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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do online college classes work?

Generally speaking, if you wanted to obtain your associates/bachelors degree via online classes.. how does that work? Is it a work at your own pace kind of thing?

Also, what are a few accredited online schools that offer a variety of degrees?

Thanks for the help!

Answer by Nyx
Generally you login to your college website, and you go to a special section where your courses are held. There are forums for you to participate in, sometimes its mandatory to participate, sometimes it isn’t. You submit your hw, assignments online or by email, or both depending on what the teacher has you do.

What my college has you do, is they make you come to the testing center to take your tests, take the midterm, and the final exam. If you are going to be out of town, its up to you to find a legitimate community college or university at the city that you’re out, find their testing center and make arrangements for your college to send the tests there and for you to go and take the tests at their testing center.

My college does this so you won’t cheat during tests, midterms and finals.

Answer by johnnyfundae
Each college handles their classes differently, some are learn at your own pace and others are more regimented. Some have video based classes and others rely on more presentation formats and reading.
My best recommendation would be to contact a number of colleges to find the best fit for you and your needs (class format, schedule, career opportunities, etc.). Too often people enroll in the first school they find rather than taking the time to find the best school for them. Taking that time now could save you a lot of time, money and frustration if you choose the wrong school.
This site has some good info on regionally accredited online degrees and some colleges that offer them to help expand your search:
I think you can enter your info on there for any colleges you are interested in and they will send you more info for free. Good Luck!

Answer by Ace
Unlike other online colleges my college offer video conferencing which I feel is more interactive method.
As far as i know every college has it’s own method of providing online classes.
Some allow you to participate in questionnaires and forums while some provide you the online study material.

Answer by stocker
For most online college classes, you don’t work at your own pace, you are on a set schedule for homework, exams, and finals. However, you can log in anytime you want. Almost every major accredited college in the country and numerous accredited online-only colleges are also available. At you can find more info about accredited online colleges.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I read full-length books for free on the Internet?

I want to read a specific autobiography that just hit stores recently. Batista: Unleashed is the book and although I am planning on purchasing it, I read the excerpt and would like to continue reading it via the Internet until I can buy it if at all possible. I would rather not download an audiobook and instead just read plain text. Thanks.

Answer by sunny
log on on this site u download all types of books from there u see all the information about the topics

Answer by J G
There are dozens of websites where you can read full books online. Project Gutenberg is probably the largest, but there are a lot more including Arthur’s Classic Novels, Classic Bookshelf, East of the Web (short stories), the Baen Free Library and Page by Page Books.

You can find a reasonably extensive list of these sites with links at:

With the exception of the Baen Free Library, the sites above contain mostly older works that have fallen into the public domain. For newer copyrighted books, try your local library. Many libraries are now using a service called OverDrive to provide their patrons with downloadable ebooks, audiobooks, music and video. Many also have ebooks through NetLibrary. If your library has either service, you can use them from home for free.

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I put a video from the internet onto my iPod?

I saw this awesome video online recently and I want to put it on my 30GB 5th generation iPod. I have no idea how to do this. Can anyone help? While we’re at it any ideas on putting DVD’s onto it as well?

Answer by HameD
Well, first you have to download the video, after you do that you need a program that converts the video to MPG4 format, that is the only format the iPod video can read. Go to, there search ipod video converter, there are many that you have to pay for, but there is only 1 that’s free. Find it, it has yellow-orange layout, there convert your video, after that open itunes, connect your ipod, and simply drag it to your i tunes.

Answer by Anonymous
learn computers noob

Answer by hollyyheartattack
I’ve had my 30gb ipod for more than 12 months and still have not figured out how to put regular videos on my ipod. I don’t think its possible unless you can convert them to the ipod format video. I simply buy the music videos i want from the itunes music store and put them on my ipod, there quite cheap anyway.. It’d be better downloading them from limewire and then putting them on my ipod, but idk how..

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