Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I have someone send money to my paypal over the telephone?

I’ve opened a tarot reading business.
I want to do readings over the telephone but am unsure how people will send their payment to me.
I know there’s credit card machines (Where I simply obtain their credit card number) but is there any other way (Preferably through paypal) that doesn’t require the customer to hop on the computer to pay?

Answer by ChikDove176
No it won’t happen. It doesn’t makes any sense at all.
Paypal is an online payment system, you can access it through the internet not through you telephone. You can tell your clients to pay you through Paypal by sending it to the primary email you are using in Paypal. Make sure your Paypal account is linked and verified by your bank account, so that you can withdraw it.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Fellow tarot card readers, do you write every reading you do down in a journal or something?

Mainly the readings you do for yourself. Why/why not?

Answer by auntb93
No. Never write anything down you wouldn’t want someone else to read.

Answer by Anabella
I keep note of the readings I do for myself to see how accurate I am and also to see how the cards played out with my circumstances. It is very useful to keep a record, you get a greater understanding of the cards this way.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
I’ve never been great at journaling unless I’m doing some kind of lesson plan where I force myself to journal. I journaled all through my study of the cards, journalling about each card as I went. But I didn’t keep track of every reading. I keep track of only some readings… usually readings that are about very important questions or my first experience with a new spread or deck or very complex readings that I know I’ll want to remember. My basic day-to-day readings I don’t record, but I should more often because I’ll think later, “Oh, shoot, what cards did I draw this morning again? What was my interpretation?”
I don’t write down readings I give to others in person, but if I’m giving a reading online it’s kind of essential to the method to write it down. I do delete those documents to preserve my client’s privacy after it’s submitted to them, however.
Journalling is an excellent way to learn and I should do it more often.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what spiritual magic studies can i major in?

i’m getting ready to make some serious choices about what i want to do with my life as far as career and college. i’ve always been fascinated by numerology, spiritual signs and symbolism, tarot, and chakra studies. the only thing is, i don’t know what classes i should take or what careers are available in that field. i want to be involved in a field that deals with ancient magic of civilizations or modern magical ideals.any ideas about what career fields and majors would be available?

Answer by GrayPict
There are no accredited colleges (State University( that offer courses in numerology, spiritual signs and symbolism, tarot, and chakra studies. Most offer classes in Anthropology which might include something on symbolism. There was one class I took on the Anthropology of Religion that included the origins of religion, and discussed Pagan beliefs and practices.
There are few that make a living in the topics you mentioned, most do is on the side and have another source of income. Some people have created churches that focus on your interests. The fields of ancient magic of civilizations or modern magical ideas, might be part of an Anthropological study, but not something that would bring in a consistent source of funding. You might want to try the online “Magic Schools”, That several on my parish have participated in.

Answer by Mitta
There are those who teach in the occult and ‘the supernatural’, often at colleges and universities. This might be an interesting thing for you to research.

Answer by Su
Magical studies do not generally appear in college or university courses, save as a snippet here and there in comparative religion or anthropology etc. However, many college or university courses would mesh with your personal interest, and it might surprise you to learn that these courses range from drama and music, through to computer sciences and neurobiology! Serious students manage to mesh their personal interest in the occult with degree courses, by doing the former either a) on their own, or b) via some respected org or online course.

If you choose an online course, do take your time to find something of absolute quality with a professional approach and a clear outline of objectives. Unfortunately, as a fact of life, and reflecting life at large, the Internet hosts an array of crackpots, wannabe gurus, con artists etc alongside the seriously dedicated practitioners on XYZ.

If you choose personal studies in your own time, alongside what you select at uni, then start with a subject that really interests you. Become your own expert in this field. One study done well will lead off to something else (it always does).

PS: Regardless of what else you do, maintain a journal with daily entries. The daily record of your primary resource (you) covering your goals, questions, ideas, musings, observations, things to do or done, current readings, choreographies etc will make the next step and the next strategy that much easier.

Answer by jplatt39
Papers and books about magic have always been written by Cultural Anthropology. And that is a good topic to study. I suggest you look at it.

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