for these spirits with a friend you are in danger of getting that person in trouble if you encounter beings that have bad intentions and want to cause problems for you both. It would be better if your friend and you both found a good teacher so that you could develop your powers together or alone if you wish. It is OK to be terrified of spirits if they are unfamiliar because some of them are evil. This is a dangerous path.

Answer by teandbikkies
You have answered your own question, you’re a wuss. Therefore don’t go “chasing” ghosts or the like. If you are genuine I would suggest relaxation and candle burning for 15 – 20 min at a time. Seek calm, see what comes to you.

Answer by Tim M
Before you set out to explore the realms of the paranormal I would highly recommend learning as much as you can about it and there is allot to know. You also do not have to be sensitive or psychic to have encounters with the paranormal though those who are at times can sense and experience them more often. Ghosts and spirits could be at any place at any time but they do tend to have their “haunts” and places they prefer to hang out. Most of the time these are places that frequented in life like a home or place of employment. Also where there is all of human activity and traffic can be possible places to have an encounter with them. They are said to feed off of human emotion and energy so where there is a high concentration of individuals ghosts could be lurking off in the shadows. It is not completely known why this is but they are said to feed off of those who have a heightened state of emotion like sadness and anxiety. they can even add to these emotional states in us as well. We can be spooked by such encounters with ghosts and spirits as it challenges our perceptions and what we have come to know about reality as well as it is simply not a natural experience to have such an encounter with the paranormal. I would learn all you can and possibly consider acquiring some equipment that can aid you in investigating, A digital camera, video camera and or a digital voice recorder are a really good start. If you feel that you have an inclining for potential psychic abilities , you could approach possibly developing them but usually they come naturally over time.Good luck and take care.

Answer by Jimmie
What ever you do, never use a Quija board! This stuff is very real, and can be very dangerous! So just stay away from it! After all, if you don’t needed to use it (and you don’t), then just leave it alone!

One (the one and only time i have ever used one) time when i was young, i was on a Quija board with my younger brother. When all of a sudden the planchette began moving all over the board from one letter to another. It said that the name of the spirit who was moving the planchette, was Bob. And that he/Bob was me in my last incarnation (which was during the American civil war, in which Bob had been discredited by Pres. A. Lincoln).

Any how Bob said that because of my brother i was at some risk some how from other spirit’s getting at me, and he told me to stay away from using the board! So i never did use it again!

Don’t ever let anyone kid you! The spirit world is very real, so are some psychics! Not everyone is honest! That includes politicians, Police, Judge’s, Doctor’s, Preacher’s and you name it! There are all kinds of Quacks in this world!

Bob (don’t remember his last name) was buried near White Hall, Ohio, and was moved to the arlington national cemetery back a few years ago!

Answer by Geeky Gurl
Come to my house and ask this ghost what he wants to say to me and in know this is Corny but on Samhain night of 2009 he opened my door! while i was changing NOT cool >:( and he keeps walking up and down the hallway and stairs I told him if he wants to talk that he can move the calendar or spoon but no he wants to scare me well guess what IT AIN’T WORKING did I just say that?! Oh and the guy\girl with the red towel hat is right btw. Good luck young Gypsy

Answer by Rosaline Mattews
you could use a ouji board (sry about spelling, its pronounced wiji) but they can really scare people, and sometimes the spirits wont leave. if you really want to attract a ghost, try calling for it 2 come out. make sure to have candles lit, and incense burning. i wouldnt reccomend searching for one. let them come to you. once i got mine, i kind of wanted it to leave me alone; i have woken up w/ cuts, seen things move by themselves, hear footsteps when im home alone, and have SEEN the wraith. hope its a friendly ghost. mine wants to hurt me.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : ok, i believe in ghosts but do really malevolent ghost exists?

You know like killer ghosts in horror movies? I’ve seen ghosts hunting programs, ghosts videos etc, but the ghost don’t seem to be be malevolent and attack people.
I know it takes a lot of energy for ghosts to even manifest themselves, so they might not even have enough energy to harm a human, like impossible amounts of energy.

Answer by Dr.Nice Guy
Well since you’ve embraced the silliness enough to believe in ghosts, you might as well go all the way and believe in evil entities.
Don’t let reality or logic get in the way.

Answer by AquaGuy
Yes, what about Poltergeists? I mean, a lot of Poltergeist activity can be attributed to other things, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist; some of the cases cannot be explained.

