Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to read the Tarot Cards? (ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO KNOWS ABOUT THIS!!)?

I know every pack of each Tarot Cards have its own instructions to understand their meaning. But, for some people it is easier to read and understand what the cards are saying. Are there easier ways to interpretate these kind of cards? . I have Rider Waite Cards.

Answer by SuZanadoo
There are variations, but all tarot is basically the same. You just follow a formula based on the suit and the numerology. The position in the layout tells you what it refers to. There is nothing supernatural involved.

Answer by PaulCyp
People do not “know” superstition. They are simply controlled by it.

Answer by thorndrose
Throw out the little white book. Now look at the cards, really LOOK at them. The rider waite has all sorts of symbols to tell you what the card means. Learn a little bit about symbolism and most tarot decks will become much easier to read.

Note: The way I learned was to learn a story for each of the majors and each of the suits. Then I had to put it into practice almost immediately. I don’t recommend that. ­čśÇ

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
You don’t have to actually throw away the little white book, but you really should hide it somewhere when you are doing a reading… don’t read your spreads from the book, use the book only to study the cards, not to interpret readings. The book only gives you a vague list of some common traditional meanings of each card, it can’t read your spread for you. The best way to interpret tarot is to look at the actual cards and read directly from the images. The answers you get may not have anything in common with what the book says and that doesn’t matter. The point is to get your intuitive mind engaged in the reading.

What is the person on the card doing? How is that person feeling? What would happen if you (or your seeker) were to behave in the same sort of way as the person on the card is behaving? Go from there.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you interpret a court card as the outcome?

I did a celtic cross spread for a general overview into my life in the next 6 months, and the 10th and final card was the Queen of Wands. I don’t know how to interpret that as the outcome? What does it mean in that position?

Answer by Jamie
It could represent you being more focused on your career.

I wouldn’t use a celtic cross for a 6 month overview. I suggest you use 3 cards represnting each month. Deal out six cards across. Then another six on top of the first. Then another six one top of that. That will give you six rows down of three cards each. Each of those rows of 3 cards each represent a month.

Answer by SadharaSatguru
Hello Jackie

It depends on the other cards? & a general over view is best done with a more structured layout.

It could show an aspect of yourself or the influence of another.

You can place your layouts for interpretation & ask tarot questions in my forum!

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is there a site that i can put in the tarot cards to get a reading?

i have a set of tarot cards but i want to know if im reading the spread correctly.

Answer by Geezah
There’s no universally “correct” way to interpret how all the cards fit together in a reading. The same card can take on different specific meanings in different contexts. Learn the overall meanings of each individual card (your deck should have at least contained a little white book), and use your own mind to interpret what you see.

Answer by Cindy
Tell us what the spread is, and what the cards are. There are several tarot readers on this site that would be happy to give you an interpretation. The problem with the automated sites is that they don’t offer meanings that are in context to the reading. However if you want to, gives you card meanings, as does

Answer by BrianJ
Your cards should have come with a book… i always throw mine away but they do come in the box or they are at least supposed to.

Answer by Misscpb

Hopefully the site below can help you interpret your cards ok:-

Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx

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Obama Tarot Card Reading

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