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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to turn off sweep panorama?

Not sure if it’s sweep panorama that’s making it mess up but we have this little pink sony camera and almost every time we try recording a video it stops in the middle of recording and blinks on and off saying auto and sweep panorama or high sensitivity. When we first change to video it repeatedly blinks the auto and sweep panorama message for a few seconds before letting us record at all. Sometimes it does ask for the sweep panorama motion to be done, turning it slowly to the right but not often. Anyone know how to fix this?
As it helps to read the instructions, it also helps to fully read and pay attention to the question. Asked if anyone can help, not if anyone can tell me where to look it up. It is a camera owned by my mother but yes, it was purchased legally. If I knew specifically what kind of camera it was I would’ve mentioned it in the question to give any possible person trying to help more information. Had it for a while and don’t have the instructions anymore but I’ll try looking it up through the hundreds of cameras on the website. Thanks for your answer I guess 🙂

Answer by selina_555
Whenever I have a question/problem such as yours, I read the user’s guide
(aka “the manual”).
It is amazing just how much I always learn from that.

If that doesn’t help (or if I’m interested in a product I don’t own), I check the manufacturer’s website.
They have descriptions and specs for their gadgets, often have user forums, and the decent manufacturers all let you download the manuals in electronic form (so losing the book is no longer a problem).
Getting the PDF is also useful for those times where the printed book is rather small and useless – the PDFs often have more detailed information.

99% of the time reading the instructions does the trick.

Answer by keerok
I paid full attention to the question. It doesn’t make sense. No way to find out what really is happening without knowing what model of camera exactly you are talking about. At this point, it looks like a camera glitch to me.

Take note that most people answering here use dSLR’s which are more or less standardized. What you have is a point-and-shoot camera which vary in features from model to model even within the same brand. There really is no other way to help but remind the asker to read the manual. Whatever the problem, the answer is always there even if it means going to the last page where the contact numbers for service are.

A standard work-around in your case would be to format the memory card and if doing video, make sure it is Class 10 SDHC (buy only from a reputable store, too many fakes out there right now). If the problem still exists, reset the camera. Now no one can help you with that unless you provide the exact model. It may be a series of button presses or simply an option in the menu. Brute force your way through it. Despite everything you do and nothing happens, you have two choices left, bring the camera in for service and get yourself laughed at if it’s just a simple setting to change or ditch the camera and buy yourself a new one to avoid all the hassle. Yes I know it’s your mother’s but I’m guessing even she can’t handle her own camera.

Oh yes. In case you didn’t know it, the manual can be downloaded from Sony’s official website for free. Sony’s point-and-shoot cameras are known as Cybershot so that may help you get started with. Search “Sony Cybershot pink”. My wife has the S890, of course in pink that I get to use now and then so you see, I know what I’m talking about. You can also use the information on the sticker at the bottom of the camera to identify it if the model designation has been erased from the area around the LCD already.


Answer by AWBoater
Two possibilities. You have the camera in panorama mode, or you need to reset the camera. Both of which are in the manual. There is no standard button you can push to fix mysterious camera problems.

You will find that many responders here will even go to the trouble to find your manual for you on-line – provide a link so you can download it – and even look it up and tell you what page the solution is on.

But as no one knows what model of camera you have, it is impossible to provide any additional help other than suggesting what may be the remedy (reset or get out of panorama mode), and referring you to the manual as to how to do it.

Otherwise, go through each and every menu selection and look for a “Reset to Factory Settings” or similar selection – if there is one. As well, many camera’s panoramic function is a scene mode, so change the scene mode to see if that fixes it.

If you don’t know the model number of your camera, it should be on the bottom, along with the serial number.

Answer by EDWIN
Lets review. You have a Sony camera but you don’t know the model number. Yet you expect someone in here to have psychic powers and thus be able to know what Sony camera you have and then tell you how to correct the problem you’re having.

Makes about as much sense as me asking this: “I live in Indiana. What’s the best route to get to the next state?” You’d likely answer something like this: “Where in Indiana? What state? Ohio? Illinois? Michigan? Kentucky?” Then you’d ask for Additional Details.

So look at the camera and find the model number. Then Google ‘sony ______ owner’s manual’ and once you find it download it and read it.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What was the budget for Paranormal Activity 2?

I remember the first one having a budget of 15k.

Also, I think its funny how they rule the possibility of calling the police in these videos lol – that would just be too logical, and hiring additional actors as policemen would probably conflict with their small budget haha

Answer by JEROME S
price of camera

Answer by Bumblebee
I read today that it had like a 3 million budget or something…pretty big change from 15k hahah

Answer by WillPwn4Foodd
Well according to IMDB the budget was an estimated $ 2,750,000. Definitely much more than the last $ 15k budget!

And to your other question, the answer is completely logical! If you call the police for a haunting they’d think your crazy and lock you up in a mental home! They couldn’t resort to that, so they got the next best thing, a psychic! 😛

Answer by darksun pro
the first film cost around $ 15,000 to produce. The sequel? Around $ 3 million, according to Studio Briefing. It’s worth noting that $ 3 million is still a tiny budget by Hollywood standards.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it my TV or is Telemundo finding new ways to suck?

For some reason the audio and video on the broadcast of the game is not in synch… is anyone else having the same problem? The audio seems like a couple seconds ahead of what’s going on on the screen…

Answer by ChicaBravo
Yeah I’m having the same problem. So it’s Telemundo’s fault.

lol I heard him yell gooool before I saw the ball go in.

Answer by N.a.T.e
yea i saw that too the voice is faster than the video


Answer by Hatecrew Maggot aka Kid Jack
Same here!! Another reason why Telemundo sucks!!!

Well….we got to get used to it here in the states cuz unless Univision gets its rights back, we are stuck with….


Answer by kido
nope i’m not
nvm i am now?!??!!

LOL hatecrew;_ylt=Ag.gg17dvMgN9qaccMZnIHxfxQt.;_ylv=3?qid=20081015192353AATrKjP

Answer by Cholo Davie Darko
Chale and I thought it was just my crappy T.V. I was already thinking about goingout and staling a better one. hehe

Answer by jobrl7
telemundo sucks!!!

also they play the replays too slow. so we miss parts of the game!

Answer by cruz azul14
yup it is

Answer by alberto paz aka americanista for life
yep same problem here

Answer by penguin
yea me too..i was starting to think that Andres Cantor was psychic…but not Telemundo just sucks…It was as if he said “goool” yesterday and it came out on T.V today..

Answer by 818
everything about telemundo sucks. their cameras aren’t very clear, their announcers are boring and not at the pace of the game, and they never leave the freakin score in the corner of the screen instead just show it every now and then!

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