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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to choose a psychic/tarot card reader?

I live in Miami Fl and i would like to have a session with a psychic/ tarot card reader but i don’t know how to choose one. How do i find a good one? Can you recommend a good one? What are the signs that they are not reliable.
Let me know.

Answer by Red
Doesn’t really matter, they’re all fakes anyways.

Answer by Dreamstuff Entity
There is no good one; they are all frauds.

I can recommend Carl Sagan’s “the demon-haunted world”. It was around $ 11 at Amazon last time I checked. Go read it, and never spend money on charlatans again.

Answer by Rainnelor
This is not the thing that I actually ‘do’ (I am a medium), but I have been working with Tarot reading for about year and have had some success. I’m not 100% but then nobody is. I made my own spread…which is 7 cards: the first 3 dealing with the past, the 4th card dealing with person and present circumstances, and the last 3 dealing with the future. I always explain this to the person I am reading for and tell them that if the first two parts are not accurate then they should disregard the last part, because it means I’ve not ‘connected’ with them at all. (If I am reading in person and do not have the first parts correct, I will simply stop the reading and save us both some time.)

That being said, if you would like me to read for you, you can send me an email. (Of course I do not charge anything.)

(Btw, I do NOT use general statements that are true of practically everyone. I am just as interested in getting it right as the person I’m reading for, so I am very specific on those first two parts of the read.)

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
It’s hard to tell without going through their process. Basically, stick with people whose prices are reasonable. If you’re getting charged more then $ 50 for a reading, you might be getting overcharged. Also, ask if they have references and talk to the people who have had readings done by them.
Ask the reader about their style and have them explain their process to you… are they psychics who want to tell you your future? Are they clairvoyants who want to tell you all about your spiritual energy? Are they more the councilor type that want to give you advice on how to handle problems? Which type of reading most appeals to you? Find someone who reads in that style.

Always agree on a price before you sit down. Some readers charge by session, some charge by card, most charge by time. Get a good idea on how much you’ll end up paying before you sit down and if it’s a timed reading, make sure the reader knows your time limit and doesn’t go over what you are willing to pay. Make sure you are clear on the expectation before you sit down.

Beware scam artists… don’t let people talk you into doing something you’re not comfortable with. If a reader tries to tell you that you are under some kind of curse or have some kind of negative entity attached to you and can remove said curse or entity for a fee, then they’re just having you on and trying to scare you into parting with more money. If they really believe you WERE under a curse or had an entity, an ethical reader would recommend ways of dislodging it yourself without having to pay more (or without having to buy special tools from them) rather then blackmailing you for more money.

Answer by sarah
I don’t think I’m likely to persuade you it’s all a pile of hogwash so I guess it’s damage limitation. If any psychic tells you that you are being followed by a dark cloud, run. If they tell you that your loved one’s spirit is not at rest and you need to pay for an expensive ceremony to bring them peace, run. I’d also suggest looking at some videos on youtube on psychic scams just to learn some of the tricks they play. Also, it’s a good idea to look up how cold reading works.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why does it seem that women are the only tarot card readers that are taken seriously these days?

Everywhere I go I see tarot card readers that are women. They look and act like Sylvia Browne and make tarot card readings appear to be some sort of supernatural, magical art that has nothing to do with psychology or symbolic interpretation. I always wondered what would’ve happened if I tried opening up a tarot card reading place as a man. Would the customers take me seriously because I’m not a woman that acts like a phony hot line psychic? What do you think?

Answer by Yes I am a Atheist

Answer by Dan
I think the question should be “Why does anyone take tarot card readers seriously”.

Answer by How Would I Know
If it makes you feel bettter.. not many people take women tarot card readers seriously either. Mostly because there aren’t all that many people stupid enough to fall for it.

Answer by numbnuts222
They are not women, they are trannies.

Answer by Michelle
If it is any consolation, I would not take you seriously as a tarot card reader even if you were a woman. I don’t take any of them seriously.

~Skeptic, former new ager

Answer by Shay
There’s a group of people who follow tarot card readers:

People who are very spiritual and intelligent: ~25%
People who are not spiritual but very intelligent: ~10%
People who are very spiritual and not very intelligent: ~65%

So, you need to appeal to the ones that run solely off of emotion, the 65%. The remaining 35% will probably sigh and walk out. These are just rough statistics based on the people in my town, your town may be different. If you want to do the Tarot readings, go for it.

Answer by Sarrafzedehkhoee
Well, book readers are taken even more seriously. Heck, even newspaper readers are taken more seriously.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How old do you have to be to go to a psychic?

Does it vary? Do they not care? I just want a tarot card reading.

Answer by Super Bass
I believe the question you’re looking for is how stupid do you have to be.

Answer by Schneider [Lost His Name]
Yes,it varies……….

Answer by Chase
psychic are for entertainment only. if psychic were real , they would win all the lottery tickets

Answer by Josechua
Above 18.

Answer by Kïττÿ_ Cɾυṡαḋøɾ☯ *♥♡♥♡♥*
It varies. But usually they can read teens, not kids though

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