Answer by Timothy
You’re refreshingly observant.
Are normal Lost Souls that strong?
No. Most ghosts wonder around, most often trying to ask every person they see the same stupid questions. (“Have you seen my son?”/”Where am I?”/”Can you give me directions to…?”/”Why won’t anyone talk to me?”/”Why won’t anyone look at me?”/”Can you see me?”/”Can you hear me?”/”Am I Dead?”)

As you can see, over time an average ghost who died rather unremarkably will go through stages of understanding their current state and come to terms with it on their own, eventually moving on after a few hours to a few decades with a few months being the average.

However some Lost Souls are different. These ghosts are those who die violently, were violent and sadistic while alive, or were highly mentally unstable. They can be rather varied in just what breed of Lost Soul they have become and and what stage they are.

When a person dies, the ATP breaks down added with the cellular decay and the importance that they had in the lives of others (in the form of what is called “Dedicated Psychic Energy”), all that energy is what allows the ghost to exist and adds to the total lifespan of The Dead. It is NOT infinite nor extremely long lasting. This is true for ALL ghosts. And this dedicated energy is the most improtant. Remembering The Dead, talking about old stories of the times with them, visiting and caring for their gravesite, leaving food and drink offerings for them all grant them little bits of dedicated energy which prolong their lifespan. A forgotten orphan has a very short lifespan as a ghost, while famous people like Elvis or Micheal Jackson have so much they could survive as for centuries after their last fans have died. All is because of this dedicated energy.

Now most ghosts will just stick around for awhile before moving on. But some few are not as well adjusted. Some rather like being dead and following the wife they used to beat trying to find ways to impose their sadistic desire to continue dealing out suffering. Some are so mentally unstable that, after drowning their own newborn, putting them back in the crib and slitting their wrists in the bathtub, are so wrapped up in their type of crazy that they haunt their old home and hate have “strangers” living there. They want to hurt them.

The rarest variety are “romantic” ghosts. These souls are usually young women who died during childbirth or freak accidents and instead of moving on would rather stick around and spread a gentle calming or loving type of Expression called an Impression.
There is an old hotel in Connecticut which boasts a young female ghost who “blesses” loving happiness on the marriages which are performed there. Some couples with bad marriages go there and stay in this ghosts room for the Impression which allows them to mete out their grievances without it turning into a huge fight. Both parties report often on the marriage becoming better afterwards. So much so that some couples regularly stay in the room on their anniversaries or other annual dates to keep a marriage happy.

But this is very uncommon, though the result to the Lost Soul is the same: Dedicated Energy. She helps. They remember her.

This type of Lost Soul is no longer referred to as a simple ghost, but an Effigy instead.
The term refers to the fact that they only seem to carry on as one aspect of the original person, a manifestation of an emotion or feeling. While her Expression is a very mild Impression of Calm and Lovingness, most effigies are darker souls of darker emotions and desires. Like the murder/suicide I mentioned above. She became an effigy rather quickly. The event happened 6 months before I moved in. By the time I moved in, she had become an effigy. I didn’t notice her at first, but her Impression affected my gf as soon as she moved in with me. First, it was a feeling of depression. Then, came dreams of a “red woman” choking her and screaming that she would kill her and “the baby”. (My ex was not pregnant, thankfully.) Then the Impression got strong enough for me to feel the depression and anger. I had a day where I was just pissed for no reason. That’s when I knew something was up. The ghost had gone out of its way not to let me see it, but the aura was finally strong enough to be noticed after two weeks of my ex having horrible dreams and refusing to be alone in the house. I performed an Banishing and consecrated my apartment and things were fine that night.

The next day, I can home to an broken AC unit from the apartment above on my patio. It had fallen out the window above. Then I was met with a hysterical ex sitting outside with that neighbor. Both proceeded to tell me the story:
That nice night for me and my ex was a hell for the neighbor. She had had the same” kill you and the baby” dream and had

Answer by Truprincess
Certainly malevolant ghosts do exsist. For those that can see the other side, you need to know that there are other things happening. There is more than ghosts out there; there are demons and manipulated ghosts.

Too many people with good intentions get tied up in thinking that they are helping a ghost by talking with them and sorting out unfinished business. This is not the case. There is only one goal, to go to Father, to go to the light. Everything else will be taken care of. This is a test of faith, for them and for you. The best way to help them is to let them know that we are all loved by Father, he calls us all and that we have a free will choice to go to him. Let them know how much Father loves us, how he sees us without all of our weaknesses, that he sees only our Love, all that we have done lovingly. That is all. Do not for a moment think that it is important to do their bidding; even the most experienced ghost “helpers” have been fooled and put themselves needlessly in harm’s way.

