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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to start a psychic reading web site?

I would like to start a psychic reading web site and I don’t know where to begin. First off I live in Florida and I am not sure if it is legal to be paid for psychic readings here since most of the psychics around say they will give you a reading after a “donation of $ __” so I figure that is for legal reasons. I would like to know how to start a web site in which you receive payment via paypal. I don’t know where to begin with an online business of any kind so any information would be much appreciated.

Answer by david
You could take a look at some of the successful online psychic’s sites such as . Get a free reading from them and see if that is what you would like to emulate.

Answer by Amy
You can get your own domain website under check out the product offering by them and I can help you to setup your website plus payment for your product through paypal account.

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Will doubting a psychic reading make it not come true?

I heard that if doubting a psychic reading that it wont come true. Is it true?

Answer by vasuastro
Yes it is but depend on psychic

Answer by aspicco
I would rather say that refusing to accept the reading, like “No! I do NOT want that to happen,” will keep the prediction from happening…

The future is not locked in stone. All a psychic does is tap into your MOST LIKELY future. If you do not WANT it to come true, it won’t…

Answer by Destiny
I don’t think so, but Yeah it depends on the Phycic

Answer by En – Doritos
so much of what happens in our lives, we cause. that is to say… if you are living with intent on going in one direction, then you are more likely to do that. if a psychic tells you something and you think… well that’ll be true, i’m headed toward that, then it’s more likely to happen. if you don’t believe the psychic then you’ll be like.. nah that won ‘t happen and if you fight it mentally, your expression in the world might prevent it. so that’s the way that could work.

Answer by Jennifer, Bitwine Inc.
No, I do not feel that “doubting” the reading will make it not “come true”.
However, keep in mind that everything, including psychic readings, and outcomes, are all subject to free will and the paths taken by yourself, and others.
Wishing you all the best!
Jennifer Glover
Community Relationship Manager
Online Psychic Network, Bitwine Inc.

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