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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you spot a real psychic from a cold reader?

I know many of you will view my question and tell me there is no such thing as a real one, or its a demon.
But i would like the opinion of someone who has had experience, who understands what i am talking about.

Please don’t answer if you tell you there is not such thing.

Answer by Shenaynay
A real psychic has been scientifically tested and has verifiable proof of their paranormal abilities…… oops!

Here is all you need to know about Sylvia Browne.

Answer by luciano
I know you really think that this kind of tricks exists. Every psychic is a cold reader.

Watch this interview with Richard Dawkins and Derren Brown. Derren Brown being one of these so called “psychics”.







Answer by spirit
sylvia browne is a renowned psychic. she has written many books about the paranormal etc. i checked out a book she wrote and it was very enlightening. i believe it is named the truth about psychics or something similar to that which explains how to tell a fake from a real psychic. i am afraid that people are not wanting to know that a gut feeling or a weird phenomenon is coincidental is truly an undeveloped psychic ability that we all have. i went to my local library to check out the book and i wish i wrote down the name. but you should find it . she has her own foundation also. so listen not to the naysayers but to those who have some belief. even animals are psychic. good luck!

Answer by Not So Beautiful Disaster
Well, the simple truth, regardless of what you want, is that there really is no such thing. Some psychics use other techniques equally as sketchy as cold reading, but truly, there are no REAL psychics. This is yahoo answers, not yahoo lies, so if you ask a question, don’t ask someone not to give you a specific answer, especially if it happens to be the truth. This isn’t the place you want to be asking if you want lies, because the whole point of the site is the ask and get a legit answer.

I do understand and have experience, and I can tell you that there really is no such thing, at least not in the sense you’re talking about. All professionals are definitely frauds, they want your money and they’re particularly clever con-artists, so there is no reason to believe any of them are legit unless you’re stupid. If you’re speaking simply in the sense of some humans possibly having “psychic” abilities, such phenomena may occur, but I don’t think people who fit the cliche mold of “psychic” exist. Any possible “legit” psychics more likely than not don’t use it to make a living, so if you’re looking to hire a legit psychic, you’re out of luck, though it seems you’re not too put-off by being lied to as you only want specific answers to questions you have, whether they be true or not, so really, with your apparent mind-set, you could probably be fine hiring any “psychic” because you are set believing only what you want to, so a psychic could easily “help” you in the sense that they can tell you want you want to hear, and you’ll believe it regardless of it being true or not.

Almost all professional psychics use tips or tricks to look like they possess some kind of powers, but truly they don’t. If it helps you to believe some are legit, then there is no reason to be picky, none are REALLY legit, so just pick any one of them and believe whatever makes you happiest.

Answer by William
A true psychic can provide very specific information without any type of input from the person requesting information. One example I know of is a law enforcement officer sending an email to a psychic requesting any information that could be provided. The psychic responded via email with some very specific information that had not been placed in any official records of the case, and was not available from the pictures.

Also Gary Schwartz of the University of Arizona has conducted tests with reported psychics where they must provide a reading for individuals that they cannot see or communicate with in an effort to eliminate the chance of “cold readings” and he claims success also.

However, as you might notice, both examples require that the psychic not be able to see or directly communicate with the person requesting the reading. In this case, any clear correct statements cannot be the result of cold readings.

Answer by rswpbc
Most of the time a fake psychic will ask questions sometimes without you realizing it. Then when you want to know something in particular they can answer you perfectly.

A real psychic picks up information from you and your passed loved ones from a higher source. It’s not always something you asked for but it is equally important if there is a message to be received.

Answer by Gary Y
A cold reader will ask questions. A true ‘psychic’ should not need to ask any questions. Nor should they require any preliminary information like your full name, date of birth, address, etc.

Answer by .::rainbow armadillo::.
A really psychic person does not need to know anything about the person they are reading for, if they are doing a reading, in fact they do a better reading without knowing anything that could ‘muddy the waters’ of the impressions they are picking up, they charge little to no money, they use the ability on a daily basis in their own lives, they ‘feel’ bad or good events coming and they can see ‘death’ surrounding certain people. Then that person dies. To be ‘psychic’ is to have super fine-tuned ‘intuition’…I have that…

Fakes are after money, tell you there is a curse on you but for $ 1000 they can get rid of it, etc…they are liars.