Ghosts are of a lower vibration. This is why people can sometimes see them. Angels are of an extremely high vibration. They are much harder to see and have to make the intention to slow their vibration so that they may be visible. Ghosts and things of lower vibrations can attract things of extremely low vibration, demons (fallen angels) this is why it is dangerous for them to hang out. They too can get manipulated by demons, just as we can. It is much safer for them and you to assist them to the Light and let them go. Remember that 60% of Ghosts can become manipulated by the unHoly Angels and turn into Manipulated Ghosts.

A manipulated ghost is a ghost that the unHoly Angels (demons) have convinced is actually evil like them, it is a ghost that has been manipulated by the unHoly Angels. Manipulated ghosts need more assistance to return back home to Father because they can no longer see themselves as once human, they see only the darkness and the manipulation fed to them. These are the ghosts that appear disfigured, distorted, a perversion of what they were, can you see the demonic influence again here? Anywhere there is a perversion of how something was intended to be, count on the fact that there is demonic influence present.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some good books/videos on feng Sui?

What are some good books/videos on feng Sui?
Particularly when it comes to rooms and harnessing you’re element thru it, like earth metal or water
as I want to make the most of my energies


Answer by bob taskbar
part one (part 2 at

first you need to understand what fengshui is really about. so it is important to forget about everything you know or what you have read about fengshui, just to prevent some confusions. chinese and western concepts are different. when i started learning about fengshui under some fengshui masters, i thought it was a learned skill – or a sort of psychic thing. but obviously, it is not. it is more of a mathematical thing with formulas and configurations. and the most basic thing about it are 2 things:
1. it is not a belief, thus not a religion; and it is not a philosophy nor a way of life. fengshui is happening right now, whether we believe it or not. all houses and places have fengshui, which refers to how the energy/ies in them react and interact with each other to form new ones – it is this energy that we need to calculate for, analyze and understand – how these energies can benefit us. so it is just a matter of knowing whether a place/ house have good fengshui or bad fengshui.
2. nature is more powerful than man. basically, it is the only thing that creates energy. man cannot create energy. so this means that you cannot put any thing in your room to create good energy. the only workaround for this is what the fengshui methods are about. so we can measure something, calculate, and analyze – to know what is already in the house (not room; because the house is always considered as 1 unit, not the room), and how we can use these energies.

videos, havent come across a good one.

avoid buying fengshui kits.

there are many books out there. but there are only very few good authors. basically, good fengshui masters do not like to share ideas. so they always say, that is to “balance or harmonize” the house. but in reality, there is just no such thing. this is just to shut people up, to prevent the fengshui practitioners from sharing ideas. and i think all fengshui masters teaches the same methods, they just have a different way of understanding the methods, and thus a different way of applying them. just last year, i learned a new way of applying an old method. the thing to look for in a book author is that does the author have a history of good fengshui experience, this means that does he/ she have a long list of richer clients? i think this is the main thing to look for. because most people go for is the method that the author teaches easy to use, which i think is the worst criteria for looking a fengshui book.

and another thing, i have not came across a book that explains the advance uses of a fengshui method. most just explains its basic uses. the thing with advanced uses is that it is mostly what everyday living is about – how to get rich by using such method. and the only way to learn this is still by attending classes held by fengshui practitioners.

joey yap is a good teacher. i just do not like the way he handled to get the fengshui business of master yap cheng hai (who is also the teacher or ms. lillian too). for me, joey yap is a better teacher than ms. lillian too. but i like master yap more, because he really shares fengshui solutions with his students. with mr. joey yap, my friends and i had a problem in the past that he resisted to answer questions, because he like us to attend their expensive courses. so, i just feel that that was unfair of him to do that.

Answer by Natasha Wynt
These books I am suggesting all got good review from other readers you can check them out

Feng-Shui by Eva Wong
Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui by Karen Kingston
The Western Guide to Feng Shui: Room by Room by Terah Kathryn Collins

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on Psychic Videos

The Flaming Lips – Spongebob & Patrick Confront The Psychic Wall of Energy [Official Music Video]


Born and brought up in India. When I came in to senses . i was able to see strange figures in surroundings. When ever i told this to my mom. She used to laugh at me and always said you are day dreaming.

I was always able to see dead people ever since i was 10 years old. My journey in to the field of Tantra started at the age of 14 years, when a neighbor gave me Durgasaptshati book. which is very powerful stotra path of goddess Durga.

Also i started studying Palmistry. When i was 16 years old i was attacked by a demon while i was sleeping by that time i was following tantra and saved my self by mantra power. Since then I never looked back and I kept trying new Dhyan Yoga, Mantra and Tantra sadhnas procedures.