Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How many of you are religious?

I ask this because I see a lot of people say that this martial art or that technique doesn’t work. They say that Chi is a myth. I’m wondering how many of you believe in God, but feel that Chi is a myth. Just because you haven’t killed someone with a Karate chop doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

I myself am an Agnostic, but I know Chi energy is real. Not because I saw a video on tv, or a demonstration at a seminar but because I’ve been able to do Chi exercises like bending a candle flame. No, I can’t knock someone out with my pinkie, or move them without touching them. Those things take years of dedication.

So, how many of you believe that God is real but Chi isn’t?
I love that you say you saw a television show that proves Chi is false. I’ve probably seen twice as many television shows that say it is real and also provide ‘proof’.

I cannot speak to the validity of George Dillman’s ability because I have never witnessed it first hand, nor have I read any of his books. But like 99% of martial artists who write books or own their own dojo, he is in the business of making money. If people have ‘faith’ in his ability and are willing to fork over their hard earned cash as the collection plate comes around, who are we to say they are all wrong.

By the way, do you know that the only difference between a cult and a religion is the number of members?
I can’t bend a candle flame with my mind. It is a transfer of energy. You can feel it. It’s not breathing or a breeze in the room. I don’t believe I will take the ‘next step’, because as I said, this requires a level of commitment that I’m not prepared to take.

I’m also not going to choose a ‘best answer’ for this question because I’m not just looking for someone who agrees with me. If you don’t believe in Chi, that is certainly your right just like I have a right not to believe in God. I certainly don’t insult people because of their beliefs. I’m just wondering why people are so sure of everything and question nothing. You can question things without being rude. Try it sometime. You might be surprised by the results.

Answer by Hood_12
I totally believe in God… I am Catholic… and I totally know that Chi is a pile of crap and all you are doing is tricking yourself. If anything you are teaching your body to use muscle groups at the same time…. there is no mystical energy caused by this flux. Science has proved there is no chi energy, watch the discovery channel show on it… Now Science can neither prove NOR deny the existence of God. So it is left up to faith…. those who have faith in Chi need to read the research of how it HAS been proven false…. we cannot create energy (the type you are talking about) with our bodies.

Energy can neither be destroyed nor created as you have learned in science. So how can we manifest this power? Its false… No one can bend a candle flame you goof nugget. I laugh when people say they can use Chi against you, normally I help them off the floor and try to explain to them where they are. After the medics leave with them we all have a good laugh.

Now a Chi bath would be nice!

Dillman is an idiot…. and anyone who follows his “cult” practices is a laughable disgrace to martial arts.

Watch these and laugh kids….

To the guy below me… if you use me as an example of why Catholics are wrong you are an idiot…. one bad apple doesn’t make the entire tree bad. I gave an OPINION you dolt… which is what he asked for. You have your own reasons for not being religious… My lack of humility is not taught within the church… its been acquired by dealing with people like you. Dont try to blame flaws of other people on the church…. just makes you look like a moron.

Nice try on your definition. Cults hide their doctrine form the world… religions… other than mormons (cult) do not.

Answer by Answerer
Martial Arts is a viable skill – but the skills you learn are from disciplined and consisent training of both the mind and body. The power is within you, there is no mystical or magical component to it.

Answer by leFou
I am not a believer.
Hood 12 is one exemple of why I am not a catholic.
No respect, full of himself, sure that he is right, sure that YOU are wrong alongside everybody practicing Chi.

Hey Mister Hood12, why don’t you try humility, respect, tolerance ?

Chinese monks have been particing Chi for a long time. I do believe it is real.

Answer by ninedemonsgod
I’m a buddhist, well… Not a great role model for other buddhist, but still…

I don’t believe in god as a “invisible man who live in sky and play twisted mental game on people he created” My god/goddess are Earth, Air, Water, and Fire because without one of those, NOTHING will exist!

