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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to gain good study ethic in math, when your strong point is reading?

i have always been better in reading then i am in math, i have a reading grade level in reading of 12th grade while I am in 8th grade. i suck butt at math though and I was wondering if there was a way i could improve my math skills while USING my reading skills? OR what is a good way to study and where should I start? Please hurry…thanks all.

Answer by Eric

yes there is , Get some good math books at your public library or bookstore

here are a some that might interest you:

Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-Algebra Who’s Boss by Danica McKellar – ISBN-13: 9780452295407

Math Doesn’t Suck: How to Survive Middle-School Math Without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail by Danica McKellar – ISBN-13: 9780452289499

Hot X: Algebra Exposed! by Danica McKellar – ISBN-13: 9780452297197

Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape by Danica McKellar – ISBN-13: 9781594630941

there are a lot good books on math – I thought Danica McKellar might appeal to you she quite go at explaining it.

and the here are some free math help websites I got off of Yahoo:

for video learning :…3609.12062.0.12828.…0.0…1ac.1.

I hope this helps

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I get students to read our online school newspaper?

Also, if you are a student what would you be interested in reading about in your school’s newspaper?

Answer by idarose23
You could put up posters or make announcements, or say if so many number of hits are acheived, then someone will shave there head, or something of the nature, I would be interested in knowing more about my teachers, and classmates from different parts of the world, or what different kids are doing.

Answer by Timothy
Most students don’t really care about reading school newspapers especially when they are online. But if you want to try and get more people to look at the website you can put up posters, advertise it on the announcements, hand out letters, etc… But you also need to make the website appealing and make the students want to read it. I suggest posting videos of events, pictures of students, club activities, and special events occuring at the school. This is a small way to get more people to read the paper.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some fun things to do instead of Video Games?

I cant play anymore Shooting video games anymore, but i was wondering what are some fun activities i could do.

Answer by Chris C
Maybe get a life

Answer by Jack_the_pumpkin_king
lol go read a book or go for a walk.

Answer by MagicianTalent
Gaming isn’t just limited to shooter games. Try playing another type of game, like role playing games or adventure games. Other than that there is trading cards and the internet.

Answer by Terence m
having a girlfriend.

Answer by Franky
answer questions on yahoo

Answer by Chris
You could, realistically (with limited or no money):
-ride a bike
-hike or walk around your neighborhood or city (“explore” your surroundings)
-build something
-contemplate your future and figure out goals to get to it
-watch TV or movies
-screw around on the internet
-learn a trade (you could use the internet to assist you here…I think FEMA has some free disaster training sessions online…and MIT has open course ware to look at).
-come up with your own entertainment event…like your own song for instance.
-learn an instrument
-learn a new language
-figure out your interests and maybe meet with someone to go over it
-get a job
-go to the store for the heck of it to check out the deals or something
-clean out the trash in your house
-go through your storage and see if you still need that stuff
-fix whatever needs fixing at your house
-clean up the backyard and other areas in your house
-meet your neighbors if you haven’t already
-go to your city’s website and checkout what events are coming up
-also at that website you may see that you can become a chair of a particular board…or attend council meetings on various zoning agendas that may interest you
-ride the bus or another mass transit service to see what its like
-go to the movies
-go to a landmark
-take pictures
-spend a day somewhere other than your house

That’s off the top of my head. Hopefully you’ll come up with something that’s fun and constructive.

Answer by Eye of the Tiger
hang out with friends, go to a movie, work out, read, learn.

Answer by Tyler
Hang out with friends…
Watch movies…
Watch TV…
Read books…
Work out/exercise…

Answer by ibraheem b
play another game
watch tv
talk to a friend
do some puzzles
write a book
buy new stuff
play boardgames
plant a tree
fix broken stuff
go to the cinema
cook stuff
surf the net
learn another language
help people cross the street
go to the beach
watch family guy
search random stuff on wikipedia
go skating
listen to music
invent something
tidy up your room
collect stamps
buy a movie
collect old coins
hold your breath for a minute
watch funny stuff on youtube
play sports
learn music
I am happy to help

Answer by Loomos
Nothing else exists. Only video games. Shooters doubly so.


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