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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you figure out the difference of a real psychic from a fake psychic?

I’m just curious as to how people find good psychic and weed out the fakes before choosing to go to one and not waste time and money.

Answer by Mark
if they can’t read your mind they’re fake…

Even the real ones are fakes. Tough , I know, but that is how it is.

Answer by Fantasii
well when they’re able to tell you thing’s only you know.

Answer by Shenaynay
Until some one is able to prove they have genuine psychic abilities you can consider them all fake.

A lot of them use a method called cold reading to make it seem like they know lots of things about you and your family when really they don’t.

Answer by Luis Reyez
here’s a clue all psychics are fake.

Answer by .
It is a problem…a friend of mine was lucky enough to go to one who made accurate predictions ( I saw them coming true ) and also she knew things about my friend that no one else knew. I was fascinated by the whole thing, to be honest, but I was skeptical at the start. But I think the region she is from attracts people of the occult, they seem to prefer certain places. But yes, I imagine it could be very hard to find most of them. Don’t hold your breath.

Answer by Karl S
Andrewa, I looked at your picture, and this is what I was able to discern about you.

You have a great need for other people to like and admire you. You have a tendency to be critical of yourself. You have a great deal of unused capacity which you have not turned to your advantage. While you have some personality weaknesses, you are generally able to compensate for them. Disciplined and self-controlled outside, you tend to be worrisome and insecure inside. At times you have serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing. You prefer a certain amount of change and variety and become dissatisfied when hemmed in by restrictions and limitations. You pride yourself as an independent thinker and do not accept others’ statements without satisfactory proof. You have found it unwise to be too frank in revealing yourself to others. At times you are extroverted, affable, sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary, reserved. Some of your aspirations tend to be pretty unrealistic. Security is one of your major goals in life.

How accurate to you feel this is? Scale of 1-10? About a 7 or 8 I think?

Feel free to send me money, and I’ll tell you all about it… Oh, if you haven’t already guessed…. I’m a fake. Don’t send money, unless it is in the millions!

Answer by Sam
the ones that say they can read your mind are fakes, the real ones are the psychics who don’t exist

Answer by John
As it turns out, there is no difference. Real psychics are also 100% fake.

Answer by toosh
there are good ones out there who can tell you things. After a bad break up I saw a few most were crap and I didn’t get anything from them. but I sa one good one when I was home fro Christmas I just thought what the hell and went into see him and he knew freaky stuff about me it was almost too much. I have heard other people having seen a really good ones too but they are few and far between the best way is to ask about and get some recomendations have alook on the net and see if there is anyone recomending one near where you live. There are so may crap but there are some good ones

Answer by William
The only way I have learned to tell the true psychics from the fake ones is through a combination of personal experience and the experiences of other people I trust. However, I also find that the more a psychic charges or encourages you to return for another reading the less likely they are to be real. A truly good one can do a reading without ever having any direct contact with you and be both specific and accurate. That is they tell you about your uncle Bob and his wife Sue and their farm without any input from you, no watching your body language, listening to your breathing, asking you questions, etc, and you have an uncle Bob and aunt Sue who have a farm and what you are being told could fit. There are psychics like that, but they are few and far between.

Answer by ChainLightnin’ ⅜
First someone has to prove that psychic ability exists. There is a million dollar prize for the first one to do so. If you are worried about wasting your money, ask why any true psychic (especially the ones that charge a fee) would not want to win the million? Some may say that their “power” is not for profit. So then give it to a charity. A million dollars would help a lot of people and is the moral thing to do. Unless they have no morals to really help their fellow man. If you found that you had psychic ability, would you not make money off it? Lots of athletes have special abilities and make millions with them. Guess it is better to have physical ability than a psychic ability. Pays better too.

Also think about the gambling industry. Do you think they are worried about psychics or cheaters?

Answer by Prometheus
do research on the internet to find out whio is recommended

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can Internet psychics can give real readings with only your date of birth?

My friend bid on a psychic auction on and the internet psychic gave him very vague information. I think he is dumb to bid on that. Now he wants his credits back.

Answer by corktownkid
NO! They also will need your credit card#…!

Answer by joshua
It is a scam to get your money or information

Answer by L Soul M
i’d say not.

Answer by Krystal
When it comes to online psychic readings you need to be cautious. Just like you would never just buy products from any website, you should also be sure to not confuse apples with oranges.

Buying a psychic reading by bidding for it in an auction should already have been a red flag! If a ‘psychic’ needs to make a living by auctioning ‘readings’, you should ask yourself what the possibility is that such a reading is legitimate and worthwhile. Real psychics do not have to discount there services on auction sites. Would you buy a doctor’s appointment or a therapy session in an online auction? In fact, I would not even buy a haircut or a manicure in an auction. I would much rather visit a true professional with experience and real skills.

Never pay for readings by ‘psychics’ who hide behind fake identities and pictures of crystal balls and unicorns. Anyone can list themselves as a psychic on an auction site, whether they have psychic abilities, or not. Be smart about it and get a professional reading from reputable, legitimate company.

Psychic Access, Inc. contracts some of most accurate psychics and gifted mediums currently available online. is the real deal, because they provide an international client base with the highest level of psychic reading services. All their psychics must have at least 5 years experience as readers, and they are all screened, verified, interviewed and tested for accuracy before they are allowed to work there. Only a small percentage of candidates who apply are selected.

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Psychic Readings – How to Get an Accurate Psychic Reading by Nirup


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I was always able to see dead people ever since i was 10 years old. My journey in to the field of Tantra started at the age of 14 years, when a neighbor gave me Durgasaptshati book. which is very powerful stotra path of goddess Durga.

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