I believe chi is a way to lure lazy people in. People want to be able to do chi for the same reason they want work out 10 mins a day, eat all you want and see result in 3 weeks. People know that deep inside they sucks at everything and doesn’t have discpline to put hard work in anything to accomplish something. So they choose to try go by mystic way so they can learn how to knock people out with chi in hope one day they’ll be a badass bully beater.

Answer by Roger J
I am Catholic too and yes I know Chi exist. Chi is simply the electrical energy that travels in our nervous systems. Some people have the ability to harness and use it in ways otherwise not thought possible by normal means. But keep in mind this energy is very small 3 volts or less so you are LIMITED to what you can do with it.

Answer by Bluto Blutarsky4
If you can in fact “bend a candle flame” then i suggest you video tape it and hold many demonstrations.

maybe you can squeeze your way onto mythbusters and prove your case as well.

there is a world of difference between “killing someone with a karate chop” and a mythical “chi” crap.
the fact that if you deliver enough force to the human body that it can kill a person is well scientifically doccumented.

I firmly believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster and that his pirate apostles will deliver you to a slow and painfull death as there is scientific evidence for the FSM as the creator of the universe and us as well but for that you will have to read the gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster as this is not the forum for religious debate.

The problem with the “chi” debate is that people lack a uniform definition- the type of chi you describe about being able to bend candle flames (you sure you weren’t breathing? or it was a wind-proof room?), with your mind is a load of crap. This “mystical” version of chi is a lie and those so called “masters” like dillman and yellow bamboo that promote it are making fraudulent statements.

However, when “chi” is referred to as a legitimate concept then of course it can be real. people use the term “chi” to mean: technique, structure, adrenalin, increased blood flow (which in turn means you would naturally be better conditioned- hence better able to breathe, etc. in a fight). There are doccumented incidents of people being able to do incredible things with an adrenalin rush and when the “fear of death” responce kicks in.

These are legitimate cases and if “chi” is used to describe those, then it is legit.

however if you think you can do a “no hit ko” like dillman (which moving an open flame would suggest- as that is the next step to your claim) then I suggest you lay off the x-men movies and realize that you are not born a mutant and spend your time doing real training.


wait a second!

You are totally right! chi does exist!

After eating my usual bean and chilli dinner, I went into a room and was attacked by 5 powerlifters dressed like ninjas. when I turned to run I shot a chi blast out of my sphincter and they just fell over contorting in such pain that they had to be taken to the hospital!

I will never doubt chi again.

EDIT2: belief in chi does not mean you are a hypocrite if you believe in god, and neither does the opposite. Does everyone who believes in god also believe in ghosts, the theory of atlantis, big foot, the boogyman, the loch ness monster and the easter bunny.

Answer by yupchagee
Both God & chi (or ki) are real. I don’t see a connection between the 2.

Answer by joe6t4
i dont think either are real.

Answer by Ray H
I believe both are real.

I think its funny that you can believe in chi , but not in God.

Answer by buddhadharma02
I believe in both.

I’m a ‘born again’ Christian, and I full on believe in energy based/spiritual refinement training.

Now, when it comes to Qi/Ki training….I don’t believe in the fluff crap that’s so permeated within the media of martial arts. Though, I’ve seen and experienced energy work that’s made me a believer.

To each their own….it’s not much more complicated than that.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What’s the real reason for the rioting going on in Middle Eastern countries?

The media claims its because of the movie “Innocence Muslims”. What did the Ambassador have to do with the movie? Why did the terrorist kill him? What is the U.S. going to do about this violence going on? Also, no offense to anyone but why does it seem like every-time Islam is mentioned in the media its always about violence?

Answer by Joseph the Second
-There are 3; Poverty. Ignorance. And Unhappiness.

Answer by Knuckles
Militant Muslims hate all things America. When they see anything that insults them, they are unable to control their anger.

