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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I know if I am being haunted?

In many ways it appears as though I am being haunted, not my family or my house, just me. I also have the abilities to recognize spirits and sometimes make contact. I am sensitive and maybe psychic but my main issue is that something has been messing with me. if i go to my friends house then weird things happen there, things fly across the room and we see entities. something about me sets it off. I’m scared not only of what i cause but also of myself. Does anybody know how to help?

Answer by Baelamoon♥
hun its telekinetic energy, youre at an age where puberty is starting rearing its ugly head full force. anything that ‘picks up’ your energy field (exciting scary happy sad) will make things ‘fly’ around.

you might notice tv’s shutting off cellphones draining easily ( or not at all). or even street lights that seem to cut out when your near. it is your own body’s energy interacting with things. When i meditate with my cell phone near, its charges up. when im in a REALLY nostalgic mood street lights go off, every single one i drive under. when i get pregnant i turn tv’s off drain batteries and make all sorts of electronic go haywire.
If im mad enough that my hubby is playing video games ( and wont stop) his PS turns off and wont come back on for days. Google Telekinesis. I have no doubt in the presence of spirits but unless you have many many more things going on I doubt thats whats going on. I was Hell when i hit puberty on making stuff act abnormally! as for seeing spirits thats normal you are more sensitive to them, say hello they are normally spirit guides of yourself or those that you’re around unless they seem uhh, harmed or you see physical wounds etc. as spirits that havent passed normally show themselves how they passed or shortly thereof…our spirit guides arenot ‘harmed’ in any form normally. although may show you how they passed in their last lifetime. leading you to think if seeing it without them telling you, can lead you to believe the are earthbounds.

you have sensitive abilities, get a few books from the library to learn more and embrace it. do not fear it. things will be ok. reading is your best option, get a book on ‘intuition’ or spiritualism./
Good Luck

Answer by Keith Kartiye
Learn to meditation to peace yourself first, Try hard temporary not to communicate with the spirits around U until U have real peace, force away all your negative though and I’m sure U will find the right key of your life!! ^^

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has there ever been a recorded practice of telekinesis or other psychic abilities?

I’ve always been in awe of these possible abilities. Could anyone cite any instances? If not, do you believe it can be performed?


Answer by mirko
watch this:

you tell us now.

Answer by T R
Well, the short answer is no. Despite the egregious misinformation constantly posted by YA paranormal evangelists, evidence for telekinesis (or psychokinesis or PK) is very limited and and pretty much ignored as bad science by the rest of the scientific community, and for good reason. While some may claim that PK has been “demonstrated at statistically significant levels by thousands of individuals over thousands of experiments (many of them repeated)”, a thousand badly designed, badly performed and badly analyzed experiments don’t sum up to one good experiment, and the statistical significance mentioned above is at best debatable, at worst laughable.

Moreover, some might point to sleight-of-hand magicians such as Nina Kulagina and claim it’s not magic at all but paranormal ability. This is rubbish, and Kulagina’s tricks are standard fare for the amateur magician nowadays. The moving of an object under a glass cover is a standard magic show trick. The history of psi is filled with frauds trying to bamboozle the public, and Kulagina was no different. You might find videos of unknown authenticity of Kulagina and others on the internet, but consider your source. Don’t be gullible.

I’ve included a link below which is heavily documented so that you can check its accuracy if you wish. You’ll find it entertaining reading. I especially like the part about J.B. Rhine (of the Rhine Institute) being totally bamboozled by a trained horse!

Answer by Dj
mirko has a nice answer!

Answer by Psychic/Medium
In Russia, they’ve done numerous things including those. There was a show on remote viewing that was based on a real mans life working for our government. He wrote a book about his life experiences with the government .(Sorry I forget the name of it and him).The building where the Iranian hostages were, was found by remote viewing. Lots of governments do these things we’re just not told about them. If interested please go to my website Thanks!

Answer by wushuboy001
Many, you can find them on You-tube.
However, there has never been a verifiable case, ever.

Answer by The Last Voice of Reason
Telekinesis or other psychic abilities have been recorded, but there is some question as to whether the records are solid evidence. I believe that certain psychic phenomena have occurred, but I also think they are rare. If you are planning to seriously research this, I’d advise you to have a skeptical yet open mind. This feild does suffer from charlatans and con artists, but there are also some indications that there is something to it.

