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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to get stolen money back from psychic scam?

How would I exactly go about getting a large amount money back from a psychic scam?
Thanks dumb*ss. Im looking for a serious answer.

Answer by Aptenodytes forsteri
You have to broadcast mind control waves so they cut you a check.

Answer by Nightrider
Without having anything to go on, the only advice I can offer would be to contact your local Police department and ask for the Bunko squad. They will take your report.Give all the details you can since they have to determine if fraud is involved. If so, they will pick this up as a criminal case.

Best of luck and I hope this is useful to you

Answer by cnndnr
sue them.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any real psychic readers out there?

I need to ask any real psychic readers am I gonna get pregnant this year? Please be a real psychic I tried looking up psych is online and there just fakes.

Answer by lily
Jst ask God to bless you with a child. Pray about it I believe you get pregnant this year if thats wat u desire

Answer by vis
don’t dwell on it and it will happen sooner the more you stress over this the likely it not will be

Answer by Maj Hewitt’s Equestrian Acad
Sorry, I’m a fake psychic.

Answer by Magen
You should go to

She’s the real deal. I’ve recommended her so many times & each time I do, the person comes back to me amazed and then they recommend her to their friends & family! I actually just recommended her to a couple other people on Yahoo Answers & they messaged me Thank You notes–they were really impressed!

Also–she’s very honest. Sometimes information comes to her and she can get a good picture, but if information isn’t coming through–she’ll tell you that too–she won’t just make up some b.s.

Answer by Megan
right now in your mind you could be rady for a child but right now in these few months i dont see it happening but however december 21st will the the day you get this news

for futher details email me @

Answer by deborahpsycic
psychic here

The problem with getting a free reading is you usually get what you pay for. and remember those poor psychics have to feed their families. so don’t hate.

As far as your question i will first “Preach” why are you looking to get pregnant right now? I see so much going on, how will you find time? and a child is not going to solve all your problems!

Babies will come into your life when they are supposed to… when you are ready emotionally, physically and financially. you have plenty of time.. relax.

you can get some tips to hurry the effort.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Perceived location of psychic impressions and relation to time?

I read somewhere that you may relate a psychic impression to a time frame (past , present, future) depending upon the perceived location of the impression to yourself. Can anyone tell me what the locations (to the right of you, forward, left etc) are and their associated time frame?

Answer by Kimberlee Ann B
I would imagine that the answer to your question would vary due to what was coming through to the sensitive from the locations you mentioned. IE if there was an Indian Burial ground to my left that woudl be the past, if there was a murder that took place to my right that would be the past too. I am not clear why you are asking your question…. I am assuming that once you have developed and honed in on your skills you could ask the guides to help you organize messages and ask that the past be the left the , the future the right and the present straight ahead so that you can get your messages straight.

Answer by robertminidriver
If one were to believe in such paranormal activity, then I would surmise that:

The impressions to the left would tend to be in the past.

The impressions which are perceived to be closest to you would tend to be more recent.

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