Every one of those protestors has a Mother, Aunty, sister, wife or daughter. Imagine the beatings these women face regularly, when something displeases their men

Answer by Earl Hickey
Anti-US protests rage across the Middle East
By Bill Van Auken
15 September 2012
World Socialist Web Site


Angry anti-US protests, including the storming of embassies, continued for a fourth day Friday from Indonesia to Morocco. Sparked by a rabidly anti-Islamic video posted on YouTube, the demonstrations have seen clashes with security forces leading to over a dozen deaths across several countries.

While the crude video produced by Christian right elements and obviously intended as a provocation has provided the trigger for these upheavals, underlying them is deep-seated anger over the wars and oppression inflicted on the region by American imperialism over decades.

Answer by Andrew S No Koolaid Zone
Some people would say the Illuminati are to blame. I don’t think so. The nation of Israel is a big slap across Satan’s face. The demons are riled up because the rebirth of Israel means their time is short and their days are numbered. It’s going to get a lot uglier before it gets better.

Answer by Kenny Bragg
The bible says, If you don’t believe in JESUS your con-dim. rioting show how Ignorance they are.

Answer by hhmmmh
That stupid movie is just a scapegoat. Those idiotic rebels over there are burning effigy’s of Obama… and he has nothing to do with the movie. It just proves how volatile and stupid those ppl are. The ambassador had nothing to do with the movie. Terrorists killed him because he was American. The U.S. will avenge the deaths (or so they say.) Although there are plenty of peaceful Muslims there also are plenty of violent ones too and violence not peace makes it into the news.

Answer by Seadeva
The real reason!

The War on Terror….or War on ‘Terra’…is the beginning of the Third World War. This is a war in which we have two main factions which, for simplicity, we might regard as the miltary/intelligence camp and the religious camp. The War on Terror is a basic divide and conquer technique. The opposite counterbalancing weapon is anything which seeks to bring people together for the common good. The video is all part of the ‘plan’ to break people apart, to highlight their differences while ignoring their united desire to evolve and set themselves free from slavery. We will see, no doubt, similar videos and campaigns designed to cause friction between various countries, political groups, religions, races and lifestyles so that mankind’s united energy is diffused and about as useful as a Compact fluorescent lamp! Don’t be fooled by these either!

There will be another war after this which will likely take the form of the evil black magicians on the one hand, having stayed quietly behind the scenes for millenia, coming right out into the open under various guises. Using their mento-psychic abilities they will attempt to fool the public into believing that Earth is being visited by grey’s. They will use real ultra-advanced space vessels to lull the public into believing that they are about to loose their Freedoms….which is what the War on Terra is partly about. It’s to condition the consciousness of people into a suggestive, fear-induced acceptance of what we are told to believe by very earthly sources.

This will be a very nasty War, far worse and frightening than any war’s previous to this! But, from it will be born a greater desire to know Freedom than ever before. The move by the covert intelligences into direct conflict with mankind will change the scales on the karmic balance to allow those beings of a very much higher spiritual stature to take direct spiritual action on behalf of mankind as TRUE representatives of the humanrace. These beings will lead mankind towards a specific strategy and advice people in various ways on what they can do.

Then a Great One will appear!

People will notice the difference but some will need confirmation of the Beings true nature and motives. The War on Terra will be finished…..and so will the dark ones on Earth, to relive the horrors they have created on Earth elsewhere!

I hope that’s not too direct or deep a answer!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is committing sexual actions such as masturbating morally wrong in religion?

I’m 14 years old and I’m a Christan and I’ve been having sexual urges to masturbate. I’ve read that it’s normal, but I don’t know if it’s morally wrong in religion and it seems whenever I do it something bad happens to me. Am I over exaggerating or am I right?

Answer by David
You see, if you converted to a religion where you worshipped his Holiness Raptor Jesus I’m certain you wouldn’t have any of these issues.

In the meantime, masturbate all you want. It’s good for you.

Answer by pelepone
Lol. Im 14 and I don’t.

Answer by Eri
Very few religions, even christian sects, forbid masturbating.

I do not prohibit myself, and I recommend it to you. It has not ruined my spiritual life.

