Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I tell if I have a psychic ability?

Since I was small, I have had these strange feelings when I walk into certain places, or when I meet certain people. I get really sick, and the room starts spinning. Also I see balls of light most places I go. Also I pick up on others moods very easily, if someone is mad/sad/happy then I become mad or sad or happy. Also since I was small I have had dreams that have came true. Do I have a gift, or curse, and if so what is it called? Please help I can’t talk about it because no one believes me .

Answer by Marc P
so what makes you think we’ll believe you?

Answer by The Stapler
You have to stop eating spicy foods before bed.

Answer by drasago
Tell me what number I’m thinking of.

Answer by c
You don’t. Trust me on this.

Answer by The Happy Atheist
You should ask this in the Psychology section.

Answer by No78
The mood thing is called ’empathy’, it’s a natural human trait. You’re just a very emotional person, so your empathy is much more apparent.

You should consult a doctor about the rest, that doesn’t sound healthy.

Psychic ability is a broad term, but it usually refers to reading minds, moving physical objects with the mind or communicating with the dead. You cannot do any of these things, so you’re not psychic.

Answer by Take This To Heart
hold a spoon in your right hand and stare at it for three days straight.

Answer by Jimmy
tell me how many people alive now think they do too.

Answer by Matt HO HO HO
what’s my mood right now?

Answer by No Chance Without Jesus
Jesus gives us all psyching powers….I know what you’re thinking. You need to wear your foil helmet to keep the demons out.

Answer by addicted2christ
if you did… you wouldn’t be asking any of US….

Answer by Christine M
Could be a gift or curse depending how you use it. What are your religious beliefs? That can give big indications on whether it is good or bad.

Answer by Smokey
do u see a fart in my future?

Answer by Crazy Ivan
Meditate on your third eye and it will help you in honing your own natural abilities

Answer by lolipop

Answer by ci50158
You don’t.

Answer by Fr. Alexander
Essentially you are asking whether or not you are POSSESSED by an evil spirit.

As occured in Acts 16:16
And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying:

Christ as we know later in the account freed this woman from her bondage to the demon. You too should seek such freedom through Holy Baptism if you are vexed with an evil spirit.

Alternatively: (more likely) It could be that you are sensitive to electricity and magnetic fields. If you enter a room with a lot of EMF you can experience all sorts of sensations.

As for being sensitive to moods, that isn’t supernatural. If someone is angry its pretty easy to read a person if you know what to look for.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there any chance that I could have some undeveloped psychic abilities?

I am an extremely spiritual person. I have always felt very inuitive.My mom even swears by this. However I have always been a little skeptic even though I do quite often feel very very “different”. I have been told that I am an “empath” before and I truly can’t be in a crowded room sometimes because I get overwhelmed with other’s emotions. When I was a child my parents say that I would always be looking at things they could not see,was almost startlingly imaginative,and I was also very aware of other people even as a baby. I have even had experiences with talking to my brother (who we lost to an accident),according to my parents, even though I was so young that I do not really remember. Lately, I feel that this awareness of the spiritual world has been getting more and more developed. I have had a few astral projection experiences as well as very easily can become hypnotized and see worlds and things that I have never seen prior. My great grandmother and grandmother both have the gift of prophetic dreams and I definitely feel like I may have inherited that. I have what most people will call de’ja’vu so often that it’s almsot annoying! Recently, I tried using a ouija board. We began noticing that the board was extremely active when I was using it with someone and when I wasn’t it seemed to halt. I felt like I had a sort of mediator role in the experience and am just curious if any of this means anything? Is it possible that I have some abilities that I am not completely using. If so, is there any way that I could expand them and develop them more? I have just grown very curious.Thank you!

Answer by The Whistling Gypsy
Curiosity is a valuable thing. That said, there is no such thing as any form of psychic ability or astral projection and Ouija boards are just toys that do nothing. You seem to have a very active imagination.

Answer by Laurie
You can greatly develop your gifts through meditation. Using the Ouija Board is dangerous and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use it (bad experiences with it). When you meditate you can ask your guides, angels, God, or whoever you want to call upon to assist you with further developing psychic abilities. You can try giving readings to friends or family for practice. Invest in some books or look it up online.

Answer by Oliver
This thing only you can guess that

Answer by inteleyes
We all have natural psychic abilities within, you need to work on and develop your intuition insights……this will help open up all your other abilities……find what way works best for you.

Answer by Shiraishi
There is no chance that anyone has psychic abilities. If anyone actually did have them, he would have collected several millions of dollars in prizes that will go to anyone who can objectively prove he has them. Children have active imaginations, so you are not a special person. Delusions of talking to dead people are merely an overly-active imagination at work. Astral projection is a delusion. One person may push the Ouija board’s pointer more than other people do. All of this means nothing objectively. Psychic abilities do not exist, so do not waste time trying to develop them.

Answer by Mr. P
Yes, I believe we all have some ability whether we choose to heed it or not is up to the individual.
We are not all the same, so you will excell at some things while others fail. It’s just up to you to find out what you are best with.
How to improve? Practice of course. But this will involve a lot of times getting things wrong, but don’t give up. Try something else for a bit.
Regarding being hypnotised; This is a common state where you are virtually daydreaming, only that your mind is making sense of the other information you are getting rather than using your normal 5 senses. You can enter this at will with practice and some meditation techniques to a point where you can turn your other senses on and off at will.
What is most important (for the sceptics anyway) is that you do research to validate anything you sense. This could be as simple as asking others if “x” used to live here or as complicated as researching in city records tax returns for a specific address (as they are stored by year, there will only be one entry per book- so you have to check all of them). Once you get positive ‘hits’ you get a feeling for what is correct.
Don’t use ouija boards as they do leave an imprint in a place that can be difficult to shift afterwards. I can usually tell if a place has used one.
If you are an empath try reading people on the street for fun to pass the time, and if you get something then ask them. If you are wrong, you are just mistaking them for someone else so apologise and walk away, but if you are right it gives you such a confidence boost and helps train your senses.

Answer by Emily
My opinion: I think you’re blessed to have this! My whole life I wanted ‘psychic’ powers. And now everything is getting weird…. I think I have animal telepathy or something. It’s really long! But on my page, there’s a question about the animal telepathy and a book! I’m currently studying pshycic powers; telekinesis telepathy etc. but I can finish others sentences. And I guessed that there was going to be a fire drill last week…. And sure enough… It happened!!!

Answer by The Whistling Underwear
Psychic events are not well understood. Yet despite what some claim there is better evidence for them than against them (Daryl Bem’s study is a good example). Many people believe there are ways to develop psychic abilities through training or exposure to certain conditions. Meditation seems to be among the most mentioned, possibly because it promotes alpha brainwaves. Some think times of potential or real stress or emergency can trigger psychic events, but it would be risky to expose yourself to danger just to try and enhance psychic abilities.

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