Answer by Peter D
I have seen a number of films and video tapes, but nothing convincing.

Answer by psiexploration
Many. I have listed numerous links below to allow you to read up on the scientific research literature in the field rather than editorial pieces, not worthy of publication in peer reviewed science journal where the actual research is published, offered by the skeptics.

Note: Telekinesis (TK) is now called Psychokinesis in the scientific research literature.

Answer by Doctor
Yes, there has been recorded instances of TK.

Despite attempts by small minded people to discredit her and her gift, Russian Nina Kulagina has given many demonstrations of TK for various Russian scientists.
During such demonstrations, Ms. Kulagina would loose sometimes as much as five pounds of her body weight from the effort involved. Eventually the strain of doing such telekinetic demonstrations for people lead to her early death.

While the mainstream scientific community has little regard for this area, the military and intelligence communities have put a lot research into psionics; neither communities doubt the existence of such “wild talents.”

And numerous people have done as well as filmed demonstrations of telekinesis, but just because they look fake– and anybody *can* fake them, that’s true — it doesn’t mean that they are fake. Many, if not most of the fimed demos, aren’t fake.

Answer by jack
The military does it often, contact General Strassen in AZ,and his people will explain it all to you!

Answer by Hyper_Shadow
Have you ever heard of Edgar Cayce? He used psychic abilities to diagnose thousands of diseases.

Answer by Patricia G
Absolutely, my friend. The Bible is chock-full of these miracles.

Answer by LandOfMisty
sure I believe it

electromagnetics……………..God did say….Physician, Heal theyself.

Answer by Denise 871
There’s the Scole Experiment; look up Dr. Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona. See what you can find out about a fascinating and remarkable lady, Suzy Smith, who was very close to Dr. Schwartz. She wrote many books and was very gifted. “The Afterlife Codes” is one that I can think of.
He the doctor who performs tests and studies on and with people with extraordinary psychic abilities; people like Alison DuBois, John Edward and others.
He’s written several books, including “The Living Universe” and “The God Experiment”. He is where science meets the unknown.
Here are some of his accomplishments:
Ph.D., Harvard University

Professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry and surgery at the University of Arizona
Director of the University of Arizona Human Energy Systems Laboratory.
Professor of psychology and psychiatry at Yale University
Director of the Yale Psychophysiology Center
Co-director of the Yale Behavioral Medicine Clinic.

Published more than 400 scientific papers
Edited 11 academic books
Co-author of The Living Universe
Author of The Afterlife Experiments

Merit appointments:
Awarded the Directorship for the NIH-funded Center for Frontier Medicine in Biofield Science.
Served as the Director of the Bioenergy Core for the Pediatric Alternative Medicine Center
Director of the Canyon Ranch Graduate Fellowship Program in Energy Medicine Research.
(taken from:
Gary Schwartz, Ph.D. Credentials. Degrees:. Ph.D., Harvard University. Positions:. Professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry and surgery at …

Good Luck!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do workers respond when self-proclaimed psychics call on crime tip lines?

Do they bother taking the phone number or just tell them that they are only interested in actual witnesses to the crime?

Answer by kveta_is_cute
Most law enforcement agencies check out every single lead even if it was Elvis phoning it in. Gotta solve the crimes!

Answer by JR
Not only that, but if a crime is unsolved and serious enough (murder), agencies will often recruit a psychic to help in the investigation. The tricky thing is the pshychic’s ability is NOT admissable in court, but nothing prevents them from helping out and using them to help solve the crime.

Answer by Tropical Sensei
There was a Congressional Inquiry during the 70s that looked into the reliability of psychics along with perpetual motion and cold fusion! It was concluded there was no evidence to call any credible

One of the world’s most famous skeptics, James Randi, has had an open challenge for over a decade now, offering a million dollars to anyone who can show credible evidence of the paranormal and supernatural.

Check it out, it may be someone’s lucky day!

Answer by Black Snow
If I were a worker I would say….

Why did’nt you call me 30min b4 the crime took place? duh

Answer by psdiver_tom
If she is so physic why hasn’t she picked up 2 cheques now? Like POWERBALL and MEGAMILLIONS???
The unfortunate part is the homi guys have to follow every lead and it’s a good thing there aren’t video phones in stations or you’d see a bunch of guys and gals laughing and rolling all over desks, pretty poor loonimitations, and crude stick drawings.
Hope this helps?? 🙂

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