Answer by Ryan M
eh I’m a Catholic they say it’s wrong but it’s debatable about why its wrong i dont see why its morally wrong i mean i think the only thing that may be morally wrong is that thinking about that person and fantasizing you actually want that to happen to that person but its better than actually acting upon it in reality

Answer by Leumas
Masturbating is a sin. but it is not morally wrong.
confused? well religion is confusing like that.

Answer by rawr.
The only religion that I know of that considers masturbation wrong would be Christianity.
Masturbation is not wrong, in any sense, it is a very natural urge and it is very natural to do, you should not feel wrong for it.

Answer by J.
Let your conscience be your guide. 1 Cor 10:23-24

The bible is silent regarding masturbation (self polluting).

Answer by Margaux
it’s physically natural and healthy. nothing bad will happen to you. if bad things have been happening to you, they’re just coincidences.

Answer by Evan J
I am a Christian and it is considered morally wrong to masturbate, but if God did not want us to masturbate, then he would not have given us hormones.

Answer by Comrade Otto
Doing anything that results in pleasure and happiness is morally wrong. Religion is about hatred and intolerance

Answer by auntb93
Depends on what religion. So far as I know, the only religion that condemns such a normal and healthy practice is Christianity. I think it is in order for everyone to have something to feel guilty about and to confess. What happens to you is you feel bad for no good reason, and that is warping your mind.

Yes, if you spend all your spare time masturbation, you are likely to develop an unnatural fixation that is not good for you. Not to mention using up time that would be better spent. But if you use masturbation as a relaxing technique to get to sleep, and occasionally indulge otherwise for whatever reason, you will find its good for you. All you need to do is reject the artificial guilt trip.

Answer by RUNgirly
Well it’s really based on what your religion is. most religions say it’s OK, but others say it’s morally wrong, but it’s not. so in other words your over exaggerating.

Answer by grelics
Overexaggerating. Perfectly normal and not immoral.
Do bad things really happen when you do it or do you subconsciously cause them or just perceive them that way because you feel guilty?

Answer by guraqt2me
Spanking the ol’ monkey … are ya? !!! Well; this is a normal action for people who are not married to supply him or her with an outlet for sexual release. God designed the human body and the Bible does not specifically say “Thou shalt not masturbate”. Nothing is so frustrating than needing a sexual release and having no outlet to do so. God knew this and the actual act of masturbation is not condemned any where in the Bible.

Answer by Jake Lockley
It depends on your definition of morality. Taking religion and God out of the picture, there’s three kinds of ‘right’. There’s what’s right for you, there’s what’s right for a specific set of people, and there’s what’s right for everyone. The wrongness about masturbation would be because it’s all about self-pleasure. That in and of itself is not necessarily bad or detrimental to society but can lead to hedonism which in short is acting like an animal with no control over your desires, in essence acting like an animal rather than a human being with free will and choice. As it relates to religion, religion seeks to dictate behavior that should be followed as policy by all to avoid such things and instead promote what is best or healthiest for all.

Answer by dogpatch USA
Really a matter of which religious interpretation and to what degree sometimes matters .I think I would refer to medical information before I came to my own conclusion . there is plenty of false information on this one. You haven’t seen anyone going blind from it yet have you?

Answer by Sensei
Heres a verse that you should know:

John 16:10

“Do not offer the parts of your body to sin, as instruments of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life; and offer the parts of your body to him as instruments of righteousness.”

I too have struggled with “habits” and i asked God to remove the impurities in me to not do these “habits” again and, as a witness to Gods great powers and word he has helped me. I no longer have these urges to do it anymore even though i did fail at times. But every day (when i walk in the spirit and not in the flesh) gets better because if you ask God to help you he will, because he has for me. But remember there is always temptation and its gets very powerful but go by these verses:

1 Cor 10:13

“No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.”

Galatians 5:16-18 (New International Version)

Life by the Spirit
“16So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature. 17For the sinful nature desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the sinful nature. They are in conflict with each other, so that you do not do what you want. 18But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under law.”

1 Peter 5:8

“Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

Written by ArthurJames

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