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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I don’t know how to make a research paper on Fortune-tellers and psychics?

So my teacher asked us to pick a topic and make a research paper about it. I don’t know why I chose fortune-tellers and psychics. Now I’m stuck with this topic. What’s interesting about this topic that I could put on my research paper? Think as much as possible please.

Answer by sophieb
first of all they are fakes, and they make their living by playing on peoples emotions and writing books and selling them to gullible people.

Answer by who me?
its simple, just tell some lies

Answer by Rabbit
Fortune tellers and psychics. Here is what I would do. So with a research paper, you want to cover a few smaller topics under the umbrella subject. I’d go with ‘What they are/they do’, ‘How they are perceived by the general public’, ‘How do they contribute to society if they do’, and/or ‘Stereotypes associated with fortune tellers and psychics’
Those aren’t so great, but you get the idea. Then just expand on them. You could also elaborate a lot on the origins of these professions and the kinds of people who generally partake in them.

Answer by lesscaffeine
I actually think that is a good topic for a paper – it is different, and will either examine existing stereotypes or blow them out of the water.

I think you need to narrow it down to fortune tellers today in America and leave out the whole history thing (which would be pretty interesting in itself.)

Develop a demographic for the fortune-teller AND the paying customers. What’s interesting is that fortune tellers speak to someone’s psychology – even now, at the height of the computer age you are still seeing them online and on side-streets everywhere. I’m a very scientific person – what is that about? In America we are also at the height of personal awareness (think of the quality of shows brought by Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Phil for example. Don’t laugh – this is the world we live in, and their daily advice is followed by hundreds of thousands of people daily, perhaps millions.)

You get down to the details of this and you will have something really eye-opening. Good luck!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How should I ask this girl to be my girlfriend in the sweetest way possible?

We both like eah other and I already asked her out once and she said after a few more dates when we get to know each other better so I know she likes me. I know it’s just asking her out but I want it to be sweet and romantic not just “so do you want to be my girlfriend?” or something like that. I REALLY like her!

Answer by Natie
Today in one of my classes this guy was making this fortune teller thingy and he went up to me and was like ‘pick a color’ and i picked a color and he was like ‘pick a number’ so i picked a number and then he opened the fold up and he showed me what it said, and on the paper it said ” will you be my girlfriend?”
He was messing around but I think that’s cute & sweet.
Good luck!

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you think fortune tellers are a load of crap?

I mean are their predictions really true??
I’ve always wanted to go to one and ask them questions i already know the answers to, just to see if their fake.

Answer by Jokesterjan
its a waste of money

Answer by Chica loca
I’m a non believer

Answer by Nicole

Answer by Hidden Track
they are full of crap. horoscopes are more believable.

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