Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I need a fortune teller or someone to predict my future?

I need to know if I am going to find my digital camera before thi Wednesday? Please help! Any SERIOUS answer s are appreciated greatly.

Answer by Aeirlys

Answer by Kenai

*gets out her tarot deck*

the cards tell me it is where you put it last.. all you have to do is search for it


Answer by Hockey Monkey
check the seat under your car,or under some sort of chair.did you hide it anywhere for anyreason?i just feel like you hid it.

Answer by rj7123
I see a lot of bogus answers in your future.

Answer by dtmc542006
I could give you a serious answer if you really wanted one.
Actually, you don’t need to consult any fortune teller if I may say so, because anyone who engages in activities such as consulting a fortune teller or astrologer is an abomination to God and therefore the wrath of God is upon anyone who practices such thing. The most practical thing to do is try to remember the 3 w’s, when was the last time you saw it, who’s the one using it, where’s the place you put it. Try to go over your place and ASK anyone whom you think had any idea about your camera. And if you still can’t find it, don’t lose hope, who knows, it might finally show up at an unexpected moment of time.

Answer by Mr.Man
My senses are telling me that you will need to go to best buy and purchase a new one and also that you will chose this as the best answer. Im a psychic just watch!!

Answer by swarr2001
No, you won’t. You will have to buy one, or at least borrow one for Wednesday.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Any fortune tellers out there?

Just curious. Here’s my palm.

Answer by Banana
Yes, I am a fortune teller, I knew you were going to ask this question 5 hours ago. I actually don’t even need to look at that picture because I can see it with my mind’s eye. I think you have a very troubling future ahead of you. You really need to be more honest with your parents, they are going to find out that you took the rum out of the bottle and replaced it with pee. If you don’t tell them I will tell them. Also, you appear to be suffering from xerosis- you need to start using a moisturizer.

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