Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I can’t figure out what song this is. Please help?

I have seen this music video so many times i just forget what song it is. It’s about this boy and a girl, and the girl does this weird card thing, and you see what happens in the future. The cards show her when she’s older and when they meet up and stuff. Please help. I think its by Snow patrol but i cant find it. PLEASE, PLEASE Help.

Answer by Jaci
well, “Stolen” by Dashboard Confessional has a little girl & boy playing with Tarot cards and then later in the video it shows them grown up

here it is:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can you give a psychic reading just from this question?

Answer by The Blunt Ugly Truth
Yes, I can. You can’t.

Answer by musicrebel93
yes.. you don’t believe in tarot cards, the oracle, palm reading, or anything like that…

the serious answer.. no.. i need to be in person, or at least over the phone or video chat..
it is an art, that needs to be practiced and you need the right subject

Answer by <3 pikachu
I do believe I can give you an an anawer to your question…. I do not see here what your question is.. I actually know I can help you, if you would tell me the question, and if I had a question in return, I know i could sort it out for you… You just let me know, I am available, I would love to help, and I do not wish for any monies…I just love to help people in a crossroads….You can e-mail me privately at

Answer by mhiaa
Count your blessings and move on. He’s not coming back.

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Answer by Ryan P

Answer by Mama 81

Answer by Kelly B
well from your pic you look young…..biking, skateboarding, skiing, snowbobiling, quads, canoing, tubing tied all togehter, playing cards, swimming, reading, use a trampoline, watch some movies, get a cook book and start cooking, about an occasional date???? bbq with friends, take a short class on painting or whatever sounds interesting…they are like $ 35 for 6 weeks…bowling….yard sales….
kelly b

Answer by Issa P
concerts, i love jam bands and festivals, camp bisco is awesome, taking classes, i like art classes, and yoga, i love dancing, go to a bar, go on a date, have sex, smoke pot, play video games, like zelda:ocarina of time or paper mario, make art work, paint or draw or something, 3D art is the best, download music, make music, listen to music, talk to friends, play cards, use tarot cards, go shopping, visit a city!!!, eat, make food or learn an new recipe, go out 2 dinner, sleep…….

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Tarot reading using the love reading using the lo

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