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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How long does fed ex standard shipping take?

I ordered an iPod online, but it wasn’t from apple. It’s being shipped from fed ex & it shipped out today. I got the standard shipping. When should it arrive?
Btw, I’m in North Carolina. Idk where it’s coming from.

Answer by Common Sense
We are not psychic. Where to where? Ground? Air?

Answer by i_hate_computerss
when the truck come look in between the E and the X, you will see an arrow.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Looking for a book on psychic abilities, psychometry and magick?

I’m looking for a book, or guide book, on developing psychic abilities, precognition, psychometry or white and black magick. Preferably an old book. One that actually teaches you these psychic abilities.

I’ve been looking into the books by Ted Andres, but am open for suggestions.

And, please don’t mock. If you don’t believe, then answer someone else’s questions.

Answer by eri
There are millions of dollars in prize money for anyone who could actually do any of that stuff. You cannot learn it from a book or from anyone, since no one has ever been able to prove it was possible in the first place. You’d just be wasting your money. It’s not a matter of belief. This is a fact.

Answer by Michael
Ted Andrews does have good books out there. All the things you are asking about require you to pull energy in and then use a focused mind to receive a outcome. So Clearing and learning how to feel your Chakras would be the energy part which would be the Book “Energy Work” and the focus part would be a Meditation book which you can find a ton of info online for free. Now magic uses the same elements above but uses Rituals like many religions to focus your mind for a selected outcome. A Ritual for magic might be putting on a robe and lighting a candle while chanting a few things. If you do the Magic just make sure you are the only person that ever uses or touches the tools your using, many witches use a trunk to store there stuff in. it could contain crystals,robes,wands,rings and other things. This is because you are imprinting those objects with your energy/frequency and another person can taint that.

Answer by j
Ethical ESP, Ann Ree Colton

Answer by Graybeard
You ask a question, but you only want answers from people who don’t know what they are talking about. That’s not a good way to learn. I’d suggest James Randi’s FLIM-FLAM as an introduction to the sorts of fraud that you are interested in. It might keep you from looking foolish in the future.

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Hi! I’m Anabella. I’m the owner and operator of I have been a professional online psychic for over 5 years now. I created this site as a source of information for people looking to learn about the business of webcam psychics.

I began realizing at age, 7, that I had the gift to see past & future events. This became a controversial family matter since my dad didn’t understand it. He had me visit a priest thinking I was possessed. I’ve been actively using my gifts for the past 20 years. “Tools” that I may use during a reading are tarot or pendulum to assist with helping to find answers.