Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to have the ability of psychic?

I know there is something in this world called psychic and I know not everyone know it because some is born with it and some will get it by trying their self…Can I have this kind of ability? I’m so Curious about it because sometimes when I’m lying on my bed and looking at something for a very long time, I feel like that thing is moving or have something diffrent.

Answer by J
You think you have telekinesis. You’re not psychic. And it’s not moving if you stare at something long enough it always appears to move. It’s an optical illusion.

Psychic is the ability to know what’s about to happen.

Answer by Danny
Practice foresight. The ability to predict the future. It’s not magic. We all practice it. When you see traffic up ahead you PREDICT you will get stuck then you change your route.
That’s called foresight. Lots people apply it only when they’re stuck with problem.
Apply it to everything not just problems.
Only by studying you can fuel your ability to predict

Answer by Moult-dog
You seem to be quite sure of what you “know”. I’d reassess that if I were you.

Answer by susan
Being psychic covers a wide range of abilities. Some of these answers name a couple of them: prediction (precognitive) and moving things (telekinesis).

Working with this kind of energy is like playing with electricity! It is best to study with someone who knows what they are doing and who can keep you safe! Two places where you can probably find someone to teach you would be at a Spiritualist Church, where they teach mediumship, and a Unity Church where you may be able to find many who could teach various things. You would have to decide with which person you would feel comfortable.

We all have this ability because it is simply linking with our souls.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How is it hotter than the maximum temperature listed for today?

I looked at the temperature for my city and it said 86F. However the max temperature is listed as 79F. Is the max just a prediction or what. Cause that’s what I plan my day with.

Answer by Cory K
The weathermen are not by any means psychic. They can only make educated guesses based on the forecast models and data they have. Especially in summer, exact forecasts are hard to come by because of humidity, heat, winds, etc. It’s best to take the forecasts lightly and test the temperature for your Comfort zone.

Answer by nibsub20
Weather predictions are an estimate, not exact. You have to allow for some error because they almost never get it spot on.

Answer by weather
The max temps is really just a prediction. For some reason its usually a little off during the summer months probably becasue of all the weather that stirs up in the atmosphere. for example in my area last weekend the weather was humid and hot and in the mid 80s. Then it poured probably at a rate of an inch an hour ofr at least 30 minutes or more. After that it was only 75 degrees outside. If thata happened earlier in the day (which wouldnt be likely because thunderstorms in my area develop from daytime heating) then the overall day temp would ahve been much cooler than it was.

Hope this helps.

Answer by Techwing
The maximum is just a prediction, and even for 24-hour forecasts, it is rarely exact.

Also, the official temperature is measured in areas shielded from sunlight and from other sources of heat such as hot city streets, so it is almost always considerably lower than the actual temperature you’ll feel when walking or driving around town. This is true all year long, not just in summer.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to know my and my family future? How can predict my and my family future?

May I know who can predict my and my family future? Who is suitable for this future prediction?

Answer by Posh Pooch!
I predict that this question will be reported if you do not delete it and repost it elsewhere. This is the royalty section. Unless you are royalty, then your question has nothing to do with royalty. We are here to discuss royalty. We are not here to discuss predictions.

Answer by Fun Fearless!!
The best way to predict our future is by creating it in the present time – eg. you study hard now, then you can predict that you will graduate with good scores. Have a faith when creating it. Deep faith.

Answer by Apollo
No one can do this, as you make your own present, which your future comes from, you can make plans for a future, but so many things can change between now and then to change these plans.

Answer by Dart
My crystal ball says….that you aren’t royalty, and, having posted your question in a forum for the discussion of royalty, you aren’t going to get anywhere….That’s what it says.

Answer by Lord Lucan
You know, dear Dart’s answer is well worth a thumbs up so have it, dear girl!

Now, a trip to Madame Zelda may very well be in order for you. She lives in a compact but bijou flat in Knightsbridge. There is no need to contact her as she already knows that you are coming, dear boy. She is psychic, you see.

Answer by Purple Buni:D
you can’t know your future, only God can.

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