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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to develop psychic powers video?

Howcast is a channel notorious for eccentric videos of people who are mentally ill in them, just plain “odd” people, etc.

Just today, they submitted “How To Develop Psychic Powers”:

Watch it, and tell me what you think is going on at 1:10 and 1:17. And do you think this vid is useful and makes sense?

Answer by deborahpsycic
The word you are looking for is levitation and it is not something i have ever seen a psychic do. actually the video is a spoof and is ment to make fun and make light of psychics and those that do look to learn how to be psychic.

I found it funny and I am psychic but what can we laugh at if not our selves. but remember there is always a little truth behind every joke and what he was saying did have truth behind it but if you are really interested in how to train your inner psychic talent.

read my blog and there is a little less joking.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : does anyone know where to find the psychic detective video on abc?

i was just watching abc news and they interviewed a psychic detective about a girl and the psychic said that she was brutally killed or something like that. but then it turns out that the psychic was wrong because the picture that they gave the psychic was actually a picture of one one of the reporters. i just want to watch that clip again.

Answer by man
did ya check u tube?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Video game about a psychic girl who was raped?

My friend was telling me about a video game her boyfriend played where there were these scientists who raped this psychic girl in order to create more psychics, and at the end of the game the ghost of the girl rapes you and then gets pregnant… It’s the most random thing I’ve ever heard of, but she didn’t tell me the name… Thanks.

Answer by Michael James
Heavy Metal; Fakk 2

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on Psychic Videos

“Psychic” gets busted!


Born and brought up in India. When I came in to senses . i was able to see strange figures in surroundings. When ever i told this to my mom. She used to laugh at me and always said you are day dreaming.

I was always able to see dead people ever since i was 10 years old. My journey in to the field of Tantra started at the age of 14 years, when a neighbor gave me Durgasaptshati book. which is very powerful stotra path of goddess Durga.

Also i started studying Palmistry. When i was 16 years old i was attacked by a demon while i was sleeping by that time i was following tantra and saved my self by mantra power. Since then I never looked back and I kept trying new Dhyan Yoga, Mantra and Tantra sadhnas procedures.