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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do women know when a man cums?

I haven’t had sex, but it always seems like in movies and “videos” that women know when to stop if they’re the one on top during sex. Do they really know when a guy cums, and if so how?

Answer by ashourman
you will feel the dick getting harder right before the guy cums, its rlly tough since its wet down there. but thts how most gurls feel it.

Answer by dutch_stud_360
they dont…
why do u think so many chiks get knocked up??

Answer by PS
Most guys make it pretty obvious; noises, faces, squirming around, then they stop moving…and maybe fall asleep, after a couple of minutes of being snuggly and sleepy.

Answer by Victoria
A women on top can feel it, you can get a warm feeling inside of you when the guy has ‘made a deposit’ lol Also he seems more urgent and even though the women is top he might take over the rhythm to make sure it feels the best for him.

Also if you’re unsure about being able to feel that then just by looking at a guys twisted and contorted face as he reaches the heights of pleasure is enough to tell any women that the deed has been done.

Hope that helps ­čÖé

Answer by Jay-Jay
Sometimes you don’t.

You can tell by his body as a whole, he’ll moan loudly and hold his breath then breath out heavily when he reaches orgasm, his body will tense up or shake then relax. It also depends on whether or not he ejaculates – yup, men can orgasm without ejaculating too…

If he’s ejaculated then the penis will start to go soft and eventually may fall out of the vagina – if in a condom he would pull out straight after ejaculation, if not using a condom you can often feel the ejaculate squirt inside or come out directly after if you’re in a position where gravity can help it flow out. You can feel his penis too, not just going soft, but just before orgasm it will go very hard and pulse, also his testicles will lift up closer to his body leading up to and during ejaculation too.

Sometimes you can’t tell though, that far into your vagina there isn’t much feeling so you have to be pretty intune to feel it sometimes, in some positions it’s hard to tell too – woman-on-top is awkward at times, sometimes you really can’t tell if they’ve ejaculated or not, or if they’ve reached orgasm or ejaculated but want to carry on…but then movies and “videos” aren’t anywhere near realistic…so those women obviously have psychic powers, lol.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone ever heard of a twin flame relationship?

I believe I have found my twin flame. I would like some info from anyone who may have heard of such a relationship or may have experienced it themselves. Since some people may call it different things, a twin flame is like a counterpart. Literally the other half of your soul. There is an intense bond and there is often a psychic connection such as shared dreams, being able to know what the other is feeling even miles away, even feeling physical touch from far away. I know it is strange but this is what is happening to me and I would like some info.

Answer by LiveReadings
Yes beautiful. I’m living with mine and I can tell you at first it is not a bed of roses when you meet your twin flame in a love relationship rather than mother son etc type relationship.

You are in for a rocky road. But ultimately success. You have a lot of success cards around you.

Contact me through my online profile, as my twin flame and I are about to set up a website to help twin flames come through the very testing times we get given once we come together. It can be extremely intense but so rewarding. We’ll be putting up some videos on YouTube soon.

You’ll both need a friend to talk to when the boat begins to rock.

Here’s an excellent website to read up on:


Answer by Jambo
Hi livereading, how could i contact you via your profile please as i would have liked to ask you some advice about twinflames. thanks

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What anime has a good soundtrack and they try to escape?

anime similar to the video game ib, it has a good soundtrack music box and a good story. Any similar ones.
The story of ib is when a little girl gets lost inside a painting and met a guy named garry. It is kinda horror but it has more meanings than that. Also a sad ending

Answer by Ippo
Sorry, I have never heard of the video game IB. Perhaps if you explain the aspects of the story that you liked, then I could give you some suggestions.

Answer by Anime
Death Note

Highschool of the Dead

Psychic Detective Yakumo


Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

Ao no Exorcist

Guilty Crown

Deadman Wonderland


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