Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How is a Psychic different from a medium?

As psychic abilities are a natural part of being human, we are all capable to varying degrees. What we do with it is a matter of personal choice. Training is available!
So many people do not realize and never consider the vast difference between a psychic and a medium. In fact, the terms are used interchangably by many people.

The psychic need not be a medium at all, but through the use of instinct or psychology, or even mental telepathy, they are able to prophesy and direct along what seems to be super-normal lines. While they may not always be conscious of it, they may have latent mediumistic ability but are not credited with the talent.

Rarely do they use this quality of spiritual power since they are unaware of its presence and rely wholly ont he quality of their subjective mind power to form their demonstration.

A psychic does not usually attempt personal messages since personal relationships between the living and the deceased is not established. They are aware only that the gift they possess is more highly developed in them, than in the normal expression of the average human mind.
A medium is one who, through teh power of clairvoyance and its attendant facets is in direct contact with a discarnate entity. This ability enables them to give certain detailed facts, which prove that the knowledge is received from a conscious, living, communicative entity. This ability is factual, is not dependent on qualities of the subject mind. This ability is able to co-ordinate the subjective and spiritual force to make the message objective.

A true medium is always a psychic, but the psychic does not practice true mediumship since they do not have contact with a conscious entity.


Answer by ifnk334
psychics can predict the future and present.
mediums communicate with the dead.

Answer by skibee79
Exactly what he said.

Answer by JohnnyBravo
Psychics read auras, read fortunes, use scrying devices to forefell the future.

Mediums are those that can communicate in one way or another with the dead.

Many people just lump them both into one group.

Answer by phatspasm
Either way, anyone who charges for these services, or charges you to “develope” these abilities, is a hokester. And a charlottin.

Answer by jombojolly
What an interesting question. Having worked with both informally, quite accidently, I can only say that it seems a psychic is a mirror that reflects all things from the past to those yet to come – given their clarity of view – some are greater, some lesser. A medium definitely has ties to nonliving beings that have either passed or are attempting to pass over. I understand that mediums – those with fine tuned skills – many times can even make psychic connections in the present with persons who are passing from life in the body to life in the spirit – coma victims, the terminally ill, traffic accident victims… I do not believe that these skills are encompassed within those of a psychic. I don’t know. This just ‘feels’ right for an answer.

Answer by Sir N. Neti
A medium is someone who essentially talks to the dead. The people you see doing seances, or being “possessed” by spiritual entities, or doing TV shows where they pass messages from beyond the grave to audience members, are mediums.

A psychic is someone who has “mental powers” (or who has honed such talents that are in fact latent in everyone). This can take the form of “mind reading,” precognition, clairvoyance (or other clairsentience — sound, smell, etc.), telepathy, telekinesis, etc.

Mediumship can be considered a psychic gift, so mediums can be called psychics. But just as all baseball players are atheletes but not all atheletes are baseball players, so it is with mediums and psychics; one (medium) is a subdivision a larger class (psychic).

Answer by psychic-junkie
Psychic Advice differs between the medium, clairvoyant, tarot reader and channeler.

Answer by olly_walker2001
psychic, medium, charlatan, fraudster, conman…..they’re all words that mean the same thing

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I find a site where I can talk to real phychics for free?

Latly I have been feeling like my life is going to be in danger soon. Is there a website where I can talk with real phychics for free or something like that? I am aware that I may just be paranoid but still its better to be safe then sorry. Thank you in advance.

Answer by Shenaynay
No one has ever been able to prove that they have genuine psychic abilities so I am afraid you are out of luck.

Answer by Vincent G
“Real” and “psychics” are mutually incompatible notions.
If you add the ‘free’ aspect, it makes it even less of a possibility, since ‘psychics’ are scam artists who try to swindle suckers out of their money.

Answer by pygonza
Most people that call themselves psychic are frauds.

Answer by Ron
There are no such things as ‘real’ psychics. you need to search for solace on a more earthly plane.

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