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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I need and would like a Psychic Reading for a Pisces and an Aries?

I need and would like a Psychic Reading for a Pisces and an Aries?
I was born 17th March 1976.

She was born 23rd March and is 30.

Its important.I got the month wrong in my previous question.

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Go To & They Would Give You A Free One .

Answer by hotmama5
Pisces and Aries are back to back. She is the first fire and first of all on the wheel of the zodiac. You are the last and a water sign and we all know fire and water are not a good mix. However this may help. Your venus is in your sign of pisces on the date of your birth. Venus is the planet of love and beauty and can clarify your relations. Hers is a taurus Venus which is a great love match for the dreamy pisces who needs her sweet yet hard core love and the real truth in love to bring you to your senses.Two people who can relate their dreams and and strongly support each other in many ways can turn your 2 opposite sun signs into great harmony.

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Get a free reading from people that do this for a living. You have no idea if someone posting an answer here is yanking your chain, or is being honest.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever had a psychic reading that came true?

Have you/someone you know ever had a psychic reading that came true? Tell me about it!
I want to go to a psychic !

Answer by Shut up, I’m talking
Yes they said id be a loser for the rest of my life

that came true

Answer by babyfacedbeauty25

I used to be very sceptical about all of this up until a couple years ago, a friend and I came across a family of fortune tellers and one of the daughters who I think was in her 40s roughly was working that day, my friend convinced me to go inside and to be honest I wasnt expecting anything and just wanted to go get food as soon as possible !!
My friend had a reading and after about 20 mins came out looking a little sheepish and pale and I asked her was she ok but the fortune teller called me to come inside as I was next, So far everything she predicted has come true but it wasnt even that, it was the level of detail she went into that not only convinced me she was the real deal – something I think is incredibly rare and probably ill never meet another one like her again she didnt let me talk once and never looked up at me

Up until that day I had only been to one funeral in my entire life, she predicted the following year I Would go to three funerals but not to worry as it was for nobody close to me, i remember thinking ‘yeah right i hate funerals i never go to them’ but the following year i went to three and as they were all for ppl close to my mother, not me, she begged me to go with her, she is disabled,as my sibling was overseas for one of them and couldnt get off work for the other two.

Another thing that floored me was she started to talk about a dark haired man who was extremely attractive that I had recently met and I suppose I thought I was testing her in a way because in my mind I said ” I’m sure lots of girls have attractive dark haired men around them ” she must have read my mind because she began telling me that this man she spoke of was from AFRICA ( which was true hes south african) !!!!! theres no way she could have known this !! i almost died !! her predictions to this day have all come true, my friend met the man she described for her and now has the little baby girl she predicted for her too – she told me i would settle down a few years after my friend which so far is coming true – not through lack of trying though !! im trying to get there lol !!

The fortune teller has since left and told me she was taking a long break to raise her young children – but my friend and I have never forgotten her

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone ever tired a psychic reading, either online or in person? If so, what did you think of it?

One of my good friends is getting married, and some of my friends have suggested doing a psychic reading for her, just for fun. I am sure they probably are total hoaxes, but has anyone ever tried one, and was it fun? Was it at all revealing/insightful? I was just wondering. Thanks!

Answer by lala
If the psychic is real ; yes it would be revealing and fun . There some good psychic ; the best way to find one who is reliable is by asking your family ; friends and co worker . There always someone who went to see a psychic ; but the do not talk about it ; unless someone ask them for a reference about a psychic ;; Good luck and have fun

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