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If a #Tarot card falls out of the heap while you shuffle, take a good look at that card and its meaning. http://t.co/LTg04ptF

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Trying to learn the meaning of one Tarot card a day. Also, I want to kill my old computer and make it new again…

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Each #Tarot card has a meaning, but what you make of that meaning, depends on your question. http://t.co/LTg04ptF

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How much did your tarot card reading cost?

I would like to have a tarot card reading and I know a lady who charges £25 for 20 minuets. I was wondered if this is a good price or not? This lady has also refused to give me a tarot card reading in the past so I thought I may also look else where. What do you think?

Answer by Lander C
If she is rude look other places. I have payed 60USD for a tarot/aura reading before so £25 does not seem like a bad price for just a tarot reading. They run 20-40USD around where i live. I think that is about the same as 25 pounds.

But if she is rude don’t give her the satisfaction of your money. Find someone who is generally interested in helping you.

Answer by anatketani
It really depends on where you are and the person doing the reading. If you go to someone who has been doing them a long time and they are really well known and have a good reputation, spending more makes sense. Personally I only charge $ 20 (which is 10 pounds) for my readings because it’s nice to get money but I really like helping people more. And with the economy the way it is now, people can’t afford to spend a lot of money on a tarot reading.

Answer by erisian trubble
At firars/etc and with new clients I generally change about $ 1/minute. So a 15 minute reading is $ 15, an hour is $ 60, etc. 95% of the time, if the person honestly wants the assistance, we can cover the big stuff in 15 minutes or less.

With established clients who make appointments, I usually just change a convenience fee, and I spend anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half with them, depending on the need. I don’t really look at Tarot as a money maker, but I’ve found that if people don’t have to give up something of value for the assistance, they don’t value the assistance.

Answer by Kaylee
That is a little steep, I charge nothing for tarot readings but people often donate £10 for the hour.

Answer by Elaine M
The spirit fairs have readers here in the Midwest who charge $ 20 or $ 25 for a 15 to 20 minute reading (US dollars). That’s standard in our area.

HOWEVER you can have people practice on you for free, new readers, or someone who you know reads who you may want to ask a reading from. You can also find readers by going to Meetup.com and putting in your area and then the word ‘tarot’.

Answer by Sienna
I think for the most part that is a reasonable cost. At The Psychic Mistress site we charge about $ 1 a minute, as you pay for more time, there are discounts that become available.

I have seen reading go for at much as $ 300 for 2 hours, over evn more. It just all depends on the reader and how popular they have become. There are others such as our group that doesn’t not believe in “high” prices for the type information that we give. I honestly think that we have to be invested in your future and in helping you along your souls journey, not just you investing in us.

On the question of this lady refusing you read you , then I would look elsewhere. If you have used this person for some time now, there could be a reason for that, meaning she not willing to just take your money. If there is no new Information for someone that comes to me, I tell them and ask that they come back at another period of time.

Hope that helps

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