Answer by Rex
If you want to really know if there psychic, ask them a question for example “can you see my grandfather” then let them answer you but don’t give them any information if there legit then they should be able to describe your grandfather and tell you things they shouldn’t normally know.

Answer by susan
Well you have gotten some good answers and some silly answers here. Asking a psychic a question like “can you see my grandfather?” is probably the worst thing you can do. The skepticism alone will prevent the answer from being shown.

While there are extraordinarily gifted people who can command knowledge to be shown to them like that, most simply allow information to come to them. Often spirit has an entirely different idea of what should be given to the person asking for the reading than the person does! Intuitive people have to take what is shown to them without interpreting it.

A genuine intuitive person will NOT want any information. Information causes the individual to think about what is known and thus influence what is being shown.

Linking with the spirit world requires the presence of faith, trust, calm and openness. Negativity such as skepticism, doubt, worry, and fear create a kind of static which prevents information from flowing in.

It is not a power. It is simply something everyone can do if each person would just take the time to be still and listen without any preconceived thoughts. Intuition is something that has to be allowed rather than something a person tries to do. It is very difficult for those who are asleep to grasp how it works for those who are awake.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the difference between a psychic and a schizophrenic person?

since those schizophrenic may have imaginary friends. How to know if the child/person could really see a dead person for him to be a psychic or see just an imaginary person for him to be schizophrenic

Answer by champagne
Are you asking the characteristic of the patient or you are asking who is the person, here we go
His avatar name is chuckhole,; big distributor in And he’s extremely bright about anything and everything. He’s IT graduate means “Ignorant Transgender” with diploma with big D at the beginning of deep-loma.He’s not dangerous being schizophrenia person but he can be psychic offender if your english is not good enough for his kind. He was the porte parole of commons in england so bright he is that he’s in demand in all hospitals in the world.He’s not maybe dangerous or offensive by action ! ! ! but sure he he suffers paranoia

Answer by Justin
Well I donno honey but what I do know is that schizophrenia is studied as a neurological disorder whereas psychic abilities hasn’t revealed its secrets yet

Answer by lolit

Answer by ?
A person with untreated schizophrenia can experience sequences of ideas that do not logically relate to one another, disorganized speech, a faulty perception of reality, and unusual motor activity or body movements. Someone who is experiencing untreated schizophrenia will often withdraw from the people around them into a land of fantasy.


The hallucinations can be in a few different forms. The most commonly experienced are auditory hallucinations where the person can hear voices talking, laughing or making noise. The voices can comment on the person’s activities, they can argue, or it may be just that the person can ‘hear’ their own thoughts being repeated or commented on. Noises around them may also become too much for them and hearing them could be painful.

Other sensory hallucinations can occur where the person can feel sensations that do not exist, such as burning, tingling or stinging sensations. They may experience sensations of not feeling ‘real’ or machine-like, or they do not feel connected to their body. Their bodies or a particular body part may feel and/or look strange to them.


They may imagine that they see things that aren’t there, or find visual stimulus in an extreme form such as light could be almost blinding.


The hallucinations may be accompanied by a delusion that the illusion may confirm and encourage. Delusions are thoughts held by a person which most people would disagree with. An example of a common delusion is where a person believes that they someone other than who they actually are, usually someone famous. Paranoid delusions can be experienced where the person believes that they are being watched or persecuted.

Personally, I don’t believe in psychics, but if they were to exist, I would assume that they would not suffer all of the other symptoms of schizophenia such as the paranoia or the other sensory feelings.

Answer by susan
A schizophrenic person is someone with out of control mediumship abilities. S/he cannot tell the difference between physical and spirit people and cannot set boundaries. Because of these lack of boundaries, s/he is manipulated by those on the other side who were terrible bullies when they were physical people and have not changed as spirit people. With a lot of work and assistance, however, this ability can be brought under control.

All those things listed for someone being schizophrenic are things the spirit person can put upon the person that is being taunted and manipulated. There is a lot from the unseen world that people want to write off as non-existent or impossible. This is particularly true of those who have never had an experience with that world.

As long as an individual knows the source of what is seen and heard and is able to stand strong within his/her own self, the individual can be strong against manipulative people from both the seen and unseen worlds! This is why it is so important to help our children have a strong sense of self, empowerment, and control.

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